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Stephan Kinsella

Stephan Kinsella is a libertarian writer and patent attorney in Houston. Formerly a partner in the Intellectual Property Department with Duane Morris, LLP, General Counsel and VP-Intellectual Property for Applied Optoelectronics, Inc., his publications include Legal Foundations of a Free Society (Houston, Texas: Papinian Press, 2023), Against Intellectual Property (Auburn, Ala.: Mises Institute, 2008, You Can’t Own Ideas: Essays on Intellectual Property (Papinian Press, 2023), The Anti-IP Reader: Free Market Critiques of Intellectual Property (Papinian Press, 2023), Trademark Practice and Forms (Thomson Reuters, 2001–2013); and International Investment, Political Risk, and Dispute Resolution: A Practitioner’s Guide, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, 2020).

Patents, Pharma, Government: The Unholy Alliance

The unholy alliance between Big Pharma and the FDA and Federal Government is truly breathtaking to behold. Unfortunately, its nature is so arcane and obscure...