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Guy Hatchard
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Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: God’s Own Country

God's Own Country news

One of my favourite books read whilst at Christchurch Teachers College was “Cry The Beloved Country” by Alan Paton.

A 1948 novel about the trials and tribulations in pre-apartheid South Africa. It poignantly mourns the loss of the stability offered by traditional tribal ties as the economic and social alienation of blacks takes root in the cities.

In 1980 New Zealand was still referred to as Godzone, a derivation of reforming Premier Richard Seddon’s turn of the century vision. ‘Godzone’ cherishes the ideal of a free caring society set in pristine nature. Whether this was ever fully true doesn’t really matter, it was something to aim for and be proud of. It celebrated our aspiration to be an inclusive, kind, and freedom-loving society.

The End of the Dream

Stuff Newspaper, famously sold for $1 in May 2020, is now generously funded by the New Zealand government to stuff us in their words full of “The Whole Truth”. Today Stuff published an article entitled “NZSO musician with anti-mandate ties seeking council seat”. 

This is just another in a series of Stuff articles attacking anyone who opposed government Covid vaccine mandates, but for me it signals the end of the Godzone dream.

The assistant principal viola in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra Nicholas Hancox is standing in the upcoming local body elections, but he is not welcome to do so. His crimes as detailed by the Arts Correspondent of Stuff are as follows:

  • An orchestra colleague accused Hancox of wearing a “Freedom-affiliated T-shirt” to a chamber music rehearsal.
  • Hancox sent an email to his NZSO colleagues in December in which he linked various articles from scientific journals which questioned the safety and effectiveness of mRNA vaccination.
  • Symphony orchestra publicist Tom Cardy described NZSO as ‘nonpolitical’ (??) but linked Mr Hancox’s criticism of mRNA vaccination to the government’s Covid-19 policies and said NZSO staff must refrain from “any act, omission, or statement that may detrimentally affect the goodwill or reputation” of the orchestra. Cardy also said “employees should not do anything that could compromise or be seen to compromise the NZSO’s ability to retain the Government’s confidence”.
  • Hancox made a submission to Parliament opposing the Covid-19 Public Health Response Amendment Bill. Stuff describes such actions as part of an effort to make New Zealand ‘ungovernable’.

So let’s examine these crimes one by one:

  • He wore a freedom T-shirt—apparently offending an unwritten and little-known NZ dress code disbarring references to freedom. Oxford Languages defines freedom as “the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved”.
  • He referenced mainstream scientific journals—he should have referenced the government alone or perhaps Stuff arts correspondents. This is perhaps the end of NZ science. Do you think this is an acceptable position or the start of fanaticism? Fanaticism is defined as “belief or behaviour involving uncritical zeal, excessive enthusiasm, blind faith, and the persecution of dissidents”.
  • He held political views different from the government—to retain employment at government-funded NZSO he should have been a musician devoid of political opinions. A restriction compatible with repressive regimes.
  • He responded to a government public consultation initiative—he should have kept his mouth shut and obeyed without question. Surely the government should stop this pretence of public consultation, responding will only get you into trouble.

Among the journal articles Mr Hancox linked is this one: Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States an early article whose conclusions have been widely replicated and have since been acknowledged as accurate—the study’s main point being that mRNA vaccination does little to reduce Covid case incidence. Something that we are very well aware of in New Zealand as the vaccinated have filled our hospitals out of proportion to their numbers.

An article written in 1940 by Leo Fanning entitled “New Zealand… A Free Land. The Real God’s Own Country” said:

“No man who found himself suddenly endowed with infinite power could design and make a better country than New Zealand—happy isles of heart’s desire. Here nature offers mankind every gift for health of body and mind…Anyone with a good knowledge of the people here believes firmly that they will strive to their utmost to keep themselves free because they know well that they have a country worth keeping, a country worth guarding.”

I hope the significance of Hancox’s crimes are clear. We are no longer a free country nor a chosen people. We have somehow created an exclusive  political class so sure of their right to rule us that the very word freedom sends shudders through their ranks and elicits calls to close the door to those who cherish the opportunity to learn and express themselves—they are no longer welcome here.

Image credit: Tyler Lastovich

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  1. An exclusive political class is cunningly imposed on us. These politicians are just agents and the New Zealand MSM mercenaries are copy cats implenting the deep state agenda. The play book is the same whether it is NZ or Canada. Leftish NZ or rightish UK PMs do the same thing because they are just agents.

    Charity starts at home. National interest should come first. Soveriegn democracies make independent decisions and colonies or dominions do not. NZ politicians are not solving national isues: housing crisis, health system collapse, child poverty etc. This again proves that they are just agents for the deep state for too long.

    Jabsinda is spending close a billion dollars on state and private media (propaganda) for a reason.

  2. ‘The Whole Truth’ is so reminiscent of the Soviet Union’s propaganda paper called ‘Pravda’, which translates as ‘Truth’.

    ‘History doesn’t repeat itself but it often rhymes’ as they say.

  3. I have written to my local – National – MP on many occasions, linking to the many articles on DT that call out stuffs hit pieces. I know the emails get to him, but no response.
    I watched the movie Finest Hour on TV1. Winston Churchill had apponents in his cabinet in the early days who wanted to surrender to the Nazis. It took a while but finally the king got to like him and they both vowed never to surrender to the Nazis. We should do the same.
    During the ad break stuff advertised their Fire and fury hit piece
    Someone in the political arena needs to show some leadership and take these a**holes down

  4. God’s property of planet Earth

    The Secret Prophecy for Mankind

    Nurnberg 1946

    My former guru said decades ago that Christ would return in a spaceship. I thought that statement was a weird joke. But maybe Dr. Salla is right about the motherships at Jupiter……


  5. When the media of a country is controlled by Governments with money or fear, freedom is gone, peoples rights decline or disappear. NZ people now find to their disbelief they are in this situation for those who have woken up to notice it. People ! Please question the the things you see and read. Don’t just believe everything you hear. You will then quickly see somethings not right in NZ and the reasons why.!!!

    • Governments are run by agents and controlled and so these agents have to control the media or else these agents fraud will be exposed. Regime change is the weapon of choice for the Ultimate Scum (US) if any leader goes against its hegemony called “rules based order”. Jabcinda is one such imposer of the “rules based order”. These regimes are not to be taken as sovereign democracies at all. No major independent decisions are made by these agents and their powers are limited to simple tweaking to create an illusion of democracy.

  6. Fine piece. At 83 I remember it well.
    Now, I see terror and treason written large over the whole of the govt. How else could they offer themseleves as fit for the executive duties of High Office?

    They have wrecked the Public Service by installing a multitude of sycophants in its place. Natonal seem little more than bystanders with quaky knees.
    Govt is about Action not domestic terrorism.
    Thankfully Godzone cannot be removed for the faithful. Us prayer warriors must step up.

  7. It actually once was God’s Own Country, and was called that up until the 70’s. We sent a lot of Christian missionaries and I remember my godless father being prevented by a policeman from working on a Sunday in 1960’s Christchurch. Then in the 80’s the mocking term Godzone replaced it, and now people don’t even use that. There is a cost to any nation that turns its back on God. You can read about it in Deuteronomy chapter 28: one of the curses is you get the government that you deserve.

  8. You are giving Stuff too much power. You make a stuff reporter sound like they are speaking for the nation. They are not. The sooner we ignore them the quicker they become irrelevant. They are entitled to speak/write what they like, but that does not mean you have to visit their website (or the even worse nzherald or rnz or the tv news websites).
    Thank you for providing an alternative source of news.

  9. The whole problem with the machine is that it can’t acknowledge and take into account the artist’s soul because it does not have one itself.


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