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Watch: Coronavirus Plushie exposes Stuff.co.nz’s ‘The Whole Truth’

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When a legacy mainstream media outlet calls a feature ‘The Whole Truth’, brace yourself for a stinking mound of misinformation.

You also know that when they have to turn off comments, as Stuff.co.nz have done on pretty much all social media, they’re peddling fake news.

That’s exactly what Stuff.co.nz’s video Covid-19 vaccine: How to interpret adverse events data (Te Reo) ‘The Whole Truth’ is – misinformation and fake news. Thankfully, we have dedicated citizens like Coronavirus Plushie who are able to call them out on it.

Stuff's Whole Truth exposed

Stuff.co.nz is a handsomely paid government COVID propaganda unit, which is still shamefully begging for donations from already financially stretched kiwis to support their ‘independent’ journalism.

When this disgraceful part of our history is finally over the people will examine how it was allowed to happen, and the answer is very simple. Legacy mainstream media like Stuff.co.nz did not do their job. They did not question power, or hold it to account. It suppressed information and promoted misleading narratives. It ignored alternative scientific views and spat on the twin pillars of journalistic ethics – objectivity and fairness. If they had done their job properly Daily Telegraph wouldn’t exist. Judging by the explosion in our readership numbers and the comments on Coronavirus Plushie’s video, the people know this too. It’s so obvious that one has to wonder why Stuff.co.nz think they can get away with it? They’re probably slapping themselves on the back now celebrating record numbers, due to a crisis they helped engineer, oblivious to the fact it’s the beginning of the end.

Video Comments (usernames removed):

Stuff is a government “News” service…. Their lies are so obvious, so emboldened because they have been lying and fake reporting for years, it’s what they do. If you want the Labour party position on anything read Stuff…. they are “Destroy it all Cindy’s” misinformation ministry. Protest now New Zealand get off the couch…..Hold the Line

18461 dead so far from the vaccines in the USA as of 17/11/21 From CDC own VAERS page.

Yep, all paid for by Google and their covid misinformation journalism fund Stuff was chosen for.

I am sure that by now everyone knows that Stuff sucks. Totally Stuffed as far as real news is concerned. Beyond repair… a 100% write-off.

BRAVO!!!!! a friend of mine sent me this bogus Green Hulk report some weeks ago as proof VAERS was useless. she is a confirmed vaxxer, a conformist sheep and has broken off with me simply because i disagreed with govt propaganda THANKS FOR THIS confirmation

I thank God that my TV died some months ago and i never botherd to get it fixed. as a result i m spared this patronising BS from STUFF. who do they think they are talking to? small children and people as brain dead as they are??? Actually i discoverd that MSM news were bare faced liars when i came acroos hard proof online that they had maliciously editted some footage of Trump with the Japanese PM, editted to give the impression he was a buffoon. the footage left out which i was shown in the revealing video indicates clearly that DJT was simply following his host’s lead. So MSM are lowlife and contemptibles

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