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Tom Fowdy

Tom Fowdy is a British writer and analyst of politics and international relations with a primary focus on East Asia. Fowdy is a regular contributing opinion writer for international news agency RT.

Why EU will never out-build China’s Belt and Road

The European Union’s bid to compete with China’s Belt and Road Initiative is doomed to failure because Brussels is incapable of cajoling its members...

Why China’s Uyghurs are back in the headlines

After months of silence, the Western media have refocused their attention on the Uyghurs of China’s Xinjiang region. The agenda is simple – to...

Despite all the severe sanctions that were supposed to boost US industry, imports from China are up and the economy’s in trouble

Despite all the early optimism of a post-Covid economic revival, soaring inflation stoked by the government’s multi-billion-dollar stimulus schemes is threatening to ruin Joe...