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Wyatt Reed

Wyatt Reed is a journalist covering Latin America and racial and environmental justice movements in the US. He reported on the 2019 coup d'etat in Bolivia from the ground and has covered stories throughout the region from Venezuela, Nicaragua, Colombia, Ecuador, and more.

North Korea tests underwater drone that spawns ‘Super-Scale Radioactive Tsunami’

A report by North Korean media suggests the country has made another big leap in protecting its sovereignty from any potential external threats. North Korea...

US airmen respond with shock, mockery as General urged service members to prepare for war with China

“I felt like a random email blast to thousands of airmen was an inappropriate way to direct them to essentially prepare for war with...

King Charles III Refuses “Slimmed Down” Coronation Amid Cost-of-Living Crisis

“At a cost of tens of millions of pounds this pointless piece of theatre is a slap in the face for millions of people...

Panel of international experts demand Biden end persecution of Julian Assange

“We’re all making an appeal for President Biden to desist from the appeal that he’s brought to the British courts so that Julian could...

Davos Slammed as ‘Masterclass in Hypocrisy’ as Study Finds Attendees Take 1,000+ Private Flights

The World Economic Forum’s annual meeting once again managed to unite critics both left and right in condemnation of the annual conference for Western...