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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: What should matter in journalism?

Hatchard / Laws debate

This week I was briefly distracted by former politician and now shock jock Michael Laws who announced to the world that I was a “madman, conspiracy theorist, untrained in anything, with a tendency to make things up”.

Apparently Laws took exception to the university where I studied for my PhD in research psychology—Maharishi International University. If you want to make up your own mind about MIU, an accredited university in Iowa, you can visit this link.

According to Laws, my occasional advocacy of natural food, yoga, and meditation, and their relevance to health policy, is weird. It should disqualify anyone from commenting on scientific matters whatever academic, technical, and professional expertise they might have. As if disagreeing with Laws is sufficient to neutralise academic qualifications like my doctorate. A good job he is not running our universities.

If you want to know more about my academic and professional qualifications, I have already publicly defended them following enquiries by a journalist. You can view the question and answer exchange here.

Laws’ comments are part of a current fashion to run down anyone who questions Covid vaccine safety. This is designed to distract from the real issues and the failure of journalists to investigate them.

His comments arose in the context of a listener calling in concerned about excess death rates in New Zealand. I have written extensively on the subject during the last few weeks at the HatchardReport.com. Here is my position on Laws’ comments in brief:

Dictionary.com says ‘conspiracy theorists reject the standard explanation for an event and instead credit a covert group or organization with carrying out a secret plot’. It seems to me that Laws might be a conspiracy theorist himself as incredibly he implied today on his show that excess deaths are solely the result of Covid.

The weekly rate of excess all-cause death in NZ reached 946 in late August. That is 35% above the long term seasonally adjusted rate. A concerning figure.

Laws referred to Epidemiologist Dr. Michael Baker as the significant expert who had reassured him that the record rate of excess deaths is due to Covid infection alone. Are the two of them part of a wider covert group carrying out a secret plot? You decide.

In a rational scientific forum, the Laws/Baker position on the sole cause of excess deaths being Covid could be judged speculative, certainly unproven, and likely untenable. There is insufficient evidence to support the contention, and indeed a great deal of evidence which refutes it.

A definitive scientific determination of the factors driving the record levels of excess deaths would require as a minimum the following information:

  • Information on death certificates recording vaccination status
  • Up to date compilation of cause of death information by category compared to historical data
  • Breakdown of these stats by age.

These figures have not been made available in New Zealand. However they are available from some overseas sources:

  • UK ONS figures show that UK high rates of all-cause death are very disproportionately affecting the vaccinated and especially the boosted.
  • US VAERS data indicates hugely elevated rates of cancers
  • German data indicates that surges in death rates are consistently connected to upward movements in vaccination rates
  • US insurance industry data indicates that working age and young people are suffering elevated death rates unrelated to Covid

We should not be so isolated in our outlook here in NZ that these official overseas figures are of no concern to us. More importantly, we cannot look to journalists for definitive information on the subject. Earlier this week I wrote on the necessity to reference primary data sources.

Scientists like myself are hoping for a new serious measured style of journalism that exhibits a modicum of depth, caution, and balance, but journalists are 3 or 4 times removed from primary sources and not really stepping up to the plate.

The Platform says it is “offering unbiased coverage commentary and opinion and the chance to have your say on the issues that affect you…It aims to beat the hatred and division fuelled by taxpayer funded media and woke culture warriors who want to stifle debate and suffocate democracy.

Earlier today I spoke to Sean Plunket, founder and of The Platform—the radio outlet employing Michael Laws. He felt that Laws is entitled to air his opinion however far it drifts away from matters of fact—a disturbing indictment of journalism in general.

Disturbing because there are human lives at stake here, thousands of all-cause deaths in excess of historical trends. These can’t be airily dismissed by a radio talk show host who is projecting an aura of certainty and authority he doesn’t deserve and is unable to reliably back up with facts and figures.

The good news—to resolve the impasse, Sean Plunkett assured me he will arrange a head to head moderated exchange between Laws and I next week. I wonder whether Laws will agree to it? If it happens, we look forward to it.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Thanks Guy for your courage and unyielding spirit in the face of ignorance and arrogance.

    Laws opinion was long ago discarded as having any merit.Still truth will out

  2. Just another low life mass media mercenary. I cant even remember when I heard him talking last. Just a low life who doesnt even need a reply.

  3. Solid response, although I personally do not think the two of them part of a wider covert group carrying out a secret plot. I heard the broadcast on The Platform, it will be great to hear you debate with Michael Laws, I will be disappointed with The Platform if this does not happen, Laws should agree to the debate as he made a number of staements about you, but he may possibly come up with a reason not to, at the very least Sean Plunket should interview you.

  4. Ive never liked Laws and I heard from a third party about his hit piece on Guy. The Platform is edging closer to being part of the mainstream media and I have uninstalled the app on my phone.

  5. When you pick up a snake expect you might get bitten – this is what snakes do.

    Stop lowering yourself to the level of Plunkett and Laws, Guy, they’re not worth it. Your obvious intellect, science and considerable compassion for Kiwis is far superior to anything these boys offer.
    They’re also entirely dismissive of any position on the COVID 19 vaccination other than their own.
    I once listened briefly to Plunkett who was scathing of any caller, he termed “nutters”, who would not accept the government’s Pfizer narrative on the safety and effectiveness of the COVID 19 vaccination.

    I’ve tried twice to listen to Laws on theplaform.kiwi but could not listen more than a few minutes.
    I needed to bail, out of respect for my intelligence, sense of fair play and journalistic justice.
    Laws is as shallow and uninformed as he’s offensively arrogant and attacking, much the same stripe as Penfold and two sides of the same coin.
    Laws can’t or won’t think further than his shock jockstrap, which isn’t far I’m told.

    Don’t waste your time or considerable intellect, Guy.
    The guys on theplatform.kiwi DO NOT CARE about the truth for New Zealanders.
    I had great anticipation and hope for them. However they’ve made it abundantly clear it’s their platform to do and shape any narrative as they please. Fair enough, that’s their right in terms of freedom of speech.

    Does it make what they’re doing fair? No.
    Just? No.
    Is it decent and credible journalism? No.
    Do I trust them to always hear out both sides of a story to have a fair unbiased go at the truth? No.
    Over and out.

    Mark Twain famously said, “Never argue argue with a fool, they will drag you down to their level then beat you with experience.”

  6. Once again the Platform has stooped to gutter journalism, Kelvin Alp came off well, largely because Laws was intimidated by him. Good response from Guy, If the balanced re-run doesn’t go ahead I will be uninstalling The Platform again.

  7. I doubt if Michael Laws will engage in any meaningful constructive debate, he’ll just repeat the usual ‘safe and effective’ mantra and then resort to ‘ad hominem’ attacks when he starts starts floundering.

  8. Ignorance is bliss on Michael laws part. He definitely doesn’t read the data that is out there. All excess death being discussed in other countries as well. Total ignorance and arrogance on his part.
    If bad things have not happened to an individual and their loved ones, they tend to believe people like Guy is a lunatic. I am grateful to Guy for all the information he publishes in his articles. Please keep doing what you are doing Guy, as your article brings comfort to many. The truth is out there, people are just ignoring them. Even Fauci is changing his tune.

  9. By his own admission on air, Laws is “a rabid vaxxer” – quote unquote – rabid being an obvious characteristic.
    By implication Laws exposes himself as gullible and misinformed by Pfizer’s extensive govt-driven media campaign.

    Be interesting to hear upon exactly which trustworthy data, proven evidence and unassailable laws of medical science Mr Laws bases his beliefs – for that’s all they are without proven evidence/data to support them. Could it be Pfizer’s Single Source of Truth in New Zealand?

    Sadly, Laws seems another deluded soul on that swiftly sinking and criminally expensive ship, ‘Misinformation’, that its crew of preferred media/scientist employees and money grubbers are frantically trying to keep afloat, by caulking the spreading holes to prevent more water flooding in. Firing desperately at anyone with sufficient integrity to expose them with the force of human testimonials, hard data and evidence from leading local/international scientific and medical elite.

    Guy Hatchard now occupies the well-deserved position of New Zealand’s most brave, reliable, critically thinking and kind scientific-medical journalist. He deserves a medal for his courage in the face of the constant smearing, scientifically-baseless and lying attacks from rabid-Pfizer-indoctrinated baying and frothing media hound-dogs.

    The truth about the COVID 19 ‘vaccine’ contained in mountains of reliable data and evidence has been out for some time now. And that truth, and the cognitive dissonance and shame/regret/guilt for some, will be very uncomfortable. Some may now do all they can from their platforms to defend themselves by attacking and ridiculing whoever presents said uncomfortable truths. It’s always been like this with the truth throughout human history.

    • Probably it’s the same all over the world. All cause mortality is up since the ‘vaxxine’ got rolled out.

      Just spoke to my MIL ???????????????? jabbed and as sick as a dog……meanwhile they still haven’t cottoned onto the fact that they are sicker than ever AFTER having the ????????????????

      What’s the definition of stupid? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

  10. I agree with all of the comments and as William said Thank-you Guy for your persistence in seeking the truth.
    Laws is an ignoramus
    When I first heard of the Platform I had great hopes that we would start to hear the truth. But Mr Laws is true to Mr Laws and old habbits die hard
    Im pleased I uninstalled the app
    I read dailytelegraph.co.nz and RT.com for the truth

  11. DIED SUDDENLY”… https://www.facebook.com/StephenAndrewMP/posts/pfbid02zhY7YuNJ7XbFJYzFrLiX6wR9F4tBGye17yzDG5bjTNowYquAVJkDzx2WWfnxSgYSl
    According to the latest official data, ‘excess deaths’ are skyrocketing worldwide.
    Whether its New Zealand, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Scotland or United Kingdom, “excess deaths” in 2022 are between 10 to 20 percent and heading northwards.
    Australia boasts one of the worst “excess deaths” rate in the world at 16.6 percent above the national average.
    Just for context, actuaries allow 2 to 3 percent variation for deaths in any given year, so an increase of 16.6 percent is staggering.
    The UK’s Office of National Statistics recently showed there were 12,333 deaths for the week ending 26 August 2022 – an increase of 15.4 percent.
    That’s 1,646 “excess deaths” in one week.
    Alberta, Canada, reports the leading cause of death for 2022 in Alberta, is not cancer or dementia, but “unknown causes”.
    In 2019, there were 500 deaths “from unknown causes” in Alberta. Two years later, its 3,500.
    Eurostat figures for the EU show similar trends.
    European countries with the worst ‘excess death’ rates include Germany (14 percent), Estonia (15 percent), Spain (16.7 percent) and Portugal (23.9 percent).
    Professor Carl Heneghan, Director of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at Oxford University compared the excess death rate from April to August 2022, with the seven-year average revealing a substantial increase in ‘excess deaths’ everywhere.
    His figures also show an astounding 28 percent increase in the number of people dying “at home” in England and Wales.
    The Professor is calling for a thorough investigation to be carried out on all these deaths:
    “The signals in the data suggest something is not right” he said.
    “Sustained rises in deaths should trigger an investigation”. This should involve “accessing the raw data on death certificates, medical notes and analysing autopsy reports”.
    “I feel there is a lack of clear thinking at the moment but, when it comes to people’s health and well-being, you can’t wait – it’s unacceptable”.
    Mainstream educator, Dr John Campbell, has strongly criticised the publicly available deaths-data, describing it as “simply not acceptable”.
    “We really have to get to the bottom of this” he said.
    “It’s an international scandal. There are very high death rates around the world and people need to know what’s going on. At the moment we’re not getting the full information we need.”
    It doesn’t matter where you look or which expert you listen to, one thing is certain – a lot more people than normal are dying.
    It’s an undeniable fact.
    And here’s the thing. It’s across every age group.
    People in the prime of their lives are dying at unprecedented rates.
    Most shocking of all, however, is that nobody in government or the mainstream media seems the least bit interested in finding out why.

    • “Money doesn’t change men, it merely unmasks them. If a man is naturally selfish or arrogant or greedy, the money brings that out, that’s all.” Henry Ford

      • He would know – guess who supplied the engines for all the Nazi tanks in WW2?

        Yeah that’s right, they were FORDS.

        (i knew I was a holden chick for a good reason) ????

  12. The Platform needs to get Rodney Hide back and FAST. He can carry himself with such grace and is respectful to all he interviews.

    If we can’t listen to Rodders, we aren’t listening. Get onto it SEAN – make Rodney a regular. Also speedy recovery to Paul Brennan – I like his style also.

  13. Thanks Guy for standing to Laws Slander. I look. forward to seeing him with egg on his face. He certainly deserves to be put back in his box for being complicit with the rest of most of NZ media. Aing Dr Newman on would i probably be good as well. Those with an unbiased and true scientific backgound as opposed to paid shills like Baker and souisse-Wells need a credible and widely seen response.

    Cheers, Brian Lonsdale


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