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Oscar-winning actor urges Biden impeachment

Biden “wronged” America and must be ousted to restore the nation to greatness and glory, says Jon Voight. President Joe Biden must be impeached immediately,...

Canadian Police admitted to snooping – activists

Canada’s law enforcement has reportedly confirmed it’s been using malware to infiltrate mobile devices and collect data. Canada’s Royal Mounted Police (RCMP) have disclosed that...

Watch: Trump did not lunge for steering wheel, Pelosi elbows Hispanic kid

US political commentator Jimmy Dore takes a look at two big stories to come out of American politics this week. In the first video Dore...

Turkey blocks two major Western news websites

The country’s media watchdog blocked access to VoA and DW after they refused to obtain a broadcasting license. The Turkish Broadcasting Authority (RTUK) has blocked...

Watch: American Dream? Thousands of homeless build tent city in downtown LA

As US comedian George Carlin once said, 'The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe...

EU chief can’t find Pfizer CEO texts

The European Commission downplays the importance of the missing messages, which were sent during Covid-19 vaccine negotiations. The European Commission has said it is unable...

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Chelsea launch investigation after suicide revealed

Chelsea have appointed an external review team to investigate allegations made by the New...

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