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Counterspin video updates from Albert Park at Posie Parker rally

Counterspin Media are posting video updates via Telegram from Auckland’s Albert Park, where Women’s Rights activist Posie Parker is due to speak.

Link to Counterspin Telegram channel is here.

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  1. Why are trans activists (mainly men who say they are women) so afraid of a woman talking about women’s rights? Why are the media and most government departments – including the department of education – obsessed with pushing the transgender ideology? Everyone knows its a con game. Men can’t turn themselves into women. Every cell in their body contains an XY chromosome. If a man has been dead long enough for only a skeleton to remain anthropologists can readily identify it as male. Why do they desperately want access to everything that has women written on it? Why is a man allowed to state ‘I am a woman’ and everyone has to go along with it – penis, testicles and all – or be charged with hate crime? They do NOT want a third transgender category. That this ideology is being pushed so hard means it is a programme en route to something bigger and much darker. I wonder what it could be…

    • It’s about the same thing it’s always been about friend. Division.

      The more divided we are, the easier we can be ruled over.

      Hence the “intersectionality” bullish!t. Hence the endless __(insert-name-here)___rights movements. Hence the continual pushing of mass migration from absolutely anywhere in the world outside the anglosphere.

      But their most coveted trophy by far, their holy grail… is the children. That’s why they’re pushing so hard to normalise this open perversion. They already know most grown women do not want a man in the bathroom with them, they’re well aware most adults understand the vast differences between the sexes/genders.

      That’s why they aren’t even trying to win you over anymore, only to shout over you (and then have you censored). Shut you up before they shut you down.

      It’s those children they’re after, those impressionable little people you send off to school every morning in good faith. They want to fill those empty young skulls with this twisted garbage so they can divorce them from their parents just as they’ve divorced their parents from each other. They’ve been at it for decades now.

      The powers that be are unimaginably evil.

      The only antidote to this is to be honest with your children and talk to them openly. Trying to keep them innocent as long as possible is only going to put them in harm’s way (the leftist teachers and curriculum will get to them first if you wait too long). You need to have the uncomfortable talks and teach them the birds and the bees, what a man is and what a woman is, and WARN them about the dangers of this sick perversion they’re going to be taught in school (educating them on Dr John Money and his victims is a good place to start). Knowledge is power, so don’t leave your kids powerless.

      I don’t know how long it’s going to be or just how much it will take, but eventually the tipping point will come, and the snap back is going to be f**king biblical.

  2. Well viewing the stuff on Twitter I can honestly say I feel very disturbed and I feel ashamed. How on earth is that ok to threaten someone with a knife? Against her throat! The sheer terrified look it’s appalling.

    If people, I mean men, were shocked by that it’s going to remind them, I mean us, isn’t it? Violence against women is an absolute disgrace. Not even shouting is ok and stopping them from talking by shutting them down is absolute biggotry.

    Now I get the message, even although there’s all these other things wrong with the trans movement, today was about women’s rights being taken from women. I’m very sorry. This was an utter disgrace.

  3. This is a win for Posie, more than (maybe) she could have expected, she came to speak and the Left did what we now expect from them, they behaved badly.
    Posie achieved more than she would have if the Left had boycotted the event, the Right should also pick up some points in the poles over this thou the Nat’s deserve none of them and maybe will get a deduction.
    We played Posie, the hard yards are always the sweetest in reflection.


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