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New war is coming – UN

Israel - Hezbollah news
Hezbollah fighter (Foreground).

The dire warning comes amid rising tensions between Israel and Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The world is on the brink of a catastrophe, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said on Friday, pointing to the risks of a potential devastating conflict between Israel and Hezbollah.

The head of the Shia militia, Hassan Nasrallah, warned on Wednesday that Hezbollah is prepared for a full-scale conflict with West Jerusalem and could invade the Jewish state’s northern territories in case of further escalation. The statement came after one of the group’s senior commanders, Hajj Sami Taleb Abdullah, was killed in an Israeli strike on southern Lebanon last week.

“One rash move – one miscalculation – could trigger a catastrophe that goes far beyond the border, and frankly, beyond imagination,” the UN secretary general told reporters at a press conference, adding that “the world cannot afford Lebanon to become another Gaza.” He called on both sides to “urgently recommit” to peace.

“The world must say loudly and clearly: immediate de-escalation is not only possible – it is essential,” Guterres said. “There is no military solution,” he said, adding that many people had already lost their lives or had been driven from their homes both in Lebanon and Israel.

The UN peacekeepers on the ground are already “working to de-escalate tensions and help prevent miscalculation, in an extremely challenging environment,” Guterres added, without providing any specific details.

Rocket exchanges between Israel and Hezbollah have driven more than 53,000 Israelis and almost 100,000 Lebanese from their homes over the past nine months.

Earlier this week, the Jewish state’s Foreign Minister Israel Katz warned that West Jerusalem was “very close” to a decision that would “change the rules of the game” against the Shia militia.

The US has reportedly grown “increasingly concerned” over the prospect of the ongoing Israel-Hamas war turning into a larger Middle East conflict, involving Hezbollah and potentially American troops. Several anonymous White House officials accused Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a talk with Axios this week of hampering de-escalation efforts with his claims that Washington was “withholding weapons from Israel.”

Israel launched a major military operation in Gaza last October, in response to a deadly attack by Hamas that claimed the lives of some 1,200 people and saw 251 taken captive. A nine-month offensive by the Jewish state, which involved heavy bombing and a ground invasion of Gaza, has claimed the lives of 37,500 Palestinians, according to the local authorities.

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Source:RT News

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  1. Whatever happened to the Abraham Accord? It provided the most peaceful period in the Middle East. Stolen elections have consequences.

  2. Here’s my plan:

    The US administration gives aid to the Iranian people such that the Iranian people themselves can overthrow the Iranian regime. Then, Hezbollah collapses in Lebanon and Hamas gets no more help. The Middle East would then be quiet. Then average people, Christian, Muslim and Jewish have a chance to live a quiet life and worry about normal things like paying bills or employment, not where the next bomb will fall.

    What’s actually happening:

    Obama gave plan loads of shrink-rapped cash on pallets to the Iranian regime and denied help to the Iranian people when they asked. Biden freed up sanctions on the Iranian regime and denied help to the Iranian people when they asked. Also, Biden stalled weapons sales to Israel as Israel is fighting Hamas. The Middle East then has guaranteed “forever wars” as Iran’s strength is maintained and its proxy attacks on Israel continue. The Military-Industrial Complex love this option as “forever wars” mean continual weapons manufacture and sale.

    What could happen:

    The “deep state” uses the developing situation where Israel is attacked from all sides to order Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon to be eliminated using WMD’s. It gets very nasty very quickly. I personally think that this option is not likely for the simple reason that you cannot have a “forever war” when everybody is dead.

    What should happen:

    Muslims who are good people (who for them Islam is a private religion and they do not wish to force it on others) fight the Muslims who are bad people (who wish to force Islam and Sharia on others by threats of terror and terror) and remove them. In other words, the Muslims sort out their problems before the rest of humanity has to.

    Well, let’s see what does happen. I believe that the UN is just fear mongering.

    • Only one country needs deleting forever and that’s zionist state of Israel currently run by Natenyahu and the Khazarian mafia. Israel’s been stirring conflict since its beginning in stolen land of Palestine.

      • They actually began stealing land, cash and assets in 1913 via the Federal Reserve Act not only in the U.S., but also in the U.K and 8 Nations in Europe.
        The theory of the Titanic being deliberately steered at speed into an ice field was on the orders of the White Star Line’s Ismael and his financial handlers. Several wealthy NON-J3wi$h Bankers were on board and going to America to stop the Zionist-based Federal Reserve Bank and Income Tax from becoming official law and the 19th Amendment from being ratified.
        They never arrived…and Ismael was quietly paid out insurance money to cover the sinking of the ship. The relatives of the dead got…(you guessed it…) NOTHING in compensation
        This erasure of those opposing the Federal reserve and the 19th Amendment has resulted in over 111 years of indentured servitude and usury on most Western Nations.
        World War One began a year later (read Aleksander Solzhenytsyn’s book ‘August 1914’…) financed by the J3wi$h Banksters on both sides of the Atlantic!
        The Balfour Declaration was an illegal land grab, as the motion was put into effect WITHOUT THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT ACTUALLY VOTING ON IT OR FOR IT! Also, the Balfour Declaration was written on a single plain scrap piece of paper that did not have the OFFICIAL PARLIAMENTARY LETTERHEAD ON IT! Neither was it co-signed by the other MP’s of the British Parliament, so it still remains an illegally-contrived ‘document’.
        ALL of these ‘religions’ are destructive and provide a vehicle for war and violence, going back to the Dark Ages and Medieval times, promulgating themselves via the destruction of the Knights Templar both at Acre and at the burning stake (the latter was accomplished for the Pope and King of France to steal Templar wealth..), and the Cat-Holic Inquisition of torture and death.
        The Muslim Branches of ISIS (created by Hellary Clinton) the CIA and Mossad’s Mujahadeen, and the varied list of Islamic offshoots are just as guilty.
        The Iranians are Persians, and their early foundation was Zoroasterism (Freddy Mercury was a Zoroaster…). Essentially, in due time and course, they will probably get so disgusted and fed up with the tyrannical enforcement measures of the Islamic ultra-orthodox laws, requirements, ordinances, and legalities that I expect that an overthrow is coming, with the Iranians and their former territories reverting back to the elements of their traditional roots, that being Zoroasterism or a modern day form of the same.
        Today in Iran, there are Christian sects and J3wi$h sects, and they are mostly left alone provided that they don’t endorse violence and subversion.
        Israel does need to go away. Nowhere in any religious texts published today does any reference state, endorse, or direct a separate ‘J3wi$h State’. The actual history was that of ancient Judea, but in today’s world, the ‘Ashkenazi / Khazarian J3w$’ were formulated by King Bhulan of the Mongol Hordes who adopted elements of Judaism for the sake and purpose of adopting a business model of trade. That was better than destroying everything as it became a sustainable business model.
        Netanyahu operated the same way, and has said “We can hit (America) over and over again (via trade, foreign aid, grants, etc.) as America is big enough to take the hits. THIS IS WHAT WE DO TO COUNTRIES WE HATE!” (actual quote!)
        The creation of Israel was done at the behest of ‘Lord Rothschild’ by ‘Lord Balfour’ with the U.G.L.E. Masonic hope that the J3w$ would leave the U.K., Europe, and the British Colonies afar so as to stop the undermining, interference, and subversion on all trade and financial fronts by granting them their own ‘Nation’.
        This was especially true post World War Two, when it was discovered that the Zionist J3wi$h Banksters funded and brokered all sides of the warring factions that resulted in a planned Holocaust of NON-Ashkenazi and NON-Khazarian Jews, Christians, Gays, Roma, Disabled / Handicapped Persons, POW’s, Russians and Political Dissidents opposed to the Nazis.
        Prior to that, Judea (modern day circa 1930’s) declared war on Germany…!
        It was then that Germany and the Nazi party began a plan of re-settlement of the J3w$ to Palestine in limited areas. Hitler and Bormann along with Walter Funk oversaw this non-violent scenario of migration out of Germany.
        J3w$ even got grants to leave Deutschland, and free passage out of the same, and they were allowed to take their wealth with them. A commemorative coin was even struck with the *Star of David (*Rephraim, ie Saturn) on one side and a *Swastika (*good luck / fortune) on the other side.
        The problems of the Holocaust began when those J3w$ who stayed behind running the Banks and manufacturing businesses made a sanction / seizure / forfeiture grab on German Assets based on War Reparations from World War One.
        THAT is when the ‘War Against the Jews’ began, resulting in ‘Kristalnacht’.
        Holocaust would be futuristically instrumental in gaining the perceived pogromic element of J3wi$h persecution that would allow the J3w$ their demands for a separate ‘homeland’ to finally be fulfilled at the expense of the Palestinians per 1925, 1928 and 1948 Nakbas.
        This has continues in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, and the murderous shelling of Gaza three times since 2008. Result; tens pf thousands of non-combatant Palestinians dead!
        The greatest perpetrators of Genocides, Holocausts and Holodomors has been rooted in Zionistic Judaism as noted by Aleksander Solzhenytsyn in his many books and interviews.
        Noteworthy is that the American Government is heavily staffed and manned by Zionist J3w$, especially in the Biden Cabinet.
        This would explain why nothing has been done to stop the genocide of the Palestinians.
        And- for your viewing displeasure,…

        • Outstanding comment! Thank you.
          And Mark, appreciate discourse, alas you have to do a bit of catching up on history.
          Maybe not the history taught by the winners of one of the banksters’ wars, but by really investigating real facts.
          As they say: follow the money.

    • You have a few points incorrect. First Obama did not just give Iran cash, it in fact return cash the was illegal held by USA. Media love to leave out these details. In regards to withholding aid and weapons to Israel, technically it is against US law to even provide any aid to Israel what so ever.

    • The UN was worthless during;
      The World War Two Holocaust when it’s fore-bearer, the ‘League of Nations’ did nothing…
      During Pol Pot;
      During Rwanda;
      During the Bosnian War;
      And the on-going Genocides, War Crimes, etc. in Mali, Myanmar, Palestine, the Ukraine, parts of China,…the list goes on & on..The UN will condemn these actions, but do absolutely NOTHING about them as the UN, formed by Rockefeller and the Rothschilds are part of the population reduction eugenics programs dating back to Sanger’s book and exculpatory thesis on the same.

  3. Hezbollah and Hamas are only what the mainstream media condition us to believe. A thinking person would take a pause and look at what the Anglo American powers have done throughout recent history. The slaughter of American Indians is the biggest genocide that has taken place since records began . The elites are the actors and the earth is the theatre. Us common folk ( present company accepted ) are the audience.

  4. The US’s little attack dog Israel, has slipped its leash and is now running around, biting anyone and everyone……

  5. The reason the world is on the brink is because the NGO called the UN has abandoned it’s remit and has just become a tool of its private funders to influence and lobby governments on its behalf.

  6. There is photo/video evidence of cars all destroyed by hellfire missiles on Oct 7. Hamas did not fire those missiles. How many Israeli captives/hostages or Israelis fleeing in their cars were killed by the IDF that day?

    Video evidence of the gunship pilots admitting they fired on those vehicles which had Israelis inside. The hannibal directive.

    And also the fact that the IDF circulated information in September with essentially the whole Hamas invasion and hostage taking plan. So, why were the IDF not ready, but instead took hours to respond?

    Anyone supporting how Israel are acting may not be aware or denying that the IDF took those actions.


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