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Henry Johnston

By Henry Johnston, an RT editor. He worked for over a decade in finance and is a FINRA Series 7 and Series 24 license holder.

Trump and ‘our democracy’: What happens when a political system becomes a meme?

It is a sign of deep crisis that the concept of democracy has devolved into an ideologically tinged narrative that is defended with empty...

Drowning in debt: The paralysis at the heart of the US fiscal crisis

Washington is doing nothing about its deteriorating finances because there is nothing it can do without risking major upheaval. It can appear puzzling why at...

Boeing’s nosedive: How greed ruined a great American company

What was once essentially a collective of engineers known for innovation and craftsmanship now operates in the interests of Wall Street. On a sunny day...

Vice City: Can the decadent Davos elites really solve the world’s problems at their sin-filled gathering?

For many, the gathering represents everything that is wrong with the world and has become the object of all manner of disaffection. In Thomas Mann’s...