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WW3: US/NATO Proxy War in Ukraine, and NZ’s support of it explained in 8 tweets

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Ever wondered why New Zealand and other Western countries are sending huge amounts of money from their ailing economies to prop up Ukraine’s all but defeated army in a stand-off with Russia thousands of miles away?

We are living in the last days of Empire – the US/Western Financial Empire – and most people don’t know it.

Places like Kherson, the Donbass, Sevastopol and Crimea have literally nothing to do with us, and it matters not to our national interests whether they are controlled by a government in Moscow, or one in Kiev.

They tell us it’s about defending freedom and a ‘rules based international order’.

But it’s not. It’s not about defending freedom, or defending the lives of Ukrainians. In fact the West would be most happy to fight until the last Ukrainian is standing, if that meant preservation of the Empire.

All wars are banker wars, and concepts like ‘freedom’, ‘human rights’ and ‘humanitarian causes’ are just bylines to garner public support at home for wars in distant lands with which we have no connection.

This conflict is no different, except that in this case, for the first time in 80 years, the West has come up against serious military opposition in the form of Russia – unlike in the Middle East in recent times, and in South East Asia the generation before – theatres where the much vaunted US and/or NATO military machine suffered embarrasing defeats in Vietnam, Korea, Syria (by proxy), and Afghanistan.

The conflict in Ukraine is about preserving the hegemony of the West’s Financial Empire centred in Washington DC and London.

For at least a generation, Western elites have known Russia and China posed the greatest threats to this hegemony – Russia, because of its vast landmass and seemingly limitless natural resources, and China because of its economic and industrial power.

The rise of Russia and China has been achieved without military conquest – proof that if left unchecked, they could end US and Western dominance of the world without firing a single shot – an unprecedented development in world history where dominance has always been achieved by the sword or gun.

With no possibiltity of gaining public support in the West for full on military confrontation, the US and its allies, over the last decade, have carefully engineered tensions in Ukraine and Taiwan – the proverbial ‘Achilles heels’ of Russia and China, from whence they can launch economic, social and military operations to weaken, perhaps mortally, their two main adversaries by proxy.

In the case of Russia, it hasn’t worked so far. Sanctions have only strengthened the Russian economy and support for Putin – if anything Putin has been criticised at home for being ‘too soft’ on Ukraine, while the political and economic situations in the west have deteriorated under growing social discontent (see mass protests in Czechia, France and Moldova, to name a few) rising inflation and unemployment, and acute fuel shortages. It’s going to be a grim winter in Europe.

Ostensibly Russia is fighting to protect its borders from further NATO encroachment, but it’s victory will also ensure a fairer and just ‘multi-polar world’ where all countries have the right to develop independently in peace, and to choose their own pathway to prosperity, rather than be dictated to by Washington and London.

Kim Dotcom summed it up in a series of eight tweets today. ‘It’s either war with Russia and China to stop BRICS+ or the financial collapse of the US, EU and the entire Debt and money printing circus.’

This explains why so-called ‘progressives’ like Ardern and Foreign Minister Mahuta – people you would expect to be anti-war and who should be advocating for a peaceful solution, as well as declaring a neutral position for New Zealand, were so quick to join the ‘Slava Ukraina’ warmongering bandwagon. Our true masters reside in Washington and London.

It also explains why the western media are publishing so much misinformation and fake news about this conflict. After all, most western media, including New Zealand’s, are ultimately owned by the same ‘bankers’ who own the military arms companies, and who have a vested interest in a Russian defeat.

‘What’s the root cause of the US proxy war in Ukraine? Most people don’t have a clue. Let me explain.

It all started after the 2007-2008 financial crisis that originated in the US. The reliability of the US Govt as a partner in global financial affairs was destroyed.

In 2009 Russia hosted the first BRICS summit to establish a better international financial system with China, India, Brazil, South Africa and later with future BRICS+ partners. In short a new “multipolar order”. BRICS is challenging the US Dollar reserve currency status.

That started a new Cold War with Russia and China. US National Debt is now at $31 trillion, total US Debt is at $92 trillion and total US unfunded liabilities are at $172 trillion and all of that without any US Govt surplus to pay for any of it. Only more Debt and money printing.

The US Govt knows that without the reserve currency status it is bankrupt. Without money printing on the backs of other nations it’s simply Game Over for the US. But not just for the US. The EU and most western democracies followed the US model of endless Debt and money printing.

That’s why they stand with the US and support the escalating actions that seem totally illogical to most people. Why is the EU sacrificing prosperity for a US proxy war in Ukraine? Because if the US is collapsing they collapse too. Their alliance is glued by the fear of failure.

BRICS+ was on track to launch its new global financial system by 2030. Ukraine is the tool for conflict with Russia and Taiwan is the tool for conflict with China. Eventually the US and NATO will be at war with Russia and China. They simply don’t seem to have another choice.

It’s either war with Russia and China to stop BRICS+ or the financial collapse of the US, EU and the entire Debt and money printing circus. It was never about the people of Ukraine. Ukraine is a sideshow. The main event is yet to come. The two options are poverty or nuclear war.’

They say money is the root of all evil, but more accurately, in the modern world, the US Dollar is the source of all evil. The Dollar’s dominance over the last few decades has concentrated an enormous amount of power into the hands of a few in London and Washington, allowing this small group of elites to own and control media, industry, technology throughout the West. The Dollar has given these elites the power to cripple countries financially or militarily if they don’t tow the line. The human and environmental cost of these greed-based tragedies is incalculable.

The sooner the US Dollar is removed as the world’s reserve currency, the better it will be for all humanity.

Russian victory in Ukraine is inevitable, and it will be decisive. The Russians could have reduced the entire country to rubble within a week if they had wanted to, but initially the Russian parliament only permitted a limited ‘Special Military Operation’ – a small-scale incursion with limited military means in an effort to achieve limited objectives and to preserve clvilian life and infrastructure as much as possible.

But that has changed with the influx of billions of dollars, military equipment and personnel into Ukraine from the West, and provocative acts such as blowing up Nord Stream 2 and bombing the Crimean bridge. It’s not going to change the outcome, only prolong it.

The question is, what is the dying Empire going to do? Will they just accept the new world order promulgated by BRICS+, or will they initiate WW3, a nuclear war, in a last desperate roll of the dice?

With the semi-senile Joe Biden apparently in charge, anything is possible.

Read Dotcom’s full thread and comments here:


As they did with COVID, the New Zealand state-subsidized legacy media is publishing a great deal of mis/disinformation on the Russian Special Military Operation in Ukraine, based on demonstrably false US or UK intelligence/propaganda reports and/or ‘anonymous’ Ukrainian military sources, or their overseas legacy media partners. For unbiased, factual accounts on what’s really happening on the frontlines DTNZ recommends the following sources:

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  1. To question anything that makes sense, such as

    Why should children be vaccinated against the covid?
    Why should there be a tight lid on the devastating side effects of these wretched vaccines?
    Why should our corrupt government pay taxpayer money for helping Zelensky of Ukraine, while our own people go hungry?
    Why should we have a monarchy when there are people living below the poverty?
    Why should covid vaccination be mandatory at all?
    Why should we be involved in the Ukraine-Russia war?
    Why should we invade countries for their oil?
    Why should there be homelessness?

  2. Well said DTNZ. I’m convinced that most of us in NZ could have a brighter future if we joined the BRICS. But those who benefit most from our vassalage to the failing Western financial empire will resist such a move very stubbornly.

  3. “The mass brainwashing of western society by the mainstream media in so-called “democracies” will be remembered by the few survivors of WW3 as the most self-defeating act in preventing nuclear war.” Kim Dotcom, Twitter

    And the NZ MSM continue in their deluded, banal, idiotic and slavish stupidity.
    The bitter irony of this Labour government using our hard-earned taxpayer’s dollars to pay NZ MSM to hide the truth and lie to New Zealanders is called betrayal.

    So thank you DTNZ. One of a very small handful of truly awake, scientifically credible and caring media in NZ !

  4. What a well written article. We people who have an independent and thinking mind know all this but how do we get our Government and the sheep to see this. You simply can not. The NZ Government is corrupt an controls by the elites. Ardern is just a puppet. That’s my conspiracy and misinformation for the day.

  5. Insightful and on the money, so to speak. And agree with comment above it is an excellent primer to get the conversation to a wider audience. But will they listen..?

    It has been clear for a while now that the choices are limited. We have never been in a situation like this before, with so many parts conspiring together simultaneously. It is really quite remarkable if a little scary. It certainly looks like we’re heading towards the end of what was. What the future holds, God only knows…

  6. So is voting for any of the establishment parties going to change our position? No, only one party has a plan to deal with the situation and move forward and that is Social Credit (you know, the funny money party that the Estb laughs at because it is a threat to them)
    So what are you going to do people? Cuck down with the Nats and Act?

  7. wars are always about money or assets, wich is the same.
    Adam Lebor describes in his book ” The tower of Basel”, ed. PublicAffairs, isbn-13
    978-1-61039-381-2 how the USA, the UK and nazi Germany used a bank , the Bank for International Settlement ( BIS) situated in Basel and especially founded in the interbellum period to pay war damage to france ( WO1).
    Since then, it has been used by central bankers .
    Especially during world war 11 to recycle looted nazi monies to the benefit of many.
    Read it. Difficult read at the beginning, but later like a thriller. And you will learn much about the ” ways of the world” and the cynism and immorality of ” high finance” and governments

  8. The whole system is broken- we have vested interest vying against vested interest against a background of perpetual war in our thinking- glorifying war, guns, drones and ‘science’. Hollywood has a major hand in this. Watch ‘Fast and Furious’ eight times and see if you are not in the slightest bit motivated to take your own kamikaze trip. You will have been programmed. Enjoy the happy/killer ending to any of the myriad of space fiction stories which presume linear time and you will be comforted by the ‘good guys’ winning. ha. Clinton’s DMCA hauls huge royalty payments from fraudulently registered copyright. That money is dedicated to funding more wars on whatever level for movie producers to film. So break the vicious circle if you wish to live at all well….how? Live simply. The world is your TV and it still turns itself on every morning… namaste 🙂

  9. Very good article. I read RT (our democratic govt has banned RT from TV Channels) online quite regularly and also the likes of Grayzone are very good sources of information. I have huge amount of respect for Vanessa Beeley and Eva Bartlett. These ladies have gone into warzones such as Syria and places like Palestine where Israel routinely murders journalists. They have enormous courage and have put their lives on the line to get the truth. Bravo, truly bravo! Caitlin Johnstone is another really good independent Journo.

    I don’t believe US suffered embarrassing defeats in Afghanistan and Syria. Syria was INVADED on the behest of Israel (like Iraq was). The US is legally occupying the oil rich area and STEALING Syria’s Oil every single day. Where the F is the UN, Human Rights Watch and other soup alphabet agencies that sprout Freedom and democracy and human rights, bla, bla, bla. Iraq was destroyed and looted. Huge amounts of Gold bullion and other treasures were looted by the United Sates. In Afghanistan, CIA was after the poppy fields so they can sell drugs- money for their black psyops around the world. US deliberately destroyed these countries. Libya was destroyed because Gaddaffi wanted to create a single tradeable African currency so he had to go.

    The world is paying a very heavy price using the US dollar for all trade. Being the reserve currency, it enables the Fed to literally print money. Not to mention the billions US makes as ‘commission’ for use of US dollar.

    I agree the west and specifically US wants to maintain the status quo and maintain their way of life by hook or crook, after all the backbone of West’s so called prosperity is built on looting and pillaging over the last 500 years. But the Europeans, Canada, AUS/NZ, Korea and Japan have no say in the matter. They are in the club so the US can use them as cannon fodder, support their vast military industrial complex by buying billions of dollars of junk every year. Look the self harm the Europeans are inflicting on themselves ATM. Their industry is being destroyed because of the energy costs. Citizens are out on the street but their leaders don’t give a flying rats backside, they have to serve America. And just look at the humungous profits US energy majors are making, MIC is forcing arms sales to vassals who then have to donate to Ukraine. Even a dummy can see what’s happening but Europeans are scared shitless of the US.

    To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal. NZ should remember that.


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