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Pfizer the vaccine terrorist

A stark reminder of how powerful corporate bandits like Pfizer are

Pfizer is a ‘vaccine terrorist’. That’s the view of a special ‘Gravitas’ report by Indian international news network WION.

After watching the report (below) one is left wondering what terms the New Zealand government has agreed to with the American drug company, a company whose record of fraud and corruption puts it in the top three most evil corporations in the history of western capitalism. Why are we even doing business with a company with a track record like Pfizer? If Pfizer was a person, it would have died in prison a long time ago.

Pfizer vaccine terrorist news

It is also raises the question of whether the Ardern government’s banning of Ivermectin was part of the commercial ‘deal’ with Pfizer. Ivermectin has been used by many governments around the world as a safe, cheap and highly effective medicine for COVID. Strangely, New Zealand GPs are prohibited from prescribing it.

Ardern’s desperate roll-out to have everyone jabbed is a programme designed to meet commercial targets. She is serving her New York masters, not us.

The jab roll-out has no rational basis in public health policy theory. Only two people with the virus have died in this ‘outbreak’, and we know for certain from the nurse caring for one, a 90 year old lady, that she had multiple co-morbitities and could have died from any of them. That leaves ONE death, from a supposedly deadly and contagious variant that has been in the community now for months.

According to the VAERS web site, which records ‘official’ numbers, the clot shot is directly responsible for 91 deaths as at 9 October. It’s well known for various reasons, from misdiagnosis, incompetence, drug company suppression and downright fraud, that only about 5% of adverse events make it onto the official government statistics, so conceivably, the death rate from the clot shots could be in excess of 1,000.

The total reported adverse events from the Pfizer jab in New Zealand is 27,648 as at 9 October.

Do the math. Anyone with half a brain can see the enormous cost to human life and well-being the Pfizer jab has caused to kiwis. But it gets better. Pfizer doesn’t have to pay a cent in compensation for its faulty product.

The taxpayer has paid for a product that Pfizer admits, in documents obtained under the Official Information Act, doesn’t stop transmission. Whatever protection it does give doesn’t last more than six months. We’ve paid for something that doesn’t work, and for which the long term health effects are unknown. The product has caused serious health and economic loss for tens of thousands of New Zealanders, and we the taxpayers, have to pay for the damage.

They say crime doesn’t pay, but producing dodgy medications under a facade of science does, handsomely.

THE WION report

In the WION ‘Gravitas’ report we see how governments are silenced, supplies are halted, and profits take precedence over saving lives.

The American pharmaceutical giant is bullying countries to submit to its demands.

Recently, Pfizer forced Argentina to put its bank reserves, military bases and embassy buildings at stake, as collateral.

Eight months ago an investigation into the secret contract between Pfizer and the government of Brazil by WION revealed the following shocking terms:

  • Brazil had to waive sovereignty of its overseas assets in favour of Pfizer
  • The laws of Brazil do not apply to Pfizer
  • Brazil must accept any delays in delivery, without compensation. That puts the country’s most vulnerable people at the whim of corporate criminals in New York
  • Pfizer cannot be penalised for delaying the delivery
  • Pfizer is exempted from all civil liability from adverse effects or death

Eight months have passed since WION reported this and nothing has changed. Pfizer is still putting profits above public health; its still forcing governments to bend to its will.

An advocacy group has thrown up more details of what Pfizer does – it has accessed some confidential contracts the company has concluded with 9 countries. These desperate countries are being forced to make humiliating concessions to Pfizer. Six points are worth highlighting:

  • Pfizer has the right to silence governments. It has contractually gagged governments from pubicly revealing details of the deals they’ve struck
  • Pfizer controls the donations of its shots, not the country that buys them. Pfizer will decide where the shots go, even if those shots have been paid for
  • Pfizer has secured an intellectual property waiver for itself. If Pfizer is accused of intellectual property theft, governments will pay, not the company
  • If there are disputes, private arbitrators in New York and not public courts will decide on them
  • Pfizer can go after state assets to secure compensation
  • Pfizer calls the shots on all key decisions, including delivery timelines

Pfizer is silencing governments through air-tight contracts. These contracts are at the centre of everything. They can silence governments in ways hardly imaginable. The Brazilian one is a case in point. Pfizer agreed to supply its clot shot to Brazil and it sneaked a clause into the agreement to force Brazil to not share any specifics with the public about the deal. That’s basically a private company muzzling a government, and controlling the flow of important information.

Pfizer also gets to decide who will get the shot. Suppose someone wants to donate Pfizer shots to Brazil, can they do it? They cannot. The Pfizer agreement restricts Brazil from accepting donations. No one can donate Pfizer vaccines to Brazil.

What happens if Brazil does not comply with these rules? The consequences are serious. The agreement is terminated and Brazil has to pay the full contract price for any remaining contracted doses.

What happens if someone accuses Pfizer of stealing its vaccine technology? The government will be forced to defend Pfizer. At least four countries have been forced to protect Pfizer’s patent, meaning these governments are defending Pfizer for intellectual property theft, while the company is free to use anyone’s intellectual property as it pleases. Columbia is one of these victims.

What if governments want to get out of these contracts? They won’t be able to sue Pfizer at all. The matter will go to a panel of three private arbitrators in New York. Pfizer will be tried by New York law, not the laws of the land where it sells vaccines. And these countries will pay heavily if they lose an arbitration.

Pfizer can ask a government to shift control of state assets to compensate for loses. What kind of assets are well talking about here? Practically anything that a sovereign government owns, foreign bank accounts, foreign investments, commercial properties, state owned airlines, even oil companies, Pfizer can take over any or all of these.

Basically everything happens on Pfizer’s terms. Even the delivery of shots is decided by the company. In Brazil, Colombia, Albania, Pfizer gets to decide the delivery timetable, and the countries will have to agree to whatever they’re given, whenever they’re given. Pfizer gets to decide the price, it sets the delivery timelines, it accepts accountability for nothing, and if someone sues the company it’s the government that foots the bill for the damages, not Pfizer.

This is vaccine terrorism.

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