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Govt acting to increase supermarket competition – Clark

Supermarket Competition news

“Food price data shows New Zealanders pay too much for the basics and today’s figures provide more evidence of why we need to change the supermarket industry, and fast,” Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister David Clark says.

Stats NZ figures show food prices were 6.8% higher in May 2022 compared with May 2021. Grocery food prices had increased 7.4%, and fruit and vegetables are up 10%.

“Supermarkets currently earn $1 million a day in excess profit, that’s straight from the pockets of kiwi consumers and we have a plan to bring more completion and choice for New Zealanders,” David Clark said.

“The Government announced action against the supermarket duopoly two weeks ago and in that time we have made good progress.

“The Minister of Finance Grant Robertson met last week with Costco executives in Sydney to talk about its possible expansion into Wellington and Christchurch, and as recently as this morning I met with New Zealand’s third biggest grocery provider Night ‘n Day, where we discussed Government’s ongoing action to increase competition in the sector.

“Night ‘n Day chain has 57 stores, but a lack of access to wholesale groceries has been a major barrier when it comes to market expansion.

”I am reiterating my call on the supermarket duopoly to strike good-faith deals with their competitors to provide access to wholesale groceries, or regulatory measures will be put in place.

“The Government is not afraid to unlock the stockroom door to ensure a competitive market if the supermarkets don’t get on and do it themselves quickly.

“In any case, I aim to have a regulatory backstop finalised by the end of the year – but supermarkets would be well advised to organise their own agreements sooner.

“We’re also moving fast on the mandatory code of conduct, a unit pricing scheme and the establishment of an industry watchdog to keep supermarkets in the spotlight,” David Clark said.

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  1. $100.00 for a watermelon???? This has made international news blogs…!
    Even the countries overseas are laughing at us for allowing such crap to be perpetrated on New Zealand as a whole.
    But…make no mistake; starvation via inflated food pricing is part of the NWO / Illuminati / Georgia Guide Stones plan to kill off those who can’t afford ‘unaffordable’ food…!
    The Abos in Oz are now starting to suffer malnutrition, similar to central Africa!!
    The die is cast, and the actions minus words are now clear; THE BASTARDS WANT US ALL DEAD, EITHER SOONER OR LATER, using any method available to do so. The prro go first, followed by the former middle class who will have spent all of their money on hyper-inflated food, and enduring the WEF / NWO shortages that are now proven to be deliberate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    See Jay Parker’s ‘Illuminati ritual abuse part lll’ on YouTube (IF such is still up…!)

  2. Remember the Grand Robber lie “Aldi is comimng to NZ” which was flately denied by Aldi
    Aldi denial https://www.odt.co.nz/business/aldi-says-no-plans-enter-nz-market

    It is now Clark’s turn to bluff. We are not going to see any respite from both Labour/National governments. Our prices are way high compared to many other countries, which are now crying about inflation. Our grocery prices are scandalously high for longggg….

    • System pigs wont let. Yes, it is easy to allow public space free of cost to run farmers markets on all days which can sell fruit and veg, dairy and meat. Dry goods can be bought in bulk once a month or two from a wholesaller. MPI, Council and other governmental body compliance costs are very high and designed for the success of the duopoly groups.

    • As soon as it is tried, the powers that be will step in and declare it a Covid risk or a threat to climate change etc.

      They won’t tolerate anything that provides relief to the crisis they want us all to go through.

  3. It must be the supermarkets fault,it wouldnt be that our fearless leader has printed a whole lot of money.(Expansion of the money supply always leads to inflation).No the supermarkets are all run by Russians and white supremists trying to undo all the great work our economic genius has done,if you dont believe this you are a conspiracy theorist and probably racist or homophobic or both

  4. If Government is getting involved you can rest assured they’re only going to make the whole situation worse. We’ll somehow end up with FEWER options, bank on it.

    Screenshot this comment and we’ll all review a year from now.

  5. We are creating a class of working poor. House prices or rent, and other cost of living are pushing ius to a two class society as in the US. Jacinda wants this because vast majority of working poor will have to look for the government for handouts to survive.

  6. Who owns all the commodity markets around the world??? Rhetorical question. No answer required. Costco will not be any different. Supermarkets are the same.

  7. Aaaaaaaaad…..of course what a good man David Clarke is, he really feels and understands, just like ole Jabs Gurrl.


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