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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Ministry of Health figures show that boosted individuals are now more vulnerable to Covid infection and hospitalisation than the unvaccinated

A video summary released 2nd April 2022 by Grant Dixon shows through a series of graphs how the effects of boosters have worn off rapidly in New Zealand, especially since the BA2 variant started circulating.

Grant Dixon has been carefully following the NZ Ministry of Health Covid statistics during the last 15 months. By the start of April the rate per 100,000 of Covid hospitalisations for the boosted overtook the rate of hospitalisations for the unvaccinated. Watch the video, the magnitude of the change is very obvious. (Link to video).

Even prior to the pandemic, it was realised that vaccines that allow transmission could drive the evolution of more highly virulent pathogens: Link.

The NZ data speaks for itself. It is hardly necessary to comment that government policy has failed to take account of the concerning growth of infections among the vaccinated. Instead it is continuing to drive the population towards more boosters in an ill-conceived and doomed attempt to outwit the trend. It is promoting failed technology sold to us by a US pharmaceutical giant more interested in its bottom line than the well being of New Zealanders.

How could the government have become so reckless?

Yesterday my wife and I had a conversation about our food processor. We have had it for a long time, but it never has worked as well as we hoped. In contrast, our mixer is a dream. How is it that most people have a very clear idea of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to domestic appliances, but a complete lack of clarity when it comes to medical interventions?

Our everyday appreciation of what works and what doesn’t is based on common sense and personal experience. If we buy an appliance and it doesn’t work, we immediately take it back and cease trusting the brand. If in addition it cuts off the hands of one percent of the people who used it, we would call in the police.

You can see where I am going with this. In a recent release I pointed out that in February 2021 Minister of Health Chris Hipkins and Droector General of Health Ashley Bloomfield expected that the adverse effects of Covid mRNA vaccination would run at over 1% of recipients. In fact it proved to be much higher than this.

Scientific criteria of effectiveness and safety are being misused by PR

For a long time now the criteria being used by medical researchers to justify the use of new drugs has been drifting far away from what is commonly understood to be proof of effectiveness, but this has reached new heights during the pandemic.

To get any paper published you need to at least exceed a probability of 95 parts in 100, 95%, or 19 in 20. This sounds like a reasonable threshold, but dig a little deeper and you realise that all this really means is that it is almost certain that one specific thing happened. There could be lots of other effects of the drug that are simply not covered by the trial. This is precisely what happened in the case of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine trials. The rushed trials did not examine secondary effects of the vaccine—the long term effectiveness and the extent of adverse effects were unknown.

By how much, how safely, for how long, and what else happened are issues that might not be covered by the quoted significance of a drug trial. Up until the pandemic, the medical safety criteria being applied to drug trials were relatively clear cut. They had to be long trials. If deaths occurred subsequent to trialling a drug, it would have been a very serious issue that paused trials and led to reevaluation. Not so now.

The reported adverse effects following mRNA vaccination are running at 30-50 times that of earlier vaccines. Yet our government is still telling us they are safe. As we now know, mRNA Covid vaccines are not only unsafe, but also completely ineffective against Omicron. This situation has crept up on the government. It has known for some time that the effectiveness of mRNA vaccination wanes rapidly, but the potential extent of this and the potential implications of viral evolution coupled with repeated injections have been largely ignored.

This has happened as a result of a drive to promote a product which has not been adequately researched. If mRNA vaccination were a domestic appliance, it would have been banned months ago, money refunded, and the culprits summoned to court.

Public debate, which lies at the heart of the democratic process, is being suppressed

The public are beginning to work it out for themselves through personal experience—even if you are boosted, you can catch Covid and it can be serious in some cases. There is also a growing reluctance to accept booster shots and second child vaccinations. Our government is desperately countering this by telling us that the unvaccinated are worse off and we are all in dire peril unless we get boosted. Grant Dixon’s video shows that the reverse is true. The government should know this.

Either we are being deliberately and criminally misled or our government, the Ministry of Health, and their chosen scientific advisors are completely incompetent. Take your pick.

This week former MP Matt King and I invited one prominent NZ scientist, who is often quoted in the media, to an independently moderated publicly broadcasted debate on the above topics. He replied:

“While I am happy to outline the scientific evidence around vaccine efficacy and safety to the public (and have done so on a number of occasions over the past year to various audiences), I do not think a debate, whether live or pre-recorded, is likely to be a productive forum for communicating the science.”

The New Zealand public is quite able to make up its mind if it is allowed to hear the rational arguments. How long will mainstream media keep denying them this opportunity? Our government pandemic policy no longer deserves to be propped up and shielded. The scientific evidence is unequivocal.

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. It is common sense that a jab removes the natural immunity and an over dosing with third and fourth boosters will almost remove the natural defence mechanism. Scientific progress in understanding human body’s defence against diseases is dismal and full of false claims as we have seen the HIV/AIDS domain. We even know very little about covid even though 2 years passed. Manufactured HIV/AIDS pandemic propaganda made the Big Pharma richer. Covid japs are making them even richer.

    Occasionally truth slips out of Fauci’s mouth but it happened decades ago

    Public should be encouraged to live a healhy life, spend less money on Big Pharma as well as on American junk food and drinks. Most food we eat should be fresh and wholesome, and not processed and stored for months. Watch


    • Healthy life is beyond reach when vegetable prices are soaring so much. A head of brocolli is over $3 and a head of cauliflower is over $5 even when the weather is warmer. Prices are going to go up a lot in winter time.

      If you compare the vegetable prices in UK, our prices are about FOUR times higher. Commerce commision recently whitewashed the whole thing, thanks to the slimy politicians and civil servants.

      • Get gardening people!!! Its not hard to grow your own food.
        Plenty of literature, books and online, to help those that have never experienced the satisfaction of tending, raising, harvesting then eating there own produce!!
        Try It!!

        • Yeah. But seed prices are over 5 times higher in NZ than elsewhere. We cannot import them easily too. Self sufficiency is much harder for most kiwis but we have to start somewhere and become less reliant on the supermarkets.

  2. Informative article, thank you.

    I read in Stuff, a legal person saying he believes there’s “indisputable evidence that those who are not vaccinated are more likely to spread the disease and more likely to suffer serious consequences themselves.”

    At least the this person said he ‘believes’ this. However, where did he get this information from? When it’s so patently untrue, unscientific and unproven by current relevant data and science.

    The unvaccinated and the vaccinated are equally infectious and equally capable of spreading COVID. Full stop.

    The virus is equally opportunistic and indiscriminate when it comes to attempting to invade any human host. However the virus will be less successful in its attempt if the host’s immune system is strong. A host’s immune system becomes increasingly compromised the more mRNA shots they have. Current research and data undeniably prove this.

    I despair at the shallow media-derived level of research it seems so-called intelligent people and decision makers conduct concerning COVID and the mRNA shot.

    In NZ if 1 child is injured on e.g. playground equipment, safeguards are usually immediately installed or the offending device removed.

    How many thousands of children, youth and adults need to be injured by the mRNA shot. Especially because it’s not a vaccine and we now indisputably know hardly even effective in preventing COVID infections.

    Those who are an infectious danger in NZ are not the so-called unvaccinated, it’s the stupid and the gullible, especially those in positions of influence and authority – who unquestioningly believe whatever information particular sources provide them with, regardless of how unrobust or falsified that is, or harmful the outcomes.

    • Well said!
      Its called, to give it a name, cognitive dissinence!
      Or in laymans term, dumbed down fear driven hypnosis.
      Our Govt has done a real good job with its narrative, thankfully there are still quite a lot of us that are awake, Eyes and ears wide opened hearing the truth, and able to hear past the “Fake noise narrative”!
      And it is heartening to see that a percentage of the jabbed are waking up, sadly a bit to late!

  3. You are being criminally misled. In the 1950s children and adults were far healthier than today in the absence of large numbers of vaccines. The improvements in population health in the late 19th and early 20th century were due to public sanitation, improved housing, food and clean water. Not vaccination campaigns which were introduced well after this.

    There is no immune system – only a detoxification and waste disposal system. If something stimulates that system that is designed to detoxify and remove dying and diseases tissue from the body it is because it is a poison. This is why many poisons aka adjuvants are added to vaccine innoculations – because there is no reaction without them.

    The immune system is a false concept that relies on the false bacterial/viral germ theory which has never been proven for a single disease. Firefighters may often be present at fires but you generally don’t blame them as the cause. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Just because specific bacteria are present cleaning up diseased tissue doesn’t make them the cause.

    Who pushes these false theories – those closely associated with eugenics. The same people also push abortion, infanticide, sodomy, contraception, assisted suicide, the list goes on. And you trust them with your health? You trust murderers to be honest?


    • Yeah, we should have learned to live with polio, smallpox, tb, mumps, meningitis, chicken pox etc. Getting rid of them was a mistake! And the increase in life expectancy since the 1950s is a lie!


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