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Silent no more: The story that must be told about the COVID vaccine in NZ

Is this the biggest scandal in New Zealand’s history?

This is a question that can only really be answered if the full truth and the full evidence is known and assessed by the people of New Zealand. Thankfully that may be beginning to happen now. But one thing is for certain. The biggest victims of this situation are now coming together, they are uniting to support each other, they are uniting to tell their stories, and they will be SILENT NO MORE.

An important point to note here. This is not an anti-vax story at all, and the information presented here is not anti-vax in any way. This is simply information and evidence about one particular vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccine.

On March 29th the ‘Silent No More’ movement was officially born in New Zealand. It was an event that was created out of a collective vision and a collective effort of numerous passionate Kiwis from around the country who all had a shared desire and need to come together to tell their story and to just be heard. People from right across the country gathered in front of parliament in a memorial service to grieve together, to tell their stories together, and to deliver their petition with 12,000 signatures (gathered in just 5 days) to parliament.

Some were grieving for the health that they, and so many fellow Kiwis, have now lost. Many permanently. Some were grieving for their loved ones who have paid the ultimate price from taking the COVID-19 vaccine. All were grieving for what has been done collectively to their country and its people. There were tears. A lot of tears. But it was a watershed moment for these people, and for the thousands of others who couldn’t be there but wanted to. No longer would they be hushed up, ignored, and ridiculed by their government and the media.

‘Little White Crosses’ is a moving song written by NZ song writer Aly Cook as a tribute to the ‘Silent No More’ memorial on March 29th. It is a reference and a tribute to all those hundreds of ‘little white crosses’ that were hanging peacefully on a long piece of string in front of parliament for three weeks during the recent Wellington Freedom Camp.

The people of New Zealand MUST know the truth about what has really happened in this country since the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine began in mid 2021. Not what we have been told on an almost daily basis on our television screens from the government’s podium of the ‘single source of truth’, and not what we have been told by our mainstream media who have been paid $55 million+ by that ‘single source of truth’.

Before we proceed here, the following are a few sobering facts (not misinformation) that will not be told to the people of New Zealand from the ‘single source of truth’.

  • In just one year, the COVID-19 vaccine has globally caused more vaccine injuries and more vaccine deaths than every other vaccine in the world combined over the last 20+ years. That is according to official government figures around the world. Here is a recent article discussing this situation of the official government statistics for COVID vaccine injuries in Germany. As The Rio Times describe it here, ‘the numbers are terrifying’.
  • In New Zealand the current number of COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions recorded on the official MedSafe database is more than 58,000. Recording a vaccine adverse reaction on the MedSafe database is not a quick and easy exercise that can be done in two minutes if you have a sore arm from the shot. It takes a lot of time and detail. You need to be committed to the cause to go into the system and input the required information. So it’s a fair bet that the majority of those 58,000+ Kiwis, or their doctors, who have taken the time and effort to do that would have had a significant reason to do it.
  • The majority of those 58,000+ adverse reactions have been recorded by doctors rather than the public, contrary to what the mainstream media have been saying. It is broadly agreed across the medical field around the world that only between 1% and 10% of vaccine adverse reactions will be officially recorded. Now do the maths on that one for New Zealand’s current figure.
  • There has been a massive increase in New Zealand, and around the world, of myocarditis (a crippling and life shortening injury to the heart) and pericarditis since the COVID vaccine rollout began. Hospitals across the country are bursting with these and similar heart related problems from the COVID-19 vaccine. So much so that on December 15th, 2021 the Ministry of Health sent a letter to all doctors in New Zealand titled ‘Urgent update on COVID-19 Vaccine-associated Myocarditis and Pericarditis’ highlighting the issue of myocarditis in relation to the COVID vaccine. The graph below shows the official government data for myocarditis and pericarditis in the United States over the last 12 years.

Silent No More news

  • According to NZDSOS (NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science) there have so far been at least 400+ deaths in New Zealand from the COVID vaccine. If we also apply the rule of thumb regarding numbers of deaths recorded versus the actual number (between 1% to 10%), then this becomes a difficult point to think about.

It’s hard to say exactly how many people in New Zealand have had life changing injuries or have died from the COVID-19 vaccine, but what is very clear as the evidence is increasingly showing, and as more and more people come forward with their stories, is that the number is EXTREMELY high. The damage from the COVID vaccine is like nothing that has been seen with any other vaccine in history. Not even close. That is not just in New Zealand, that is a global situation.

As a picture of vaccine injury catastrophe becomes clearer by the day, Pfizer and the New Zealand government may eventually try to say that they were just trying to do the right thing for the safety of the country, and that they couldn’t have known this type of catastrophic vaccine fall-out would happen. But shockingly, that has now been proven not to be the case. Pfizer and the Ministry of Health (and most probably the New Zealand government) absolutely did know. They had all the absolutely damning safety data showing this to be the case, and they both forged ahead regardless. It has now been confirmed that Pfizer knew full well from their initial safety trials, and from very early on in the vaccine roll out around the world, that their COVID-19 vaccine had devastating and unprecedented levels of serious adverse effects, including huge and historically unprecedented levels of fatalities.

As questions and scrutiny from doctors, scientists, and the public has intensified around the world regarding the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, this resulted in a stunning new development at the end of 2021 and early 2022 regarding safety data for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Through a ‘Freedom of Information Act’ request by a group of doctors and scientists in the United States, a Federal judge ruled that the FDA (Federal Drug Agency tasked with authorising vaccines for public use) must release the 55,000 pages of safety data for the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. Previously the FDA had requested that this data be locked up and withheld from the public for 75 years. Why would they want to bury that safety data for 75 years? (Link)

The first batches of this safety data have now been released to the public over the last two months and the information released so far is absolutely shocking. It is medically horrific. Hence why the FDA and Pfizer were desperate to keep it hidden for so long. (Link)

A total of 1,223 deaths were officially attributed to the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in just the first three months (December 2020 to the end of February 2021) of the initial Pfizer vaccine roll out through various countries. Just as a point of historic comparison, in the past a vaccine trial or a vaccine programme would be immediately shut down with just a handful of fatalities. The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine recorded 1,223 official fatalities in just three months and nothing was said or done by Pfizer or the FDA. Remember, the official figures typically only represent 1% to 10% of the real number.

As well as the huge number of fatalities, there were 42,086 adverse reactions officially recorded during that initial three month period. 58% of these 42,086 adverse reactions were classified as being serious, and at the time of publication of that Pfizer report 11,361 of those people had still not recovered. So the bottom line here is that the number of vaccine injuries in the first three months of the roll out of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was enormous, with the majority of those injuries being serious and long lasting. The fatality rate of the vaccine was quite simply in a different universe to what had ever been seen before in the history of vaccines.

While this is absolutely shocking information to try to comprehend, what is even more shocking is the evidence obtained in January 2022 around the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccine in New Zealand. Through a request for information through the NZ ‘Official Information Act’, it is now confirmed and admitted by the MOH (and most likely that the New Zealand government) were fully aware of this shocking and unprecedented Pfizer safety data when they rolled out their massive nationwide vaccination drive starting in mid 2021, several months after this Pfizer data was first known. The New Zealand government knew about this damning and unprecedented safety data when they rolled out their ‘90% vaxxed’ marketing campaign, they knew about it when they enforced their ‘no jab, no job’ mandates, and they knew about it when they implemented medical apartheid across the country with their vaccine passports to try to force the entire population to take the vaccine. The New Zealand government knew about the damning Pfizer safety data as they continued to drum out their ‘safe and effective’ mantra from their podium of truth to the people of New Zealand, and they demonised anyone daring to challenge this as being ‘vaccine hesitant’, ‘anti-vaxxers’, and dangerous peddlers of ‘vaccine misinformation’.

Here is an extract from the response from MedSafe to that ‘Official Information Act’ request. Among a number of questions asked to Medsafe in that request, here is Question 1:

“Please provide information to show when Pfizer or its agents first provided to any representative of the NZ government a copy of the CUMULATIVE-ANALYSIS-OF-POST-AUTHORIZATION-ADVERSE-EVENTREPORTS-OF-PF-07302048-BNT162B2-RECEIVED-THROUGH-28-FEB-2021 that was recently released through the US courts, ‘when did the New Zealand government first know about the safety data in that Pfizer report?’ (the same Pfizer safety data mentioned above)

The response from MedSafe to this question was;

“I can advise that as a part of the provisional consent for the Comirnaty COVID-19 granted in New Zealand under the Medicines Act 1981, Pfizer has provided the same data, albeit in a form that meets the company’s legal obligations in New Zealand. The conclusions of the Cumulative Analysis Report are consistent with the information and data provided by Pfizer to Medsafe as a part of its provisional consent obligations in New Zealand.”

Here is a link to the full letter of response from MedSafe.

Therefore, the New Zealand government had that exact same safety data as that damning Pfizer report when they made the decision to give the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine provisional consent for ‘emergency use authorisation’ in New Zealand and gave the go ahead to implement New Zealand’s mass COVID-19 vaccine roll out. A quite stunning and sobering thought that this could occur in this country.

Incredibly, it gets even worse than this. The Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) essentially forced all doctors and health practitioners in New Zealand to support their ‘safe and effective’ narrative, and prohibited any discussion by these medical professionals that was in any way contrary to this narrative. They sent a letter to every doctor and health practitioner in New Zealand and effectively forced them not to deviate from the official government narrative about the COVID-19 vaccine being ‘safe and effective’. Here is an extract from that letter:

“As regulators we respect an individual’s right to have their own opinions, but it is our view that there is no place for anti-vaccination messages in professional health practice, nor any promotion of anti-vaccination claims including on social media and advertising by health practitioners.”

These doctors and health practitioners across the country have been seeing and dealing with unprecedented and truly shocking numbers of serious heart problems, blood clots, neurological issues, and numerous other serious adverse reactions from the COVID vaccine, and they have not been allowed to say anything to the New Zealand public other than to reinforce the COVID vaccine as ‘safe and effective’. Any doctors that have attempted to speak out and raise any kind of concerns about the COVID vaccine have been swiftly dealt to and suspended, and demonised by the mainstream media.

Therefore, every single one of the 95% of people in New Zealand who have taken the COVID vaccine have taken it under illegal circumstances. They have taken it without the legally required informed consent as they were not given the information about the true safety data that the government and the Ministry of Health knowingly had at the time, and doctors were prevented from raising any concerns with their patients so that the people of New Zealand could make an informed decision.

The New Zealand government effectively ‘forced’ 95% of the country to take the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine knowing full well the shocking safety data and fatality rate of that vaccine. A significant number of those 95% will have taken the COVID vaccine under severe duress and essentially against their will as so many people in New Zealand had seemingly very well founded concerns about this particular vaccine, but they felt they had no option but to take it due to the job mandates and/or vaccine passports. So many Kiwis have now paid a very large price for that.

Now, as more and more people in New Zealand come forward and are ‘silent no more’, we are starting to see what the true, awful impact of this has been. All the hundreds of ‘little white crosses’ hanging peacefully on that long piece of string in front of parliament for three weeks during the recent Wellington Freedom Camp. Those hundreds of ‘little white crosses’ dangling there every day right in front of all the politicians inside the Beehive as a daily reminder to them that they had sanctioned the use of that Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine despite what was known about it, and they had also sanctioned the extreme measures implemented to ensure that nearly every person in New Zealand felt they had little choice but to take it. Is this why not one single politician inside the Beehive was prepared to come out and just speak with and listen to these people during those three weeks of the Wellington Freedom Camp?

As those hundreds of ‘little white crosses’ dangling in front of our politician’s offices eventually became just a little too emotionally awkward for them, on March 2nd those ‘little white crosses’ were unmercifully ripped down, burned to ashes, and banished from sight. But that has not ended things for the huge number of Kiwis whose lives have been destroyed, and whose loved ones are no longer with us.

They will be Silent No More………Little White Crosses


Aly Cook – Why I wrote ‘Little White Crosses’ | Facebook

All proceeds from the song ‘Little White Crosses’ will go towards supporting Silent No More NZ and supporting all the Kiwis who have been injured by the COVID-19 vaccine.

You can order a copy of ‘Little White Crosses’ here.

Or alternatively at Key2store.

Written by Kiwi4Justice

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  1. Jab is just a side story. Government claimed to have “borrowed” $65 billion dollars from thin air wiping out savings of many. This artificial pumping of money resulted in unaffordable house prices and it will take a long time to correct the structural imbalance created by the gay economics of spending the savings of others and thereby fooling them with inflation.

    NZ government just listed kiwi debts in the FTSE market, and this debt will be slowly held almost fully by outsiders. If there is any major clamity such as an earthquake in Wellinton, we will be in big trouble. Putin cannot be blammed for the spiralling prices in NZ, which is caused by the irresponsible plandemic spending. Most handdouts reached the wealthy or used to create further concentration of wealth in the hermit kingdom. This is the start of the NWO agenda “You will own nothing and still be happy”.

    NZ mainstream politicians and MSM are just globalist agents and cannot be trusted at all.

    • Turn off your radio and tv. When enough people do that advertisers will bail and MSM will dwindle away to some even more lame state funded programme that even the sheeple wont want to watch.DONT VOTE.Voting is when you consent to be ruled by the winner of the popularity contest called an election.Who would you vote for anyway? some small party that the political parasites and their media puppets will either destroy or they will sell out to join a coalition of those parasites

      • I agree about turning off the MSM. I did so 2 years ago and never felt better. It took a week or so to get used to it and break the habits but I have never looked back.

        As for not voting. I disagree. We must vote for these new small parties and get some of them into parliament to dilute the power and to o form us what is going on. I agree the system is stuffed but first we need to dilute the power THEN change the system. It would be better for these small parties to find common ground and join together to not split the vote.

        I think getting rid of parties altogether is the way to go. We need individuals who represent their communities and areas. We need time limits and we need to give the power back to the people. Cutting MPs salaries would be good also as these have become inflated and out of touch with reality.

        • WELL SAID. Yes, our media is just a bad habit.Yes, we do have to start again, voting in the right people drawn from within our ranks, NOT Imposters and Puppets and PARASITES like we are looking at right now representing our “leadership”. We need a total change of the style of govt. that we have endured and just tolerated for many generations, that have ruthlessly and shamelessly allowed our once proud Nation to be sold off to Corporations.

        • I recently read an article on how Iceland got rid of their professional polictian party system and implented the election of experience based independant representatives, cant see why it woulnt work here too.

          • It wouldn’t work here because the corrupt, dangerous, elitist assholes who supposedly govern this place would never ever willingly agree to vote themselves out of money and power.

            It WOULD be a good system though, I’d just be concerned about all the flying pigs…

        • Take a look at the Police Minister, Health Minister etc, they r all weak charactered people which r easily manipulate by JABSINda. The Foriegn Minister is probably the worst. She has NO idea about WORLD ECONOMICS and will always refer back to THE ONE SOURCE OF TRUTH. In other words she is incapable of thinking for herself. It’s pathetic the LineUp within Labour. But, they were her choice, that’s the type of person character she needed to achieve her destructive goals.

          • Yes Frances I see the same weak gullible politicians at the top are just yes people, and we would do well to get rid of them. They are all slaves to the party and the one source of truth. I have got bored with their meaningless narrative and incompetent failures, and cant wait to vote them out. Kia Kaha till then.

        • Actually while I agree with most of your comment I actually think politicians salaries need to be increased significantly. The really clever people out there who would run a country effectively and not be afraid to call it on big issues wouldn’t get out of bed for a current politicians salary. We need the best minds in the world running the country. Not a bunch of hacks and we need to pay for that.

          • As well as increasing ministers’ salaries to attract competent people, the number of politicians needs to be massively reduced – maybe 50 would be a reasonable number, maybe less. With no parties, you would not need a so-called ‘opposition’ but could have a group of competent people forming workable and effective policies without having the nit-picking drivel that passes for ‘debate’ in parliament at present.

          • That would still attract people who NEEDED money. We want people who don’t need the money. People like Margaret Thatcher – wealthy enough for her needs and principled and honourable enough to care about her country without counting the pennies that the country gave her. As with Trump, who didn’t take his ‘salary’ but had what we call ”drop dead money”. Enough to tell those who’d buy him where to go.

        • Government needs the nymber of mps drastically cur and power needs decentralised and somehow dispersed so smaller communiries can manage their own affairs and spend their money where they know its needed mosr. Basketball courts and scateboard parks foe youth and mountain biking tracks to keep theie hands busy doing healthy things for body and mind and keep them out of trouble because they hace no healrhy activities to do where they can socialise . bring back trade apprenticeship schemes and house them in communities where they can live and work amongst their friends eg students accomadation but not the square building kind, community kind in nice settings.

          • Ditto the cancer of proliferating bureaucracy at municipal and regional levels that are currently implementing the WEF / UN 2030 ‘transformation’ agenda.

        • Altho I am in Aus, situation much the same here. I agree we SHOULD vote, but use your preferential vote to the Max! Find the chap ‘Topher Field’ on his Telegram page – he has a fantastic little video, using tubs of marbles, to show you how you can change the balance of power in some seats, if a majority of voters use the same strategy. SHARE THAT INFO widely. It’s about putting EVERY MAJOR PARTY at BOTTOM of your vote slip (previous loyalty must be put aside; in Aus that is about 3 parties) and put every single freedom party you have at TOP of your votes – doesn’t matter what else you might disagree with just get them all at the TOP, then fill in others in middle gaps – because getting rid of mandates, jabs, and candidates who have party loyalties MUST be your priority if you want to defend democracy and freedoms against the coming One World Order which will be a global socialism = slavery. The WHO, Gates, Davos Group, &, World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab have stated it is their intention. Massive global population reduction.
          Klaus calls welfare recipients, sick retired & the elderly “useless eaters” in his WEF book and indicates they need to be eliminated and for the rest of us “you will own nothing and you will be happy”… the covid bio weapon is their avenue for implementing it all. No longer a theory, facts are self evident. Far worse is to come if we can’t stop this evil.

          • 100% correct. Let them continue & we are doomed. We need to turn the People against the bastards who think they know best.
            The world was not created for a few super mega rich privileged people. People Power Now.

          • Anyone who is still loyal to Liebour, Notiaonal and Act needs their head read right now.

            NZ first are a joke – it was after all Winston’s ambition that got us here. He was out-manoeuvred and out-thought by the wicked witch, and is an irrelevancy now.
            Yet, knowing all of this, there are still people who would vote for a Christian party or a party that would outlaw 1080 instead of voting for a party that will apply a big dose of senna pods to Parliament.

            Far too many lame brains out there now.

        • Totally agree with cutting there pay, they just end up making rules so that they stay in power or years an that shouldn’t be the case.

        • Yes, I agree with what you say. I have no TV and stopped watching donkey’s years ago unless the odd programme in my computer just for a laugh(Blackadder, for instance!).
          I absolutely hate ads and refuse to sit through them.
          Yes I think we should vote for someone rather than abstain. But I know very little about parties and candidates, having come from South Africa.

          • I’m from Kenya. What I hear being said about politicians in NZ is exactly the same as in Africa. Once elected, they only serve their own interests.

            We’ve experimented with almost every political and electoral system in Kenya, and they have all been abject failures.

            My proposal for reforming elections is drawn from what happens in job interviews. Often, job applicants are asked about their expectations of the salary they would receive, were they to get the job. I propose that politicians running for office answer the same question and their answers be publicly known. The voters can then weigh whether a politician, once elected, will be worth that pay.

            There will be rich folks with a heart for public service who will choose not to receive a cent. There will be less rich folks who might ask for essentially a maintenance stipend. Maybe some poor folks might ask for a million bucks, but still get elected on the strength of their leadership abilities and vision.

            Let The Voters Decide! It would be essential, just as happens when hiring for a job, to require elected politicians to have no other source of income except their salaries, to ensure their loyalty to the “company”. I understand that would be the tricky part, but the private sector seems to manage it well with their employees… we can draw from that private sector experience.

            One thing for certain, having the likes of George Soros, Mike Zuckerberg, Bill and Melinda Gates, and the WEF cabal funnelling money into politicians pockets is what got us here in the first place. The next evolution in Democracy will involve the uprooting of such entities and people from electoral politics (I have no axe to grind with rich people and I’m a believer in free and open markets, so this not an anti-rich people rant. It’s more of an anti-corrupt politicians rant)

        • totally agree.i live in NZ for the past 27 years and i never think that we will be in a situation very serious
          and in debt for many years to come,i never watched TV here i don’t believe in msm.

        • I agree we need to vote. The question is who to vote for? Last time I voted Social Credit for party as they are the only ones questioning the Reserve bank process and the creation of money and the Outdoors Party for local candidate. This time I see that NNP are the only party so far that are saying getting out of the UN is a core policy. I’ve heard that there is a movement to gather the clans to create a more worthy united front but I’m not sure if that will progress to a serious party stage. My concern is that we can trust no one who is currently in government and the jump to create a new party that enough people can get on board with seems unlikely without some real collaboration and joint agreement as to who the ‘enemy in our midst’ actually is.

      • Yes I agree. I don’t own a TV or listen to radio. I am therefore not addicted and easily brainwashed. I read copiously and assess everything I hear and read using my higher-order thinking skills.
        There are FAR too many people who think like we do for this to be called a conspiracy theory. Sure if the odd voice rang out on the New World Order or digital currency we could think that a crank conspiracy theorist. But not when countless thousands of well educated, experienced, thinking people conclude that we are being used as pawns in some horrendous global reset game – no, we have a huge army of like-minded people. And we need to call out the ones perpetrating evil.

        • Furthermore, with info coming out about graphene oxide in the jabs, 5G+ is a logical lynch pin to activate the current dormant technology inherent in the jabs. That is potentially when real mayhem will commence.. do your own validation and look up 5G and vaccine yourselves…

          • la quinta columna mentioned the GO and MAC addresses etc first orwell . city

            life of the blood, is nz

          • I had the vaccine and am nowfully boosted and now.”
            “They’re coming to take me away,
            Haha, they’re coming to take me away,
            Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
            To the funny farm
            Where Life is Beautiful all the time
            And I’ll be happy to see
            Those Nice Young Men
            In their Clean White Coats
            And they’re coming to take me AWAY,
            HA HAAAAA

      • if you dont vote you are counted as supporting the existing govt ! so do vote but use it for any party but nat or lab!

      • I think now that omst news is free since the internet it has made it a lot easier for propagandists to hijack it. If you aren’t paying for your news Bill Gates is.

      • So happy that some understand the voting scam.

        I vote for side A, it means I vote for a globalist puppet. Not only that, I have consented to be ruled by said puppet.

        I vote for side B – same thing – also controlled by the globalists and again I have consented.

        The entire political system and all involved in it must be removed. Then humanity will organize itself using new systems. DAOs and blockchains, local governance, (real, decentralized, and transparent) crypto for money so no one can screw with the money system anymore, and so on.

        So the only thing I will vote for is tribunals for all politicians of all parties. Put them all on a remote island without transportation, and let them rule each other over there, while the rest of us lives in peace.

    • Ask Jacinda why she feels the need to donate New Zealand taxpayers money to the tune of 41 million to the Kill and Melinda gates foundation and 80 million to the Clinton foundation. The two richest foundations in the world. Is it so she can claw back some for herself when she has finished ruining New Zealand and it’s people.

      • She wants a job after politics, like Julia now has with the Clinton Foundation, working on the subject dear to he lovely heart, children’s education, bless her soul!

        • ….and the difference between Key and Jabcinda is, what exactly? I suspect even gender isn’t a difference.

          They are and always were flip sides of the same coin. He is one of the worst globalists of the lot, while economically clever. She is the worst economist of the lot while being obviously a Schwab bunny.

      • Never mind the $35M to CEPI (WEF, BMGF) and monies and obeisance to the globalist tyranny in waiting, WHO, while simultaneously ruining the country with policies embracing UN corporate globalist rainbow suffused division, destitution, de-population, de-industrialisation, dependency, delinquency, despair, and death.

    • I can’t agree more, and the remainder of their not so hidden agenda will be forced through soon after the Australian federal and states election in May 2022. So, hold on tight, the ride will get bumpier in the coming months.
      Luke 21:34-36
      34 “Be careful, or your hearts will be weighed down with carousing, drunkenness and the anxieties of life, and that day will close on you suddenly like a trap. 35 For it will come on all those who live on the face of the whole earth. 36 Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.”

      • When Covid first emerged, Western Governments around the world all knew they had to do ~something~ to deal with it. In NZ, I hold that something was manifestly excessive. I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory that the vaccinations are as dangerous as this article states; western Governments are not that stupid; yet I do hold NZ”s response to Covid was way over the top. It led to the effective closure of most other health services, it also led to the Government just printing over $50 Billion.

        You cannot JUST PRINT that sort of money without consequence. WE now face external inflation due to Ukraine & a shortage of oil PLUS internal inflation which will continue until that $50+ Billion is wiped of the books. The long term damage to our economy is a tribute to Government excess.

        As for Voting years ago I noticed we got the same outcomes no matter who we voted for: so I STOPPED.

        I have not voted since the late 1990’s & do not expect to do so again. If NZ wants to be a country that respects the right of the Mongrel Mob to exist, & allows 9 year old kids to steal a car & use it for ram raids; I still have some rights, I choose not to belong. I hold myself a resident foreign alien in the country of my birth, PS not voting has not done me any good yet I did not achieve anything when I did vote; SO WHY BOTHER? .

        • “I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory …,”
          Well mate just keep getting your shots, bivalent boosters and anything else on offer. There is a unending supply, which if the WHO get their way will erase all discretion you may have thought you once possessed.
          What part of negative benefit (Fraiman et al.), Cleveland study, Texas prison study, Thailand hospital study, excess all cause mortality above the mean (20% in NZzzz and OZzzz presently), Seneff et al., 0.43% ARR, (Oliarro et al.), absence of informed consent (vaccine associated enhanced disease), LNPs and chronic severe inflammation, cardiovascular sequelae, cerebrovascular sequelae, autoimmune diseases, pregnancy complications and miscarriages, still born, neonatal deaths, neurodegenerative disorders, turbo cancers, and the 1200 adverse events of ‘special interest’ listed by Pfizer at their 6mo review, or the thousands of scientists, doctors, nurses, midwives and healthcare practitioners that very wisely walked to no income, upon the unethical government mandates for unpredictable, unsafe and ineffective experimental synthetic polynucleotide/lipid nanoparticle shots (well known by the authorities and by Pfizer & Moderna and the US DOD … Grant Robertson granted Pfizer and BioNTech full waiver of all liability in Oct 2020 & Dec 2020, ie. even before the publication of the NEJM initial – and corrupt – Pfizer study)
          I could go on, but you get the needled point.

    • Stalin was said to have quipped,
      “It’s not who votes that count, it’s who counts the votes”

      I understand that Auckland council, at least, were ‘elected’ using the same Dominion software made infamous during the Biden ‘election’.

      Until the ballot system is fully transparent and has a rigidly enforced chain-of-custody, using printed ballots only and prohibiting mail-in voting, discussing altering the election method is premature.

    • What you all have to realise is that voting for any of them will achieve the same corruption as you have now. The Dominion voting system will ensure no changes take place and if they do Luzon is a wing of the same bird but worse. Why do you want to do that. All you will get is more of the same and worse.
      There is a legal jurisdiction that is able to lead in NZ – you just need to join.

    • someone else who gets it thanks .
      Combine all this with a cashless society and the social credit system like in parts of China.
      Your govt can just take money directly out of your account for fines, speeding etc.
      They will control how much fuel you but in your car…..so how far you can get from home.
      This is just the start of what’s coming, by 2030 you will own nothing and be happy.
      They are coming for your wealth your home. By 2030 you’ll rent your life, your cloths, you will not even own the room you live in.
      This is a corporate take over of our world, only this time it’s not the middle east they want it’s you. This whole covid thing is about control…..stop complying with it at all.

      • This evil woman in power needs to be hung talong with her evil government they all deserve to be hung in public, they are not there for the people and the country, they serve the globle elite scum who are behind all of this, the misery and deaths so caslled leaders around the world have caused, it’t is time to round them all up and either exterminate them or toss them all into the slammers. Then the people manage their countrieds and what a fantastic world it could be. If it hand not been for the people standing up for their freedom, by now we would have been in lockdown 4 which we may of never escaped, to the globalists are hard at work trying to find another way to shut us down, do not be surtprised that project blue book will be tried, this is a fake alien invasion which they will used to put fear into the minds of people, anyone with a few active brain cells on duty, would say will alienss could have taken this planet over decades ago. Yes they are desperate to get rid of 80% of humanity and turn the rect into cyborgs, but it will not happen those who have been harmed by the filth in the vaccines or lost others to death because they have beern forced by the fasish governments and had their jobs taken away when they wake up there will be murder many political leaders are most likely to be shot including the scum of police and health officials, a crime against humanity has been committed against humanity and if you look through history, people in the end rise up and take them out.

        • It’s about now that many people realise that Muldoon was a true patriot. He tried very, very hard to get NZ independent in critical infrastructure including oil (Marsden Point), Synfuel, the Clyde Dam and many others. The left fought tooth and nail to ensure NZ remained dependent on overseas fuel etc. and the unions, their lackies, disrupted every single one of those projects, costing NZ taxpapyer billions in additional costs and delays.
          Only when Lange that fat useless shyster did the left grudgingly embrace independence of fuel and infrastructure. We have 30 years of what is could be like but now the leftists are reasserting themselves and bring us back to the dark ages.

          He also tried very hard to keep the commies out of parliament too, remember, and now look at it. They are all commies dressed up in socialist rags.

          Without Marsden point we are in poo street and anyone with a brain can see what is going to happen regarding costs for businesses with the pathetic state of NZ infrastructure – that can’t even build a foot bridge across the harbour for Christ’s sake. Top it off with no more oil and gas exploration – thanks Jabcinda – NZ is going to hell in hand basket.

          Yet still we cannot focus on the problem at hand and subject ourselves to all sorts of distractions – 1080, abortion and the rest of crap.

          • Great comment Dave, the hydro power could have saved the country and powered up some of those nauseous ev’s that Micheal and Jacinda are so keen on, forgetting that the power still has to be supplied from somewhere.

          • In a nutshell, Dave. NZzzz and OZzzz. Tragedy, an awakening and a very hard education all rolled into one.

    • Excellent statements; very well articulated. All so very true.

      It would be nice when the Globalists are stopped from fulfilling their evil agendas … too many people have suffered at their hands, with many lives sacrificed… so very sad that the Global Governments and Health Ministers have deceived all people from every Nation. They all need to be arrested and charged with tyranny, treason crimes against humanity and genocide.

      My brother in Canada became very ill after his dosages… as he works with the Native Communities and they were one of the first to have the experimental poisonous clot shots rolled out to them … they definitely want the Natives gone so they can reclaim their land … my brother says the number of deaths (and adverse reactions) have been astronomical in the communities he is involved in. Heart wrenching truths.

      • AS for this globalist elite you keep ranting on about; has it escaped your notice we are on the brink of an environmental crises, While all ordinary people seem able to do is keeping shreiking about their rights, the value of their money or advancing endless conspiracy theories, which in no way addresses the base problem.

        I hold at best we will delay global warming; yet prove UNABLE TO STOP IT. I thus support the recently deceased British physicist Professor Hawking ~we have a few centuries to MUTATE OURSELVES into a species that can live & THRIVE in the barren reaches of space~ I hold it self evident if this earth dies we will die with it, unless we can migrate somewhere else. Show me another estate we might migrate too?

        I hold space is the only ~somewhere~ available & we better get working on it!

        All the greens offer us, is a future sitting on our butts at some level in a bottomless black hole watching our hard crafted civilization fail & die around us I have a few great grandchildren, a group of delightful little brats. I want a MORE POSITIVE VISION OF FUTURE HOPE for them & their generation..

        • No one disagrees with clean air and water. However, general climate modelling of a stochastic, non-linear chaotic system and pretending there is meaningful “global warming” as a basis for UNEP global control may be useful for political ideologues and ignorati, but it was amply falsified by 1940 – 1979 cold period, 1998 – 2015 ‘pause’, the decline in annual hot days since the 1890s. It has thus far proved an exercise in futility, hind and forecasting being nigh on useless, though it remains the bedrock of UN IPCC pseudo-science, arguably best described as the scientivism of the Mannian WaterMelon Eco-Cult.
          Detrended centennial ice core samples over 8000 yrs clearly demonstrate normal distribution of 𝛿T centennial variation across the Holocene. (Lloyd PJ, 2015) with an average standard centennial deviation of temperature being 0.98 ± 0.27C. ie. business as usual. Beyond that, the last 12,000 yrs shows a progressive decline in global temperature punctuated briefly by the Mayan, Roman, Medieval and Modern warm periods. Next stop, an ice age, which by the way, is what scientists, media and government were fearfully preaching in the 1970’s.

    • I’m a news junkie and I could not agree with you more. Turn off the MSM, turn off the television. TV is called “programming” for a reason. They’ve been basically brainwashing the world’s population for decades. It’s the attention that we’ve paid to televisions that allowed the current criminals around the world, or the global syndicate if you will, which I like to refer to as The Fourth Reich / WEF to be inching us closer and closer to WWIII.

      • That is exactly why it is a side story. You are now distracted by it. Furthermore, stop calling it a “vaccine” it isn’t a “vaccine” according to any medical definition. It is an untested, undocumented medical experiment.

        Anyone who took the tea gets no sympathy from me. They could have done the same research as I did, stood up on their hind legs like me and the Mrs and thousands of others did and fought back in every way they could. Like we did.

        No use any of them whinging now. Even if 10% of the emergent scientific reports I have read are accurate, tjose who took the tea are permanently and deeply damaged and thanks to Mother Jabcinda thedre’s no redress of wrongs is available.

        Thanks goodness I didn’t vote for the beach, or, ever, for the Liebour organisation that spawned her, I might be feeling some guilt about now.

  2. Thanks so much DTNZ. You’ve proved article after article you have the best interests of New Zealanders at heart.

    The truth about the COVID vaccine’s effects needs to be shared with as many as possible.

    All that’s holding this government’s COVID vaccine narrative together is its ‘preferred media’ and the compliant influential who know the truth but are too cowardly to speak up or act.

    Elon Musk recently bought a 9.2% share in Twitter to preserve freedom of speech.
    Wouldn’t it be fabulous if concerned New Zealanders bought a massive chunk of current MSM then asked DTNZ editors/journalists and other honest-science journalists to take over all COVID, virus, health and science reporting.

  3. Thank you DTNZ for publishing these articles. Just mind boggling ….why aren’t people seeing what is going on? The govt disciples need to wake up and smell the rose. The fact that the cardiac issues are affecting young people is just heart breaking. Will anybody be ever held accountable for this?

    • I’ve been seriously harmed by NZ police during the wellington protest and especially the last day. I was targeted by them as from day 1 . They stole my car which can be proven as it was on national TV. The morning of the last day as hundreds of police marched down I faced them and was hit with a EMF x5 that felt like every molecule in my body exploded causing major damage to my body especially my brain. That day I also got hit 4 times by pepper spray and also they sprayed us with poison. It was all planned out and destiny church followers were absolutely working with them as they were there at every entrance that morning. I have been attacked since then as I was forcefully made to leave and have only returned to the far north a week ago. The reason I was never arrested is I was made a common law Sheriff the day before protest ended on government grounds and I am also a Maori Ranger.

  4. “As regulators we respect an individual’s right to have their own opinions, but…”

    “We recognise that every citizen has the legal right to protest, but…”

    “Per the Bill of rights you are permitted to refuse any medical treatment, but…”

    “Everyone is entitled to freedom of speech, but…”

    You always hear the “but” right before they announce they’re about to violate whatever right they were just describing. Absolutely nullifies every word that came before it.

    “We don’t respect your rights”
    “You aren’t allowed to refuse”
    “Shut up, we don’t care what your opinion is”
    “Laws mean nothing, voting doesn’t matter, just be quiet and keep paying your taxes.”

    A backlash is coming for these people, world wide. And I’m going to watch it with a big bucket of popcorn ????

    • Why do we have to go to a Doctor for consulting if they have no freedom for their own dignostic assessment and treatment? We may very well Google to get the same false opinion from the MSM. They lost their professional authority and experience driven discretion under the Totalitarian regimes.

      • Doctors don’t yet realise that they too will eventually be thrown under a bus. It’s almost like digging one’s own grave.

    • Don’t be sad Keith, BE FURIOUS…..!!! If we live through this, we have had the LESSON of a LIFETIME !!! These totally COMPLICIT and TREASONOUS DEGENERATES,who BETRAYED every New Zealander, every Man,Woman and Child in our once PROUD Nation, must seriously PAY for their most EVIL CRIMES against HUMANITY…..

    • Seriously, is that the best you can come up with?

      How about, “it’s the biggest and most evil crime against humanity ever perpetrated on NZers where 58,000 plus people have had side effects from taking the jab, and it’s even worse that hard-working NZers have been dismissed from their jobs by compliant employers” because they had the strength of character to resist it”.

        • Murder, genocide , all the same thing in my book. Even tho they KNEW that people were Dying, regularly, Post Jab,they even then,STILL kept up the pressure to jab us with what was only ever, a hastily slapped together,Dollar driven,experimental concoction. The Bastards just used us for an EXPERIMENT !!!!! And, even NOW, in the face of serious Scientific and Medical research,to make their dodgy JAB percentages look good, they’re STILL after our Kids !!! The whole NATION should be Up in Arms, DEMANDING that all those totally untrustworthy scum, Complicit in the appalling deception, Instantly RESIGN…..OR -ELSE…..!!!

    • More like Genocide.
      But you can say the same about the UK, Canada, Australia, and a load of other countries governed by Globalist WEF puppets.

  5. The government is pushing for the forth injection they are relentless! To learn that they KNOW the jab causes grave harm and death, including our little children, makes me wonder what the he’ll is in it for them. What do they gain to do this to our people?

    • What in it for them, and what’s in that vaccine? Why when we know it doesn’t prevent infection, transmission, hospitalisation or death do they persist unless there is another agenda?

      • And isn’t it interesting that when you visit someone in Kauri Coast Rest home, you are obliged to take a RAT at the door, whether or not you have been jabbed….meaning?????
        Why did you bother to take that jab? You are treated the same as the unvaxxed……ho hum…..excuse me while I try to find some logic here…..nope…..still looking……help me please…

        • Shots neither prevent transmission or infection (Pfizer; Texas prison study; Thailand hospital study). Multiple shots sequentially degrade adapative and innate immunity, (Cleveland study) making it more likely you will become seriously and severely unwell (NZMOH hospital data and vaxx status).
          Unpredictable, unsafe, ineffective.

    • They know that they have to keep digging deeper and deeper to bury the corpses. They are so far in now if they stop likely they will be shredded.

  6. In Japan, the former and current prime ministers, as well as ministers from the previous and current administrations, have been charged with murder and attempted murder in February. But unfortunately the charges have not been accepted. However, these things will gradually damage those in power.

    • Well not allowing for informed consent is akin to murder if you are aware of things that you do not disclose to the person making that medical decision about their body. Not informing people they could get myocarditis and instead saying they might only feel sleepy or have a sore arm is an alarming breach of ethics and those who have been party to this should be held accountable.

  7. So essentially a massive crime has been committed in New Zealand, by the government, the old media, the opposition parties, employers and virtually the entire medical fraternity. It is a Crime against Humanity.

    I very much support Daily Telegraph and those who write for you, but when is the word ‘crime’ going to become part of the lexicon on this topic. The language we use determine the course of the conversation and the conversation eventually has real world implications.

    It is imperative that we now start stressing the criminality of what has happened and what legal remedies should be employed. We can use the International Covid Grand Jury as model as they have already done most of the work for us.

  8. You clearly showed the “risks 100%” Vs “benefits 0%”

    Fantastic research and simplified article – thank you.

    • They cannot, as Jabcinda and Phizer are indemnified. Thanks to ACC, we lost our rights to sue for injuries. Another great liebour feat.

      Phizer was not granted indemnity in India by the way so didn’t push their drug there.

      The only way people will be able to sue is if we can prove Phizer and/or the government committed a crime. But then the Justice Dept has to accept the charges don’t they.

      • Grant Robertson NZ Finance Minister indemnified Pfizer and BioNTech in Oct 2020 and Dec 2020. Pfizer did not publish the ‘warp speed’ findings of their (corrupt) study in the NEJM until Dec 2020.
        What then exactly did politicians or NZMOH MedSafe officials actually know and understand when they granted a waiver to these corporate globalists? A desirable $ deposit?
        It is now clear Pfizer new that their ‘product’ was unsafe, ineffective and unpredictable. Like Corporate carrion, they feasted on the fear to implement their profit bonanza, while handing the politicians the keys to the kingdom. A more evil marriage of diabolical interest one cannot imagine.

  9. Is not clear cut whether that would work, as the Govt has bought off and threatened most of the Justice system, along with most Police, Medical profession, Lawyers and legacy media [although some cracks starting to appear there].
    Everyone is being silenced and ignored, this has been going on the entire time of the plandemic, which is purposefully pre planned to end in our deaths.
    And they are using our money to pay for it all. Nothing but murderers all those involved, who joined in to enforce this travesty. Includes vaccinators.

    • Have you checked the NZ rich list yourself? I have, and the prime minister isn’t even on it. Seems this is disinformation that people have been spreading without actually checking if it’s true.

  10. This article is blatant disinformation. Of the 58000 reported vaccine injuries the vast majority were not serious (headache, sore arm etc), and only 2 deaths have been attributed to the vaccine. 14 deaths still under investigation. From over 10,000,000 doses given. You claim to be a balanced, non-biased ‘news’ source but you’ve totally mis-represented the facts.

        • Lol, the government website assured me the government’s new drug is safe and that the government has done nothing wrong.

          Can I forward you an email from my friend, he’s a Nigerian prince…

        • The author has also repeatedly CRITICISED the medsafe data.

          You miss the point like Adele misses sandwiches.

          • Second dot point down, author cites the number of vaccine injuries reported to medsafe. You can’t just pick and choose the data you use so long as it fits your narrative.

        • This is another example on who do you believe? We take notice of some experts but pick the one who makes you feel better. I’ve never known in my 68 years on this planet to witness such deceit in so many government departments.

    • And THIS Suzie ‘know it all’ is from the FDA Pfizer clinical trails documents:

      Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee Meeting September 17, 2021

      “An additional analysis appears to indicate that incidence of COVID-19 generally increased in each group of study participants with increasing time post-Dose 2 at the start of the analysis period. Only 3 severe COVID-19 cases were reported during the analysis period, all of which occurred among study participants originally randomized to BNT162b2.”

      And this from document: Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for an Unapproved Product Review Memorandum

      Proving Pfizer knew the vaccine was causing harm but ignored the results and even stopped PCR testing the vaccinated group because the related health issues exceeded the placebo group

      “Among 3,410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1,594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group. Suspected COVID-19 cases that occurred within 7 days after any vaccination were 409 in the vaccine group vs. 287 in the placebo group. It is possible that the imbalance in suspected COVID-19 cases occurring in the 7 days postvaccination represents vaccine reactogenicity with symptoms that overlap with those of COVID-19. Overall though, these data do not raise a concern that protocol-specified reporting of suspected, but unconfirmed COVID-19 cases could have masked clinically significant adverse events that would not have otherwise been detected.”

      And why were people being harmed? Because…

      “Study BNT162-01 is an ongoing, first-in-human, Phase 1 dose-level finding study conducted in Germany to evaluate the safety and immunogenicity of several different candidate vaccines, including BNT162b2. Twelve adults 18 to 55 years of age received 30ug BNT162b2.”

      Got that? FIRST in human! trial

    • Suzie Lee I know a cemetery with 20 dead jabbed children in it that the Govt. paid the parents up to 450k hush money to shut them up and make them go away. I bet none of those ‘incidents and accidents’ were added to the Medsafe numbers data ?????? Suzie when your preconceived mind is already made up you only read and hear what you want to know and hear !!!

    • Massive under-reporting in this domain is an established fact. (Harvard Pilgrim study). Have you reviewed the SPEAC protocols of the Brighton Collaboration? Have you any understanding of how ‘confounding’ is so readily and easily applied to causal attribution in this instance? Were you aware that the ‘safety platform’ (BC) is funded by CEPI (the WEF/WHO/BMGF vaccine developer), that Helen Petoussis Harris was on the advisory board of BC (undeclared conflict of interest), that NZ GOV donated 35M to CEPI (undeclared conflict of interest), that NZ GOV is listed as a ‘partner and investor’ with CEPI, that NZMOH denied any knowledge or connection with CEPI and maintained no other GOV dept had any connection?
      Walk the talk, keep lining up for all the free shots coming down the line.

  11. It will be much worse when your country and aroud 100 others sign a one health agreement that gives WHO the right and power to override constitutions and force vaccinate the people as they see fit. That’s f’n terrifying.

    Check out Spacebusters on odysee for some very logical videos on covid and viruses. You’d be surprised how we and the medical industry has been misled.

  12. Bloomfield resigned cause he knows the vaccine damage. He will disappear offshore to UK to collect his Rothschild cheque. Jacinda is a Rothschild puppet who was given instructions to ruin small business, indebt the country so Rothschild has bigger mortgage but keep supplying China with milk powder, meat, timber, seafood, hence the recently inked “ free trade agreement with China”.
    Rothschild are preparing to sell their interests in Australia and eventually NZ to China. It’s all planned and staged. The 3 world governments. Russia controlling Europe, China controlling Asia Pacific and USA being pushed back to run America.
    I predict Jacinda will be gone by Xmas to United Nations job and collect her Rothschild cheque. She will appoint a token Māori who will loose next election to national and the control and manipulation will continue.

      • They are waking up in UK as well – when the truth gets out – there won’t be anywhere in the world for them to hide!

      • Whats far fetched again.
        Bloomfield should be in Jail he’s been lying about Ivermectin to the NZ public for a couple of years.
        Check out Japans rollout of Ivermectin during their Delta out break cases went from 26000 a day down to 200.
        Ivermectin has not been used in the west because it works…..it would have all but ended the whole show.
        This sickness was released on purpose out of a lab.
        But their not all evil because so was what has all but stopped this geocide Omicron.

  13. Yeah, I’m not so sure about this anymore. They say people die WITH covid, but maybe they die WITH the vaccine??

    • Of course, people have died or are severely affected by the short term effects. That is why uptake of jabs has dropped like a stone and there’s no truth whatsoever in Jacinda’s claims that people are still rusghing to get jabs – an increasign number are refusing to get jabs.

      What is worse – Research docs now say that anyone who took the tea has had their DNA irreversibly altered. The long term damage this tea has done is beyond calculation. The mine canaries in this are athletes of whom significant increase in SADDS is highly eveident but not if you listen to the HErlad or TV One “news”.

      Scenario 1 – Man gets hit by bus. Gets taken to hospital, gets tested. Shows up positive (even though the tests are completely unreliable, as we know personally form several people’s test). The patient is operated on, but sadly dies of wounds within 28 days of a “positive test”.

      That patient is now reported by LSM as having died WITH covid.

      Scenario 2 – Cancer patient is admitted to hospital. His life saving / extending treatment was delayed due to lockdowns and fears of a derivative of the common cold (the other four coronavirus). He is tested. Shows positive. HE is in hospital for 21 days on life support but sadly dies.

      He died within 28 days of a positive test and is therefore reported by LSM and died WITH covid.

      How do we know this? Because NZ uses a similar system to that used by the England/Wales NHS whereby everyone who dies within 28 days of a positive test is listed as a covid death. However, the England/Wales Office for National Statistics (ONS) under FOI request released the total number of deaths OF COVID where no other cause was stated and that was around, 17500 for the two years to beginning of 2022. That is far less than the average annual number of deaths due to flu in previous years of around 25,000 (except for 2018 where 65,000 people died of flu).

  14. Finally a reporter with an objective story. I honour you, and I hope that this is a catalyst for ‘freedom of speech’ in the future.

  15. An article that makes one cringe to realize the criminal lengths that authorities, our fellows will go to, to satisfy their totalitarian beliefs and force those monstrous inhuman beliefs on others.
    Perhaps more Orwellian than Orwellian. Eugenics that turn a billion years of bio- evolution into vapour. Replace the ordinary thinking process with a chip insert directed via satellite from a central world gov’t.
    Digital instant mass information/ disinformation has come to the masses with catastrophic speed, along with it heretofore, unbelievable consequences.
    If there is a God; let him intervene in this madness.

  16. Kiwis really need to step back and give themselves an uppercut. Those that belittled and ridiculed the doubters, supported the
    mandate, were pro separatism, and believed only in the”one source of truth” while shouting ” trust the science”….. It’s time to jump the fence. Let’s be that team of 4,999999…. Jacinda can go off!

  17. Jacinda is a World Economic Forum agent serving their Great Reset agenda, and not the people. All the worse covid tyrants are WEF trained leaders. They should all be removed and trialed for treason.

  18. This, folks, is treason carried out by a fraudulent government. They have by their actions, proved that they are not a legitimate government and they have no mandate to rule. How to depose them is the question. I suspect the Governor-General has already been disestablished somehow.
    Jacinda will not rest until everyone is jabbed – Hipkins already threatened to go door-to-door. She cannot afford to let anyone escape the net.
    And yet the MP’s still live amongst us in their houses as if nothing were amiss. How long can that go on, with the genocide they are visiting upon the people?

  19. The truth is starting to be heard and thank you to the people standing up and telling their stories, The truth needs to get out there and be heard .

  20. Dont bother with ‘this isn’t anti-vax’. It’s a moot point. And a term which has always been used to silence fair questions and experienced victims. If any, be proud to say Yes, this is anti vax. Anti this Covid vax for v v good reason.

  21. When I first heard of the COVID-19 vaccine, I had three concerns.

    1) Out of all of the pharmaceutical companies who represent big Pharma, Pfizer has the worst track record, having been successfully prosecuted and sued for billions for their previously reckless and underhanded skulduggery. You can’t tell me they didn’t know what they were doing or that they were unaware of what they were doing with previous medicine malpractices.

    2) I’ve never trusted politicians, especially Labour Party politicians. And I don’t say that just to be a dick about it. I’m 55 years old and in that time I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a politician who has told the absolute truth with absolute integrity and absolute honesty. Politicians have a disease with and about integrity and I’m dumbfounded at how many Kiwis lined up on the say-so of the one source of truth, believing everything out of its mouth. Not this kid. Like, ever, and I’ve been vaccinated my whole life. They are never for the people, when their lives and role in public office requires public support, so an agenda that serves them first and the people second, riddled with conflicts of interest, is in their opinion, no … belief, that it’s the only way to win and succeed in politics because no one has ever suggested anything different.

    3) it was plain to see for me that the media had been bought and paid for. When there is zero representation of those against the vaccine by the media, and no investigative journalism about alternative vaccines and side effects, or Pfizer, as the company charged with the responsibility of taking care of the nations health and protection against COVID-19, then that raises a few red flags. In fact they weren’t red flags, they were big red flashing warning signs. How Kiwis missed this is quite simply, unforgivable. Parents have made executive decisions for the children without doing any research or due diligence. They have blindly trusted the government and frankly, if it costs a family members life, then it serves them right.

    This may seem cold and harsh, but unless the impact of what’s happened doesn’t jolt those who swallowed the Kool-Aid and sacrificed family members in their naivete, this event will eventually be forgotten.

    This must NEVER, EVER be forgotten or forgiven.

    Let this serve as a history lesson for those generations to come, and long after.

    I am filthy as a filthy thing over our country’s leadership, because they had ample opportunity to understand what was in front of them before they rolled it out to the public.

    They have knowingly committed the atrocity of genocide, and they will all be held accountable. Including the media and those at Pfizer along with the New Zealand government and governments around the world.

    I can not and will not rest until justice has been served.

    One way, or another.

    Tim Webb

    • I agree with you, Genocide on a massive scale has been committed , clearly , knowingly by the very people who are supposed to have Kiwis interest at heart and they must not be allowed to get away with the murder they have committed because it is murder. I believe it’s darker and deeper than we realise and many family members will be lost.
      The saddest response l am sick of hearing is ” l took it and lm fine”.
      I too am at a loss to comprehend the willingness thar people handed over the sovereignty of their body , trusting the one source of truth.

  22. Thanks Daily Telegraph for your honesty in this conversation.Tim Webb you are 100% on the ball.well said.Its like you tookthe words right out of my mouth.

  23. On 11th March 2020 when the WHO proclaimed a worldwide pandemic. I knew this was a scam of epic proportions. Something like a few hundred cases outside China don’t to me constitute a worldwide pandemic. As a pharmacist of 50 years I know that the Pharmaceutical Industry as a whole is the most corrupt organization on earth. You only need to get a copy of Marcia Angell’s book “The Truth About the Drug Companies” to figure this out. Marcia should know she was a doctor and editor of the New England Medical Journal for a number of years. These injections do not constitute what we understand as a vaccine. They are not even “gene therapy”. They are lethal bioweapons of unknown composition. The perpetrators of this scam need to be held to account they include staff at Medsafe, Politicians, Media so called Academics who succeeded in convincing so called 95% of the population that this “Vaccines” were “Safe and Effective”. And yet they are still promoting more boosters. The data indicated that the vaccinated are 3.9 time more likely to get reinfected with covid than the unvaccinated. This is totally madness!!!!!

  24. Isn’t the key part of the OIA request response the bit that says ‘The conclusions of the Cumulative Analysis Report are consistent with the information and data provided by Pfizer to Medsafe as a part of its provisional consent obligations in New Zealand. ‘, and the real key part of that sentence is ‘the conclusions’. Even though the report may have shown deaths and adverse events Pfizer could still conclude that the vaccine was safe and that Medsafe would take that as the guide to work from?

    If the information was provided in a form ‘that meets the company’s legal obligations in New Zealand’, what exactly does that mean? Perhaps Pfizer was able to hide this? I’m not trying to defend anybody but Is this a way that Medsafe can claim that they were not aware of the deaths and adverse reactions if the information was obfuscated? Do we know exactly what Medsafe received regarding the deaths and adverse events?

    Seems to me the follow up OIA request to this is, did Medsafe know about the 1223 fatalities and 42086 adverse events in 2021 from Pfizers report? Yes or no. That information is not really made clear to me, or am I not reading things correctly?

  25. I feel I have to tell you this.
    I had a real-life vision experience, it’s the only way to describe it. It wasn’t a dream nor was it a nightmare, more like a twilight present moment, it was vivid and unforgettable. I was in bed and how It started was, like at least what sounded like 1000 heavy footsteps marching heavily up the stairs and come into my room and they were sweeping with brooms, I never saw them. I felt everything was been swept away and I felt a presence get into the bed with me and push me down through the ground and went running down an underground tunnel.

    The first stop I experienced was, in front of me was a massive pair of black curtains and when they were pulled open I saw a massive round circle and inside this circle, { Earth } was millions of human Beings, suffering in anguish, I was then shown black and white portraits of evil-looking men, they went flying past me, I felt I was been pushed further down this tunnel and it was scary, It was then I called out “Jesus help me” and at that, I was instantly taken out and saved, thank you, Jesus. All this on the first few days of Covid lockdowns 2020. Please take from this message as you please for I have received it loud and clear… Jesus Christ saved me from this evil outcome that is upon us. He will save you. All you have to do is call out his mighty name.

    My take on this experience.
    I was physically shaken up from this experience for a long time afterwards, it took me a long time to come to terms with it. When I got the chance to study my experience I knew it was a spiritual awakening to the evil that is upon us. The Black curtains represent your government is lying to you, the heavy footsteps and the sweeping represent a forceful heavy hand in implementing these restrictions and Australia is proof of this, and the earth and the people in anguish is what the people are going to go through in the not to distance future. Also, it felt like I had no control over it and was forced into it against my will which some governments are trying to do with these vaccines. Jesus is the only way out of this evil, pray for people, pray, for I believe we are in the end times for humanity for we will no longer be human and God-like if these evil beings have their way

  26. Everything in this news article, is what my self and many other “anti vaxing, tin foil hat wearing, mis-information spreaders” have been saying for the longest time. We never wanted to be right and I am so truly sorry to all of you who were injured and to all of those whose family and friendships we’re torn apart from people trying to get you to see what we saw. May we all heal physically and emotionally from this “vaccine” induced rollercoaster. I hope governments world wide get held accountable. I won’t hold my breath though!! Kia Kaha everyone.

  27. The politicians jabbed themselves and their families. Most truely believe/d that it is a good and effective vaccine. However they became obsessed with the vaccine believing in the beginning it was going to solve COVID by giving immunity and stopping transmission when in reality it just slightly reducing the severity of COVID but had adverse reactions that were kept quiet. People were getting permanently sick and died from the jab and they shut down or/and dismissed those concerns then took away an extremely important freedom of what we put into our body by mandating the vax. Govts tried to do the right thing but became obsessed. It seemed like they could not loose face by backing down once we saw it wasnt a vaccine at all. That is why you vote for right wing parties in as they do not believe Govt knows best. They mostly believe in freedoms. One Nation is evolving to be a pretty good vote ATM.

    • But did they, really, get the jab?
      There are plenty of placebo shots available, and we have no way of knowing what they got, if anything.
      Only a fool would subject a child to this injection.
      It was all about money and control, right from the start.

    • I’m pretty sure they said time and time again, the vaccine is not a cure.. It won’t stop people from catching covid, it will stop people from becoming seriously sick, and from passing it on.
      One people died from the jab… maybe two… That’s a lot less than have died from covid.

  28. I would very much like to know where you got that chart, because I’ve just been looking at the http://www.wonder.cdc.gov site, and cannot replicate your numbers… Which varieties of Peri/myocarditis did you select?
    Even when I select all of them, the results aren’t more than 3000 “events”

  29. I would very much like to know your actual data source (what you selected on the wonder.cdc.govt ), because even when I select “All Symptoms” it’s no where near the numbers you show on your graph.
    For example, the year 2021, for all symptoms, and all vaccines, there was only 16,552 events reported.. So I’d LOVE to know where you got ~25000 myo/pericarditis reports.

  30. Alot of assumptions being made in comment section. And alot of “opinions” presented as evidence or fact which is incorrect. The article appears to be written with a particular bias, heuristic reasoning along with deliberately inflammatory language of little substance while the echo chamber in the comments is spouting more of your standard slogans and dog whistles than anything debate worthy. For anti-government rhetoric there is a huge amount of blind faith that government is capable of these things when the muppets in wellington can’t agree on what’s for lunch.

  31. In a small northland town that we have been in for 8 years, and out of touch with most people we knew, we have found a neighbour on a 7 house street, two local professionals and two families involving at least three members all having severe reactions to just one jab. That is 6 people put in jeopardy by a criminal force in a town of 12000. I can only imagine how many more we don’t know, let alone hear of that have had the same consequence forced on them let alone the loss of job, security and distress caused by it.
    On another plane, I am a member of the profession the two people I mentioned above belong to, know of at least three others bringing the number of healthy young affected people in just one group of 500 . That percentage applied to the population of New Zealand brings up at least 50000 with the same debilitating results, and I don’t mean mild. The two in my town are unable 3-6 months of being to work as they once did and have not fully recovered to this date. The cost of this to the communities affected in New Zealand let alone the borrowings to enforce, advertise, support the covid industry will never be repaid by those that caused it. That is CRIIMINAL at the least!

    In hope of repair and retribution, Brian

  32. I find it interesting that you point out that these people are not anti vaxxers.
    No, these are the people that believed the lies, that believed your mainstream propaganda, that didn’t do their own research, that didn’t want to stand up for fear of being labelled and ridiculed.
    ALL of the evidence was there against these jabs – not just Pfizer, right from the start. Hundreds then thousands of viroligists, microbiologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, GPs, Physicians, even people who were kicked out of the trials and hell, even the man who invented the mRNA technology tried to warn people… but they were all cancelled by you – mainstream media.
    The so called “anti vaxxers” ate really just the people who could see through your lies, the lies of the government and the lies of the pharmaceutical company making *billions* off of experimental vaccines, whilst liw cost effective, tried and tested for 70yrs prophylactics and treatments were available.
    So the antivaxxers, having endured the ridicule, the segregation, the backlash are now actually the healthy ones. The ones who were right all along .. they weren’t conspiracy theorists tin foil hat wearing idiots. They were the intelligent ones who didn’t believe your bullshit.
    When does your apology roll for them ?
    When do you, as mainstream media, apologise for being complicit in hiding the truth and publushing fear based propaganda for the past 2 yrs ?

  33. It’s not just Ardern. She is the master puppet. Did a ‘great job’ because she got the country over the 70% required vaxx-threshold. Step-by-step she pushed and pushed. Lie and manipulation the whole way. Ashley Bloomfield is ex-WHO. He knows what’s coming down the line. Don’t forget him. He’s up for Nuremberg too. Interestingly, Robert Malone (inventor of mRNA) has said the vaxx is the “gateway to transhumanism”. What have they done! NZ will NEVER be the same again.

  34. I am utterly surprised that there are still people (who commented here), who have read something on the medsafe or MOH web-site and believed it. Really? The main thing we have to remember is we can’t give up hope. We have to encourage the minor parties to combine, and get those leaders into that circus called the beehive. Then we need to undo the layers upon layers of deceit that has been built up over decades, and restore democracy. Here is a link to some clever ideas from visionary Kiwis (who have since gone dormant): https://directdemocracy.nz/

  35. I’m puzzled about the 95% vaxxed claim. I know people, real people across society generally as opposed to news reports, and it is very obvious that the non vaxxed are much much higher in number than 5%, despite all the coercive measures that have been put upon us. My spouse however was one who swallowed the bullshit without bully tactics. Unfortunately, just 6 days after he second jab she degenerated literally overnight to geriatric status. In those 6 days tho she told me she would be having nothing further to do with the covid treatment. She recognised what was happening but too late. She died from pneumonia 4 mths later.

  36. In NZ in 2004 the govn. vaccinated every child with a Norwegian meningococcal vaccine.We were the only country in the world to take this vaccine-the Norwegians didn’t.For the 3 years leading up to 2004 the cases of M in NZ decreased by 75%.They are now increasing and everyone who dies has either taken the vaccine or their parents took it.
    In ChCh in the last 7 years 3 mid 20’3 ladies died from M-they were all vaccinated.Why did we vaccinate?Well one 6 yr old girl at the time contracted M and lost her limbs(she was the Health depts. poster child).The truth is that her father was a smoker and his smoking destroyed his daughters immune system.No vaccine ever given in NZ was beneficial-most were incredibly harmfull.But yes this gene therapy will probably take the cake.In one year’s time the consequences will be horrific.The thing about Jacinda that annoyed me was from day 1 of the “pandemic” she said that the only solution was vaccines-uncle Bill must have told her.

  37. I did the maths. 58 000 adverse reactions in 11 million doses given in NZ puts your risk of an adverse reaction to 0.0052% or in layman’s terms to 5,2 in 100 000. That is the same as previously reported adverse reactions to the Measles/Mumps/Rubella vaccine.
    I am not sure where your data from deaths is coming from – I would like to see proof.
    Be careful you do not make the same mistake you are accusing the government of. Spreading of misinformation.

  38. Stop prefacing your articles with ‘We are not anti-vaxx’. You should be. Have you learnt nothing from the last 2 years?

  39. Your government deliberately lied to you with the specific objective of killing & injuring as many people as possible AND wrecking the economy & currency.
    Same in all western liberal democracies.
    This is the WEF/WHO/Gates/Fauci plan & it’s nowhere nearly finished.
    Dr Mike Yeadon

  40. The reason the Govts. came after the children to jab was that under 15-16 they are not adults and their is no liability for Big Pharma the onus is on the parents. A lot of children in NZ died soon after being jabbed and although the parents were distraught they accepted payments from the Govt. up to 450k as hush money. But by accepting the hush money they like the Govt. are also guilty of the Genocide.

  41. Hello, Myself & my family have all had four doses of this vaccine, with no major side effects. I know many people who have had multiple doses again with out suffering the horrific side effects you claim. I admit there may be a minority adversely affected by the vaccine, yet I refuse to blow a molehill up into a mountain. I thus hold many of the claims being made in this article to be TOTAL GARBAGE.

    DO YOU PEOPLE EVER LOOK OUTSIDE YOURSELVES. to ask how many more funerals our society would have suffered had Covid not been contained? Public health exists to serve the greatest good for the greatest numbers. It does not exist, to sacrifice majority welfare to save a minority.

    Even if we have suffered some of the casualties you claim, I suggest you count yourselves fortunate they were so few; then GET OVER YOURSELVES

  42. Reply to Colin Clarkson.

    Golin, find your ca your claims to be absurd; any mystery child deaths in NZ wold attract the attention of both police & Coroners Courts, both of which operate with a high degree of independence, so are not as easily hushed up as you claim. As for yor claim parents took hush money for dead children, that is an absolute insult to every parent in NZ.


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