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Chris Trotter

Chris Trotter is New Zealand’s leading leftwing political commentator, with 30 years of experience writing professionally about New Zealand politics. He now writes regularly for the Democracy Project, producing his column “From the Left”.

What would it take for Labour to win?

Surveying Labour's savagely diminished caucus, only two MPs stand out as credible future leaders: Keiran McAnulty and Ginny Andersen. Before such a combination could accede...

Chris Trotter: Contested ground

Last week the Waitangi Tribunal released Tino Rangatiratanga me te Kāwanatanga: The Report on Stage 2 of the Te Paparahi o Te Raki Inquiry(Wai...

Chris Trotter: The Most Unlikely Trinity

By the end of this week, or the next, New Zealand will have a government. It is unlikely to be a pleasant one. The three...

Chris Trotter: Disinformation from the Left

Disformation has been part and parcel of the political process since, well, forever. It was only in the Nineteenth Century, however, that the need to...

Nostalgic for a joyous Left

I WAS A CAPTAIN COOK MAN, Grant Robertson was a Robbie Burns man. If you know anything about the great student pubs of Dunedin in...