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Air Con by Ian Wishart

Air Con by Ian Wishart

The seriously inconvenient truth about global warming.

Bestselling author and investigative journalist Ian Wishart tackles the issue of the century – global warming.

In December 2009, world leaders gathered in Copenhagen to usher in “a new Kyoto” protocol, conservatively estimated to cost taxpayers in Western countries somewhere in the region of US$45 trillion.

For many people, this will mean increases in personal taxes of several thousand dollars a year, and/or much higher prices for food, goods and services because of new emissions caps and taxes. With that sort of money at stake, there are several big questions Wishart asks in Air Con:

  1. Is global warming actually happening?
  2. Is it caused by human activities?
  3. Is there really anything we can do to prevent it?
  4. Are climate scientists and the United Nations telling the truth?
  5. What’s really behind the push for the Copenhagen Treaty?

The answers to these questions may shock you. Air Con is a must-read for every New Zealander, or anyone interested in the global warming narrative around the world.

With chapters like, ‘What Cars Did The Dinosaurs Drive?’, and ‘Fancy A Cold Bear?’, this is an easy to read title using everyday language to explain the growing evidence against human-caused global warming.

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Air Con by Ian Wishart reviews

Air Con: The Seriously Inconvenient Truth about Global Warming

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