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J. R. Bruning

J.R. Bruning is a sociologist (B.Bus.Agribusiness; MA Sociology(Res)) based in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. Bruning’s primary research focus is on the relationship between governance, policy, and the production of scientific and technical knowledge for public good. Other writing can be found on JRBruning.Substack.com and at TalkingRisk.NZ

Programmed failure: are our GP clinics set up to fail?

It’s a week where junior doctors are on strike, and strike they should. But it’s bigger that. Should you care if your local doctors’...

You can make science say whatever you want it to say

Technical and scientific information is like any resource. It can be used for special purposes, it can be shaped and moulded to ensure an outcome...

A challenge for Sarfati – Is medicated drinking water justified?

A judge has just sent the Director-General of the Ministry of Health Dr Diana Sarfati, back to the drawing board to work out whether...

Ministerial juggernauts and vaccinations legislation

We can now demonstrate how the over-riding COVID-19 goal for officials, from August 2020 onwards, was high vaccine coverage. The power and resources directed...

Therapeutic Products Bill – The Devil is in the Detail

Citizens are sending in their comments after viewing the 200-page hydra that is the Therapeutic Products Bill, now before Select Committee. So far, over...