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Evgeny Norin

Evgeny Norin, a Russian historian focused on Russia's wars and international politics.

The volunteer super-spy: How a German businessman stole the newest US missile for Moscow

Soviet intelligence officers were used to agents who were ideology-driven. Many super-spies obtained top secret information motivated by their political beliefs and, what they...

Bait and switch: How Russia handed Moscow to Napoleon 210 years ago, but went on to win the war

The Western cliche is that "General Winter" defeated the French leader, but the truth is far more complex. Two hundred and ten years ago, on...

From Stalin’s wrath to Khrushchev’s gift to Ukraine: Crimea’s Tatar minority has faced death, misery and deportation

55 years ago, a Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR issued a directive to rehabilitate Crimean Tatars. Crimean Tatars play an important role...

Remembering the Falklands conflict: How Argentina’s ‘little victorious war’ instead became a huge success for Margaret Thatcher

The story of what became arguably Britain's last stand as a major global military power. World history has recorded a lot of rulers who have...