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The COVID pandemic and lessons in human nature

The Health Forum NZ is a Facebook group with nearly 55,000 members.

Health Forum NZ was set up last year by Lynda Wharton. We have published a number of Lynda’s articles, and they have all proved hugely popular.

One of the aims of Health Forum NZ is to ‘discuss the process of informed consent and COVID-19 vaccination.’ It’s members include those who are unvaccinated, but also vaccinated persons who are questioning the rapid development and roll-out of Covid 19 vaccines, including the lack of long term efficacy and safety data.

The COVID pandemic news

Lynda and her team are also responsible for the ‘Citizens Database‘ – a record of adverse reactions from COVID vaccines.

In a recent discussion, group members were asked:

What is one lesson you learned about human nature from this pandemic that you didn’t realise or fully appreciate before?

Hundreds of members replied with enlightening comments, providing an insight into how the government’s policies have divided families and friends, affected mental health and changed people’s views of society and government forever.

Many also pointed out how the pandemic brought out the worst aspects of human nature – hatred, a lack of empathy, prejudice. Postive remarks about human nature were conspicuous by their absence and showed up how Jacinda Ardern’s mantra of ‘Be Kind’ was nothing more than a fake virtual signal which fell largely on deaf ears. The Prime Minister’s mantra was always bound to fail, the minute her government enacted social and medical apartheid.

What is clear from the comments is that the government is to blame. Loved-ones and former friends have fallen for its propaganda and divisiveness of its policies like unquestioning sheep.

With Lynda’s permission we have reproduced some of the comments below, with user names removed:

How people can be so gullible and compliant with the government

Intelligence is not the same as wisdom

Fear paralizes people and therefore clouds their decisions

People seem to want to be scared

How we reverted to animal, self preservation instincts as soon as the “cure” arrived. It was all caring and sharing with the world , protecting the vulnerable, now it’s grab everything you can and who cares about the vulnerable.

All the dumbest and easily corrupted people are in all the jobs that should be occupied by intelligent and honest people. The s**t floats to the top????????????

How govt policies divide families. How they can turn your children against you. Case in point, 12-18 year olds able to go behind your back to get vaccinated. And then we are the ones accused of “going down rabbit holes”. With a different opinion. Truly gutting.

Segregation I now know what that feels like.

That alot of People are dumb and dont question anything

Who your friends are and perhaps as important …who your enemies are

That it’s true what “mama” always said, “Stupid is as stupid does”

How self centred, arrogant and unkind some people can be about other people in difficult/trying circumstances.

How easily led people are, how we love to turn on an out group, how the whole Hitler Nazi thing unfolded, how there are no good politicians, that many people love blind belief and smoke and mirrors over standing up for right

That people are prepared to sell out all known freedoms for a hair cut, sit in a cafe and to travel overseas. I didnt realise traveling was an addiction

The future looks bleak

Good and bad, light and dark is a choice. So few choose good or light. Easily tempted by money rejecting humanity, easily tempted by idols

What mass formation psychosis does and how it effects almost everybody, regardless how intelligent somebody is.

That covid is actually Flu A or Flu B. ???? FACT.

How quickly compassion for others vanished when people think they have the moral high ground.

How many people are still very much afraid, asleep, and ignorant. How many people just don’t think. And how easily people will forsake friendships simply because the govt told them to.

How humans can turn on other humans due to different opinions. Also how truth is something many humans can’t see. And families are not as strong as I believed them to be

How gullible people are & willing to relinquish sovereignty of their own body

The varied responses from people especially when the divide starts to form. Tell people the same thing over and over theyll believe it and thats wot the government did at the begining and people became brain dead.

Learning who our friends are/were and meeting some lovely new ones – appreciating the non judgmental ones. That all this talk and belief in freedom and human rights is very superficial and is only applied when u follow the narrative. Also that majority care more about being labelled “correct or right”, regardless of the truth.

That most people are like sheep when one jumps they all jump no matter what the consequences are.

Ive learned that many of my friends are thankfully have common sense and a good bullshit meter. But ive also learned that many of the public are really stupid.

Forced division of country – state control – how government tells the biggest lies that 40% of the population think its 100% true the other 40 have no freeken idea what going on so they follow the other freekn 40% then there us the 20% who stand tall.

How cruel people can be.

How easy it is for a labour govt to become communist

How many people think they are god THINK is the key word

The need to be validated in their personal choice instead of just believing in themselves regardless of others

How disappointing such a large % of the human race is, the way they are prepared to treat there fellow humans, and there complete inability to think for themselves

How trusting and easy to fall in line people are.

That a sustained propaganda and fear campaign can and will sever tight family bonds and friendships ???? Also, that real and respectful friends and family are a joy and blessing to have around.

The majority of people are easily led and controlled

How many take things without question, or even looking to see what is in it, without knowing long-term effects. How many sheep we have in NZ (of the human kind)

Its collective gullibility and unquestioning acquiescence to corrupted authority . ( Which nearly ALL is )

I didn’t realised just how evil human nature could become

Unconscious bias is strong

How quickly family turns on you For not having the ????

Govt is the main source of untruth.

How obedient people are and follow blindly, not questioning anything.

How polarised we can become in an instant! And how much love there is… Even in the face of someone totally opposed to me.

How quick the us and them mentality came about. How “Be kind to each other ” got thrown out fast.

How stupid and sheep like most of the population seem to be

That you can be discriminated, judged and even have to stop working if your decision of not wanting a vaccination is not in line with the governments agenda.

How fear will push people to accept what they otherwise wouldn’t.

The personal approach is more effective than spamming social media… Although the social media campaigns help too. I am feeling the urgency now. I just went to the pharmacy to do the RAT for our trip to Who my real friends are!!! People can be convinced of anything

How the use of fear can be used to control the sheep. How quickly those that feel theyre more entitled can turn on their fellow man.

wisdom does not come with age

That the human race is not doing a good job at being human

How the most unlikely fellow human beings turn out to be your allies. And kindness, grace and love wins.Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Those you thought would stick by you can cut you off in an instant.

Humans are really dumb

That people are such followers and don’t think for themselves.

That not all people have the capacity to hold space for others choices – if it is different from theirs.

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  1. Mine would be that I didn’t realise how much cowardice ran through the world. Also, I’m so impressed by Lynda as well, she’s a wonderful lady.

  2. Real Accounts of people’s Hard ships that Main Stream Media wouldn’t Dare publish. Cheers to the people’s Champion. Lynda ????????????

  3. I learnt how quickly the freedoms our ancestors the ANZACS fought and died, for could be wiped away in an instant, by a woman half my age, who assumed power on a platform of democracy and how gutless all the other politicians around her from both parties let communist or socialist ideologies take over.The only pushback I saw was for the good citizens of New Zealand who pushbacked to try and hold this thing at bay for our next generations.


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