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Guy P. D. Armstrong

Guy Armstrong is a New Zealander, and author of 'How Essential is Flouride?: What do the Experts Say?' (2020), available on Amazon.com.

Lack of Public Debate Between Medical Professionals about New Zealand’s Pandemic Response has Helped Fuel Anger and Lack of Trust

If even our intellectuals can’t have public debate about public policy, what’s left but protest? Most of us noticed. A few months back, discussion about...

Why Haven’t New Zealand’s Politicians and Vaccine Experts Ever Publicly Debated the NZDSOS?

Author’s note: No one asked me to write this. Though I’ve contacted various individuals in my own desire to initiate a public debate, I...

Are the NZ media under-reporting adverse events from the Pfizer vaccine?

A week ago the NZ Herald reported on the adverse events New Zealanders had from the Pfizer vaccine, using medsafe data . Regarding the data,...