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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

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Stuff.co.nz’s Guy Hatchard hitpiece: Playing the man and not the ball

OPINION: The Keith Lynch ‘hitpiece’ on Dr. Guy Hatchard, published on Stuff.co.nz this week is a prime example of why trust and faith in legacy mainstream media is in decline.

Dr. Hatchard is a prominent voice in the national COVID vaccine conversation. In the four months since DTNZ was first launched, we have published 50 of his articles. They have been read by nearly two million readers on DTNZ alone. His substantial output of work includes writings on science, ethics, philosophy, history and law. His articles are lucid, well-referenced, often citing influential journals, data and studies.

Guy Hatchard news

Lynch claims this important body of work is ‘demonstrably flawed’ and ‘misinformation’ but cites no actual examples of this. The only time he quoted an article was a reference to a question Dr. Hatchard raised about Shane Warne’s death – a question many people around the world asked when they heard news of the maestro’s passing.

The term ‘misinformation’ is always used by legacy media to belittle opinions or views which do not coincide with the narrative they wish to foist onto the public. If Lynch was around during the Renaissance he would have accused Galileo and Copernicus of being misinformation ‘super-spreaders’.

To publicly label an important body of work, such as that of Dr. Hatchard’s, as ‘misinformation’ and ‘demonstrably flawed’ is a sweeping accusation requiring serious evidence to back it up.

Instead of a scholarly critique with concrete examples, Lynch embarked on an appalling character assassination which derided Hatchard’s experience, qualifications and spiritual beliefs. None of these factors are remotely relevant to the question of whether or not Dr. Hatchard’s writings during COVID, published on this website and many others, are ‘demonstrably flawed’.

Here’s how Lynch justifies his ad hominem attack:

‘Reporting on men like Guy Hatchard is fraught. I’m well aware of the risks of amplifying the views of those who make demonstrably flawed claims about the Covid vaccine. Even reporting and fact-checking his claims gives them some mana.’

I’m sorry but that is a spineless cop-out.

If one attempts to destroy a man’s reputation and undermine the credibility of his work in public, it is incumbent on the attacker to justify and prove exactly where and how he is wrong or in error. That is a duty owed not to Dr. Hatchard, but to Lynch’s own readers and his profession.

Failure to do so lessens your mana, Mr. Lynch. Copping out like that shows you have no answer to Hatchard’s arguments. Then, to write in a derisive tone about his employment history, tertiary education, spiritual beliefs, ‘hard lentils’ and what-not, backed up with cliche quotes about ‘cults’ and ‘rabbit holes’ destroys what little is left of that mana.

Simply put, people are sick of the legacy media engaging in what amounts to glorified petty gossip and bullying. It’s also a sign of desperation – ad hominem attacks always are. As the author and journalist Christopher Hitchens once said, ‘I always think it’s a sign of victory when they move onto the ad hominem.’

Sentiments like these were reflected in comments made by a number of Lynch’s Twitter followers, some of which read:

Guy Hatchard news

Guy Hatchard news

Guy Hatchard news

Guy Hatchard news

In contemplating Lynch’s hitpiece my overriding thought was ‘what motivates or pre-disposes a person to engage in this type of malicious, pointless character assassination?’

I have a few theories, but to detail them publicly would make me no better than Lynch.

Lynch also made a big deal of Dr. Hatchard’s apparent change in views from that of strong support for the government to vocal critic of it. This is in fact a common phenomenon. Between 30% and 40% of those who attended the Parliament Protest voted Labour at the last election. I was a lifelong Labour voter, and a committed believer in Ardern, until they imposed vax mandates and vax passports. From that point I rapidly developed a contempt for the party and the leader. I would rather eat poisoned lentils than vote Labour again.

‘Little or no relevant background’

What I also found astounding about Lynch’s article was this example of barefaced hypocrisy contained in the first paragraph:

Keith Lynch looks at how an alternative online ecosystem allows someone with seemingly little or no relevant background in vaccination to position themselves as an expert.

Without possessing even a basic science or medical degree, nor any credible expertise in the fields of disease, epidemioloy or vaccination, Lynch was appointed ‘Chief COVID Science Explainer’ for Stuff.co.nz at the start of the vaccination roll-out. Dr. Hatchard quite rightly asked Lynch in an email, ‘How did you [ie. Lynch] get such an appointment without a science background?’

Compaint about misleading information

Lynch also made a comment about DTNZ which I considered misleading:

‘His [ie. Hatchard’s] content also regularly appears on websites such as dailytelegraph.co.nz and dailyexaminer.co.nz. At first glance both appear to be typical news websites, but they are not. Both position themselves as ‘alternative’ sources of news and are popular with those opposed to vaccines and vaccine mandates.

They have not agreed to abide by the Media Council principles and are therefore subject to little or no oversight.’

As far as this statement applies to DTNZ it is misleading. The following day I sent an email of complaint direct to Lynch, which read:

Dear Keith,

Please take this email as a ‘Letter of Complaint’, as per the process for media complaints set out on the Media Council’s website.

I am the owner and editor of Daily Telegraph NZ (dailytelegraph.co.nz) – (‘DTNZ’).

In your opinion piece of 15 March 2022 entitled ‘Covid 19 NZ: The strange story of a man who has found fame in the anti-vaccination ecosystem’ you said, in relation to DTNZ:

‘They have not agreed to abide by the Media Council principles and are therefore subject to little or no oversight.’

This is completely false.

Please produce evidence of such ‘agreement’. Please produce evidence of a refusal by DTNZ to abide by Media Council principles.

If you had made contact with me prior to publication, I would have told you the following in regards to the Media Council:

DTNZ is a new player on the NZ news scene, having first launched in late October 2021. From day one I have planned to seek Media Council membership for DTNZ, but knew that the website had to first build up at least a year’s history before seeking membership. Given the growth and profile of the website was well beyond what I initially anticipated, I brought forward planning for the membership application for July 2022.

So, far from ‘refusing’ to abide by Media Council rules, DTNZ is actively in the process of preparing for an application for membership.

What you should have written was something like:

‘Daily Telegraph is not currently a member of the Media Council but is in the process of preparing to apply for it. Until such time as it is a member, it is subject to little or no oversight.’

I think this is important because the way you have written the article is misleading – it is implying an active refusal on the part of DTNZ to abide by Media Council rules, when (1) there has been no such active refusal and (2) DTNZ wishes to join the Media Council in July 2022.

Accordingly, I request you correct your article to reflect the above.

Malcolm Dreaneen

I received a response from Stuff.co.nz’s Acting Chief Editor a short time later. She agreed to put a correction of sorts at the end of the article. While I was not 100% satisfied with the wording, I accepted it in the interests of getting the issue addressed quickly.

Playing the man and not the ball

The Lynch hitpiece is the latest installment in a long line of such articles published by legacy media against individuals and groups whose only ‘crime’ is to disagree with the COVID narrative.

Their obsession with ‘playing the man and not the ball’ is distasteful, and short-sighted. Throughout the COVID crisis, the public have become more aware of the dangers posed by an unholy alliance of the state, big tech and legacy media to cherished freedoms and privacy rights. These ad hominem hitpieces are a key weapon the legacy media use to stifle freedom of thought and expression. They write them to intimidate those who speak out and to discourage others from voicing a difference of opinion. In discouraging public discourse, they undermine democracy and it must stop.

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  1. Stuff hit piece is a huge recognition of your contribution to NZ and spring the truth and doing it knowing that puts a target on your back, so congratulations! You should be proud., we stand with you and appreciate everything you have done. This abusive Ad Hominem is the kind of publicity money can’t buy. New Zealanders are not stupid to believe it.

    I highly recommend this book Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism
    by Sharyl Attkisson


  2. Forget about media council membership please. It’s a dead end. They will either never grant it, or they’ll force you to change everything about DTNZ and “tow the line” until we’ll all eventually need our vaccine passports just to log into this site.

    RE Stuff: they should just change their logo to a hammer and sickle and be done with it already.

    • The media council has about as much credibility as the medical council or my local council……just a bunch of biased overpaid paper shuffling twats who do not seem to care about the very people they claim to represent.

      • Just like the PM. Only interested in how much money she can steal from New Zealand and how to accelerate her move to the UN and appease WEF whanquers.

        • Yes I didn’t think people could be that evil – but apparently they can – hiding in plain sight. Makes you wonder what the hell happened to them to make them so.

          • This is late stage liberalism.

            The inevitable end result of an entire generation of people who grew up being taught God and the devil aren’t real, traditions and culture are stupid and outdated, one particular race deserves the blame for the shortcomings of all others, marriage is meaningless, men can be women and women men, and above all else “do what makes you happy” (no matter the consequence to those around you). Rationalise it all with faux altruism with an insatiable saviour complex, along with the demand that anyone who doesn’t think what you think be silenced censored and utterly destroyed.

            Rights > duties
            Fun > responsibility
            Selfishness > decency
            Money > substance

            Small wonder that we now have governments filled with people willing to cheat, lie, backstab and coverup for a quick buck; willing to push a dangerous mass medical experiment in exchange for their slice of the pie. And this lucrative new industry of (so good it has to be forced) “medicines” and electronic surveillance is certainly one big, meaty pie.

  3. Good job. I googled Keith Lynch after reading his shitty piece of writing and his picture was exactly what i expected. Lame, little, [Edited] and [Edited]. Just looked like he had been bullied at school, could never fight back and now thinks he is a tough guy because he has keyboard at his disposal. Just a [Edited[ piece of [Edited].

    • I did too. Yeah just a pasty soy boy in need of a good haircut and a bit of sun. Seems his Linkedn page has been taken down also???

      I did find this though:


      This article makes him sound selfish and intolerant.

      ROFL I pity people like him I really do. By that age I had been to uni, travelled, got married bought a house, had 2 kids, got divorced bought another house by myself with the 2 kids, got married again had another kid and worked almost the whole way through …..and he’s still taking about flatmates, or not wanting them, and renting. Hilarious.

      • LOL. “When you get a bit older you have more pressures in your working life and you need a bit more space.”
        He’s 34 and hasn’t worked out how to face up to the challenges real life yet?
        What a child like loser Lynch is. Grow up.

    • This abusive “AD HOMINEM” by Keith Lynch is more a noose for his own neck, an act of self harm. He has proven how weak and dishonest he really is and how low he is prepared to go to feather his nest by allowing the government puppet masters to shove there hand up his puppet butt and control his thoughts and actions. STUFF deserves such staff as Keith Lynch as his quality of journalism is a good indication of the quality and ethics of STUFF… which by way is declining by day by day. STUFF, New Zealand is waking up and what they’re seeing is the ugliness of pathetic character assassinations, misinformation and disinformation when it comes to anyone whom dares to ask questions about the currant rhetoric by separatist government.

  4. Why STUFF and other NZ legacy media do not allow readers to comment on their fake news and opinions?

    How much money they make selling privicay data of readers of their websites?

    How much they make from grants etc given by the Governments and vested interest groups?

    Advertisement revenue has been shrinking over time. They may fool some public with their begging bowl advert asking for financial support from readers but I suspect this revenue is not huge.

    The legacy media is mainly supported financially because of the propaganda they undertake in the form of share holdings by the global corporates, and public funding.

    • They own Neighbourly too. When some self appointed tit posted a far leftist attack on white males, I commented that this was outside the standards and unbefitting of their site, and asked them to take it down.
      They declined, and took my post down accusing me of breaching their standards.
      I left Neighbourly, never to return, and told them so in no uncertain terms.
      Choose to participate, or not in their fake world, but do not be under any illusion they are there for real people.

      • That’s enough to make me ditch Neighbourly, not that I have found it any use at all. If its owned by Stuff, they can stuff it.

  5. My experience with the Press Council (which preceded the Media Council) was having them reject my complaint re Stuff’s Syria coverage on the back of Stuff’s assertion they were unable to confirm the accuracy of material they sourced internationally from the likes of APN.
    Which I pointed out was wholly incompatible with the NZPCs role of ensuring fairness and accuracy in reporting.
    The Council are nothing more than an industry-run fig leaf over the butt naked form of nz MSM media.

  6. To use a military term: you know when you are over target because the flak starts flying. Which means that Dr Hatchard has exposed truths that the tyrant’s propaganda press don’t want revealed. It just shows what presstitutes they are.

      • I agree about the ‘far left’. But consider this: The N*zis were socialists. That’s what it stood for: “national socialist”. So they were technically the ‘far left’ not the ‘far right’ as often labeled by the media.

        Looking at what’s going on overseas it’s starting to become very apparent that after WW2, the ‘far left’ socialists didn’t just quietly go away and forget their agenda…..

        It’s so important to understand history and I can see why a lot of it is curated and brushed over in our “indoctrination system” ahem I mean “education system”.

    • The only thing I listen to is talk back radio – it’s so heartening to hear all the other awake people ring up. Mind you after Sean Plunket and Peter Williams got cancelled, I found myself tuning out more. No one is falling for the woke hypocrites who trot out one sided pro vax govt propaganda while at the same time calling for people to be more tolerant.

  7. What an absolutely brilliant response to the utter bullshit written by Stuff.

    Hillarious to me that Lynch speaks of MANA like he has any.
    If he wants to act like a teenage mean girl, with his petty pieces, he does himself and the narritive no favours with his obvious lack of critical thinking, lack of integrity, ethics, morality and honour.

    Please Lynch write some more. Write daily. With every pathetic piece you help people see how truely unreliable legacy media is.

  8. Well done DTNZ for giving a voice to genuine experts who point out the bare faced lies this Government have been spuing through the likes of Stuff.
    This should not suprise anyone since Ardern bought them for pieces of silver to control the propoganda as soon as Covid appeared.
    Now the likes of Lynch have probably been commanded by Ardern to take down the likes of Guy Hatchard by writing this trash. It actually illustrates why Stuff and MSM cannot be trusted to be objective or open minded as they are clearly puppets of Ardern .

  9. So glad DTNZ is not on the team of $55 million! Stuff’s hit piece was merely another example of delusional pravda writing. If you can avoid any affiliation with NZ Media Council you would be merely adding to your credentials as a really independent news agency in my opinion.

  10. Well done and thank you for calling Lynch and Stuff out on their appalling hit piece on Dr Hatchard. What a laughable title Lynch has – ‘science explainer’! It would seem neither he nor Stuff has any idea of what the guidelines of such a ridiculous term might involve. And it belies the ‘standards’ Stuff say they adhere to. Shot themselves in the foot I reckon.

    • Spinoff used to be thoughtful, insightful, but a few years ago, something definitely changed.
      Whether their audience demanded something different (unlikely), or an outside influence in the form of funding took over integrity.

  11. Also while Keith attacked Guys change of stance and opinion over the course of the ‘pandemic’, I find this change of stance gives Guy more credibility if anything. Guys ‘awakening’ similarly followed my own path. I started out all on board and now I am full circle. I will never trust the govt, the media, the medical professionals ever again and likely even though I have always been a pro vax person, I will NEVER take another vaccine in my life.

    What I have discovered however is there are wonderful people such as Guy and many other truth seekers with real morals and dignity and I would rather associate and be surrounded by these Lions of people any day of the week as opposed to these paid off sell outs who will report anything for a few extra $$.

    Keep up the good work Daily Telegraph.

    • Totally agree. Have had a similar path myself and thanks to msm and this tyrannical govt, I too are on the same page as you. Our present Msm helped open my eyes to the absolute bullshit they have been spinning me all my life. From a wee girl huddled in front of the daily 6pm news where the news readers spoke the only truth we knew and the Papers backed them up. No cell phones in those days recording and live streaming side by side calling out the BS artists. It was all a lie! Now we have people like Keith…. The (self titled) CHIEF SCIENCE EXPLAINER, who’s journalism (I use that term very loosely) is so appalling, it’s actually laughable. I almost feel sorry for him that he’s missed his calling as a toilet brush.

  12. I think these clowns know their day is coming to an end. They have 18 months at the most, likely much less. It’s going to be a good time to be a lawyer as dozens upon dozens of these unethical politicians, media, and scientists (etc) are made to answer for their crimes against humanity. Laugh it up Lynch, but I’d be stocking up on cigarettes now if I was you. No one is getting away with this. At best, you’ll have karma to answer to – whether you believe in it or not.

  13. The eponymously named Stuff sets a low bar for it’s media Hacks. Keith Lynch’s hit piece on Guy Hatchard being a case in point. Keith Lynch for Science explainer, no thanks.
    MSM has sold out

  14. I stopped reading Stuff years ago, exactly because they started publishing this sort of pathetic ad hominem attack piece. It’s very sad, actually. Journalism used to be a respected profession. No longer. Now, truth is an unaffordable luxury and basic morality is old-fashioned and laughable. Just sling a few pejoratives like “misinformation” and “disinformation” onto the page and slam it into print.

    Actually it’s a pity ‘malinformation’ never caught on. (That’s information which is true, but BAD because it gives the lie to the official narrative). In fact yes, ‘malinformation’ would be a pretty accurate description of much of Guy’s excellent work.

    Give it up, Keith. People are laughing at you. To quote the old Geroge Thorogood song, “Get a haircut and get a real job”! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNg3DTBQGgk

  15. Keith Lynch would rather have us believe ‘experts’ like the awful Siouxsie Wiles, who is ‘passionate about demystifying science for the general public”. Yeah right.
    Keep up the good work Guy.

    • Lol yeah – “follow the science” yeah that’s right, I did, that’s why I will be waiting until the trial for the vaccine ends before I consider their “vaccine”.

  16. This is great. It really highlights the desperation and lack of integrity of journalists such as Lynch who are actively supporting the government propaganda. He is party to the disinformation movement that is costing many people their lives, health and livelihoods.

  17. Yes I think the word is SHAMEFUL. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Keith, time to get a new day job. That piece was nothing short of diabolical. All it’s done is dug you a bigger hole. Quit now before you dig through to Japan!!!

  18. Beautifully written, Editor. You know your craft, of a standard mostly only seen in media totally independent of the so-called MSM. I began ignoring news sources which I used to follow, such TVNZ, Herald, and radio, around the time of Helen Clarks first election campaign. The bias for her was nauseating. By doing so did wonders for my mind! Last to go was Hosking with his non-stop ranting about getting jabbed. He’s lost me for good, as has du Plessis Allen. National Radio is pure torture. I used to love Jim Moras community-driven afternoon show, but once he left, so did I. Daily Telegraph, BFD, these are my key sources now. Interesting, well-researched, NEWS. Will be subscribing. Keep up your outstanding work. Sharen, Waimauku.

    • National Radio and the UN – both producing very little on everyone else’s nickel. Get an audit done on staff composition in both and it would show the amalgamation of fringe groups that hold these entities together. If they were broken up there would be nowhere for these parasites to work. Sheltered workshops.

  19. Keith lynch. Tried having an email exchage with The science explainer once before, found the white line on the road to be a far more interested and intelligent party. One thing keith ,stick to your narrative and by the way keith Booster up mate safe and effective.

  20. Keith works for his true masters WEF & NWO globalists. WEF puppet Yuval Noah Harari confirmed to all the agents of NWO “You Have No Soul And Are A Hackable Animal With No Free Will”. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=o3ROqLV65PY

    Must have been replaced with a dog’s brain. Karl Kraus quote: “To be sure, the dog is loyal. But why, on that account, should we take him as an example? He is loyal to man, not to other dogs. “

    • That Yuval is one sick puppy……doesn’t have any kids so no accountability or cares about the future. Totally self obsessed. He can do whatever the F he likes with himself but leave us out of it buddy. ????

  21. “The term ‘misinformation’ is always used by legacy media to belittle opinions or views which do not coincide with the narrative they wish to foist onto the public.”

    In a time when there’s a Prime Minister claiming to be the only source of truth we may need to move from using the terms “legacy” or “mainstream” media to “unsafe” media. In a country that has growth in the complaints culture and a runaway obsession with safety, “unsafe” will mean something. It has to be reiterated that there’s a $55m fund for journalists now derived from taxpayer money. Unsafe media is now a government department.

    Articles have to be based on facts. We’re particularly fortunate to have Dr Hatchard.

    • i prefer to call them the BS media.
      Just as with ‘kind’, the word ‘safe’ has been bastardised by this govt and its sustained propaganda puppets. As long as they are at the helm, both in govt & in media, we will never feel safe again.

  22. So obvious that Cindy Ardern and her regime are starting to feel the heat. The wheels are falling of their wagon.
    The last arrow they have in the quiver is a looser from Stuffed media called Keith Lynch. He has no wife, no children. How the hell would he know how it feels when the government want to jab the hell out of your kids with an experimental potion.
    The UK, Europe and Scandinavia have dropped all the mandates and passport nonsense but people like Keith Lynch love the thought of people in New Zealand still being suppressed with mandates and nazi style vaccine passport’s. Well Keith the only mandate you will be getting soon will be your blind date from Grinder.

  23. You may not know that Keith is a Doctor. Dr. Keith, was recently awarded for investigating the “Effect of Cancel Culture for Hit Jobs” by the International Institute of Wokes (IIW). Highly Commended by the thesis examiner JA Cindy.

  24. Excellent piece,
    Lynch, like many so called reporters of the mainstream, is like a blind man stumbling around in the dark. In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary they persist in their narrative, ignoring the fact there is another stream of thinking outside their own.

    It is the responsibility of all right thinking people to remind Lynch and his ilk the world has moved on from centralised reporting to a new one of free information exchange. That the people are not stupid and have minds of their own. Our mantra must be, and continue as such… We the people.

  25. TOP NOTCH Journalism: HONESTY is completely lacking in most mainstream media outlets.
    Today I removed Stuff News from my browser – it had been our daily go-to for news, but I am totally sick of the blatant lies & propaganda. I replaced Stuff with your Daily Telegraph. THANK YOU!
    Kind regards,

  26. Having read the release Dr Hatchard put out with Lynch’s questions and his own answers, I was already well informed and looking forward to the piece in Stuff. Having just read it I am appalled at the hatchet job on the person and no real mention of the work. Lynch and his Unsafe Media buddies could get a life, enter the real world, take the government dummy out of their petulant mouths and go back to journalism school, though it does not look like they had any actual media training with this lightweight trite piece of fluff. I used to believe that journalists really were after the truth, the past months in our sad country under sadder leadership (yes I voted for them, never ever again) have shown me just how dangerous and unsafe the media are. I would highly recommend the Stuff staff move over to womens magazines (also not worth reading) where they can make up stories about royalty and celebrities.

  27. Stuff can get stuffed! I will not read their rubbish again. To employ a useless idiot such as Lynch they must be desperate. They were given the business for $1 and have survived off backhanders from the corrupt Jacinda

  28. The Lynch article is a reflection of Stuffs overall demise. He and they, have sold their journalistic integrity for a few pieces of silver. But to attack a man of Dr. Hatchard’s elk without attempting any factual balance is akin to a king-kit from behind. It is the act of a coward who attacks people his friends in the shadows do not like.

  29. We’ll done Keith, another great piece of gutter journalism. Shouldn’t be surprised though, in this age of liberalism, when truth has been obfuscated by personal bias, shouldn’t we be more disgusted with Stuff’s editor for thinking that piece was worthy of publication.
    Justine was bang on target with her comment.
    Wonder if Stuff’s editor has realised she has Stuffed up…..
    Don’t worry Keith, Cindy will be proud of you I’m sure ????

  30. I can accept that a journalist with no recognised medical or scientific training can research and inform themselves sufficiently to become a Stuff Covid Explainer, PROVIDED their reporting is entirely ethical, factual and science-based – and from what I’ve read on Stuff this is evidently not so with Keith Lynch.

    Also, Lynch’s mean-spirited unscientific piece on Dr Guy Hatchard, has considerably lowered Lynch’s credibility with even that minor, fringe, cultish group of followers within Stuff’s readership.

    As a therapist, my sense is that Lynch would do well to bring his shadow side to light.

    To ask himself if he’s perhaps threatened by Hatchard’s obvious considerable intellectual ability, analytic grasp of data and publication of scientific fact for the good of New Zealanders. For these reasons, Lynch may be envious, even fiercely jealous and secretly admiring of Hatchard, particularly given Lynch’s published lack of scientific integrity.

    In the nature of the shadow self, Lynch comes to dislike Hatchard because Lynch would now prefer to be like Hatchard.

    Hatchard’s constant fact-lancing for the common good of that septic carbuncle of disinformation over which Lynch partly presides, would also be very uncomfortable for Lynch.

    Lynch then strikes at Hatchard, fighting low and dirty – without factual substance. 

    Out of which Hatchard emerges the winner.

    Leaving Lynch’s reputation further stained.

    Some of Lynch’s coterie and colleagues might applaud him to his face, but anyone who’s experienced and understands bullying knows that bullies do wreak much hurt and damage, driven mainly by their own feelings of shame, inferiority and/or jealousy.

    I hope Lynch finds the help he needs, given the unqualified suffering his misinformation is undoubtedly causing New Zealanders, then attempts to discredit people of high scientific integrity like Hatchard.

    Lynch will otherwise keep harming himself and others. And who’s he doing this for? He’s not helping himself in terms of his professional or personal integrity. He well knows one’s reputation is important, otherwise why would he have attempted to discredit Hatchard’s. And the truth will always, always out. 

    “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
    Mahatma Gandhi

  31. To the editor,

    I wouldn’t apply too much credibility to the NZ Media Council or its CEO as when I presented an official complaint that i might add requires one to sign a dodgy clause agreeing to revoke all their legal proceedings against the publication or media council themselves before preceding, I found them totally less than transparent or honest. When i presented actual Pfizer clinical trials data and FDA Documents they took months to respond and when finally pushed to make a decision as they appeared to be blatantly stalling for time they went with publishing further irrelevant misinformation of the evidence presented from those actual clinical trial documents which in the published case described only as “other documents” to discredit the information to suit their own bias & government narrative instead of representing the actual complainant accurately. If you want copies of all correspondence with the media council im happy to forward to you.

  32. Stuff writes garbage – should be renamed “Stuff & Nonsense”. Stuff in hard copy is only useful as toilet paper. Thank you Daily Telegraph for filling the gap in journalism, created by legacy media obliterating itself.

  33. Such a comprehensive, professional rebuttal of Keith Lynch’s (Stuff) vilification of Guy Hatchard and his well researched articles. It was like a breath of fresh air to read. Thank you!

  34. All MSM journalists are liars and propagandists but woke journalists are particularly cunning and slimy.

    Hit piece blogs are the worst kind. Keith Lynch is no different to Washington Post. low life Taylor Lorenz who ran an intimidation campaign on Libs of Tik Tok founder. If we watch Taylor, most can immediately spot the devious nature of the hit piece bluff


    Any rational person will immediately spot the true colours of Keith. As soon as I saw Taylor’s video, Keith came to my mind. Nasty smells are similar.


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