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The Sleepwalkers by Scarlett Thomas

The Sleepwalkers by Scarlett Thomas

A riveting tale of honeymoon horror

Embark on a gripping journey with Evelyn and Richard in The Sleepwalkers by Scarlett Thomas. Still reeling from the chaos of their wedding, the couple arrives on a secluded Greek island for what they hope will be a blissful honeymoon. But as the tourist season wanes and a storm looms, their dream vacation quickly turns into a tense and haunting experience.

The sun-soaked rooms of Villa Rosa, their chosen retreat, are overshadowed by Evelyn’s insecurities. Surrounded by the “beautiful people”—a throng of young models and musicians lounging along the Mediterranean—she grows increasingly wary of the hotel’s enigmatic owner, Isabella. With an unsettling interest in Richard and a dismissive attitude towards Evelyn, Isabella becomes a source of constant tension. Her obsession with enthralling the only other guests—an American producer named Marcus and his partner Debbie—with the tragic tale of “the sleepwalkers,” a couple who recently drowned at the hotel, adds to the eerie atmosphere.

Evelyn finds herself amidst a cast of mysterious characters, from Hamza, a young Turkish man mingling with the beautiful people, to a dapper, peculiar owner of the island’s lone antique and gift shop. As eccentricities give way to terror, a stormy night separates Evelyn and Richard, forcing them to confront dark truths. Their survival hinges on confronting the secrets of their relationship and the years leading up to their marriage.

The Sleepwalkers masterfully blends suspense and psychological depth, making it an unputdownable read that will leave you questioning the fine line between reality and nightmare.

Author Biography: Scarlett Thomas was born in London. She is the author of the Worldquake series. She is also the author of nine books for adults, including PopCo, The End of Mr. Y, which was longlisted for the Women’s Prize for Fiction in 2007 (formerly known as Orange Broadband Prize for Fiction), and Our Tragic Universe. She teaches creative writing at the University of Kent. Find out more at Worldquake.co.uk.

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