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Matthieu Buge

Matthieu Buge worked on Russia for the magazine l’Histoire, the Russian film magazine Séance, and as a columnist for Le Courrier de Russie. He is the author of the book Le Cauchemar russe ('The Russian Nightmare').

Does Macron want to become Emmanuel I?

French media outlets are making light of a supposed ‘quip’ by the president that could lead to the abolition of the two-term limit. A (not...

France’s denial day

Everyone understands why the country was engulfed in protests, but the authorities hush up the problem. After days of extremely violent riots, France enjoyed a...

50 years after leaving Vietnam, the US keeps getting involved in wars without understanding them

In 1973, the Paris Peace Accords saw American troops abandon their partners. It wouldn’t be the last time. In January 1973, the US signed an...

France has marketed its World Cup defeat as an anti-racist victory

The French football team may not have scored enough, but French politicians certainly have. I have never been a football fan, but I tremendously enjoyed...