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Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown
Tiffany Brown is a freelance writer based in the Auckland region. She has extensive experience in feature writing on pregnancy, childbirth and parenting topics, a diverse range of commercial work, as well as local news and features journalism.

Kids denied access to Auckland museum

A group of close to 100 people, including around 50 children, were denied access to Auckland Museum yesterday, the first day the council-run facility no longer required vaccine passes.

Many of the group had previously been admitted entry by the museum’s staff before going out of the building to meet on the front steps.

Auckland Museum news

Shortly afterwards the front doors were closed, so the group moved around to the back entrance. There, a security guard denied them entry before the back door entrance doors were also locked.

The group, primarily comprised of parents taking their children to the museum for the first time since vaccine passes were instigated in December 2021, were mostly mask-exempt.

Melissa Farrell from Drury went with her husband Steve and sons Eric and Brydon to the museum because her children love to go there but have not been able to visit since the vaccine pass requirement was enforced. “They were so excited. They’ve been asking to come since Christmas.”

At the back entrance, the first few unmasked members of the group were asked to show their mask exemptions but security staff still refused them entry.

Another two women, who were part of the group and wearing masks, were also told they couldn’t enter the museum.

A spokesperson for Auckland Museum said that members of the public had congregated at the northern entrance, leading to security staff deciding to close public access. The group then moved to the back where access was blocked and the police notified.

“For a short period, to ensure the safety and security of our people and collections, the Museum was temporarily closed,” said a spokesperson for the Museum.

At around 12.45pm, Museum Visitor Service Manager Fiona Blanchard claimed the facility was experiencing “operational issues” which had caused it to close to the public.

But Farrell believed the staff barred entry to the group because they were scared.

“We’re just families bringing our kids to the museum. Many are mask exempt, including myself, and I think that’s why they didn’t want to let us in.”

Farrell said the museum staff would not talk to the group, and that one police officer drove past them but didn’t stop.

In a statement the museum said it reopened at 1.20pm and apologised for any inconvenience caused to the public.

Auckland Museum news


Auckland Museum

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  1. So the staff so petrified of Omicron that they just shut out the unvaxed despite the fact that no longer have the right to do so GET OVER IT YOU COWARDS or find another job .
    had it no worse than a cold

    • Lol, holy shit 1news!! ????

      A “group of anti-mask protesters”?!!?

      Yeah, just look at all the seditious picket signs all those evil women and children are carrying in the pic accompanying their article, look at all the unbridled violence and carnage ????

      These propagandists are becoming a parody of their former selves.

  2. Frightened paranoid sheeple staff at Auckland museum and other Auckland council run places should resign and stay in their homes with masks on 24/7. They are not fit for work as they are severely mentally ill.

    • They ARE mentally ill – its called Mass Formation Psychosis – a condition induced by watching the 6 o’clock news. It removes the ability of people to think for themselves and instead blindly believe the general brainwashing provided by socialist governments and totalitarian dictatorships.

  3. Credit goes to the legacy media in making the Akl Museum managers to believe they are doing the “right thing” and “following science”. No manager makes an independent & informed decision in this country and yet paid over half a million. Everyone is afraid not to go against the narrative and face the wrath. Long live wokes to destroy the society.

  4. I was there with my granddaughters and many home school friends, all excited to be finally allowed in to the museum again. Describing the gathering outside the museum as a protest or those people as protesters is a downright lie as the photo in the Daily Telegraph shows. There was no request or communication from museum staff at all, just locked doors. We were all just bewildered. The museum hierarchy needs to study the rules about masks – exemptions are validly allowed by law and staff had no right to deny access – especially as they had accepted our exemptions earlier when we entered from the carpark. One rule for 4 and another for 40? A senior director inside when we finally entered admitted they were ‘alarmed and thought it irrational so many would have valid exemptions’. New Visitor policy?

  5. Now that it is shown that Omicron prefers vaccinated people, I would like to know when vaccinated people are going to be discriminated against – for their own safety of course.

    I am very scare of catching covid from them and wil not visit places like the Auckland Museum until I know they can keep me safe.

  6. Discrimination. An absolutely disgusting display by the Museum staff.
    Would they have to protect the collection and staff from a group of people all armed with walking sticks or spectacles?

  7. What disgusting behaviour from the Museum. The long term damage some people are inflicting on children is unquantifiable.

    Also heads up for anyone crossing the Cook Strait. Interislander is still making people show vax passes but Bluebridge are only requiring masks inside and that’s all. So you know what to do folks.

  8. Ridiculous behaviour by museum staff, who really should know better. Is this the quality of people employed in these public institutions? There really a needs to be a clear out of these people and replaced with people with simple common sense.

  9. You are experiencing the ‘trial run’ for what the book of revelation calls the ‘mark of the beast’
    The elites need to war game this system to bring it in fully guys.

  10. Disgusting behavior from museum staff. It’s against the law to discriminate even though Cindy brainwashed them to think it was ok. When will this insanity end.


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