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‘Tax will drive farmers off their land’ – Fed Farmers

Carbon tax news

‘The family farm has been the bulwark of this country throughout history,’ says Federated Farmers Board Member Sandra Faulkner.

In a statement released Friday, Faulkner addressed the impacts of the government’s carbon emission plan for farmers.

‘Today the continuing existence of the family farm is in question because of an escalating economic crisis that exists in many rural communities throughout this nation.

‘Lumping another tax on our businesses will see the heart of many farming families torn out. On Tuesday, the government released its Pricing agricultural emissions consultation document in response to He Waka Eke Noa.

‘From the report (see Section 4 – Impacts, Pg 58), at an average methane price we will see:

  • A 13% reduction in methane, overshooting the government’s target
  • A 21% decrease in in Sheep and Beef along with a 7% decrease in Dairy
  • Billions of dollars in lost export revenue

‘65% of the reductions leaked overseas to less efficient producers, 133% of sheep meat reductions leaked.

‘This level of climate change tax will have a profound impact on the livelihoods of farmers and mean that small businesses cannot survive economically. It will strike at the most remote farming families – those who receive the least for their rates and taxes, those for whom terrible roads, lack of internet and cellphone coverage and physical isolation are a daily reality.

‘This in turn has devastating social consequences, depopulating rural communities and depriving rural kids of their prospects. There has been some comment that pricing agricultural emissions will “weed out the underperformers” and “this gives the older farmers a reason to exit the industry”. Unfortunately, it will also target the young couples who have just taken on a whacking great mortgage, the entrepreneur who has risked it all to get that great idea off the ground, the parents who are trying to support their successors into farming.

‘This tax will drive farmers off their land. Will the legislators be there to help them pack away their future and their dreams, along with selling their livestock and the dogs that have served them faithfully across the years?

‘Am I getting over-emotional? I don’t think so, because we’ve seen this before. Many of us watched parents, friends and neighbours suffer through marriage breakdowns, severe depression and anxiety during the 1980s when another ideological policy was implemented with no thought to the human cost.

‘This is not a nuclear-free moment! New Zealand never had any nuclear capacity to lose. What New Zealand has to lose is farming mums and dads for whom this unrelenting pressure has become too much.

‘Farmers accept the fact farming is an inherently risky business. They accept that risk and don’t necessarily want to be guaranteed a large profit, but they would like the playing field to be level.’

Image credit: Lukas Hartmann

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    Yep. That’s the plan. Our Lords and Masters want it.
    Stocks and bonds are now dodgy investments thanks to the gutting of economies to pay for the criminal Covid enterprise and weapons – even big Pharma has peaked and will fall – you can only pull a stunt like useless mrrna “vaccines” once a generation. The super-rich, well aware that the financial system is facing collapse, are therefore consolidating by buying up the one truly safe commodity – land.
    One can speculate that the current War’s effect on food supplies is also part of the plan as it is a good fit.
    “Yu vill own nussing undt yu vill be happy.”

  2. It is not only the tax but the compliance cost will spiral in the coming years. In orde to make “accurate” measurements, private bodies will be licenced and they are going to charge 5K or more for each visit. You will then have audits and so on, which will push the compliance cost to well ove 10K even for a very small farm. For medium size farms, several visits must be made by “methene readers”, and 50K per medium size farm is the bottom line in addition to taxes. Once you accept the tax, they will increase it at their will. The sneaky plotters wants a new system in place so that they can blackmain and slowly transfer most productive farms to globalists. Beware.

  3. Now I know Federated Farmers is in the land of the nod, along with mnay of their farming members. The plan IS to eliminate uncontrolled food manuafacture and the sooner fed farmers wakes up and smells the tea, the better.

    Stop cooperating with your own demise. Stop growing food, plant trees and watch everyone starve because that is what it is going to take for your average idiot KIWI to wake up.

  4. As a former IRD staffer I saw over a long perid of time the effects of tax changes. Taxpayers are sensitive and make choices for thmselves and their families. First they have to eat now, next they have to continue that next year… Govt changes are quickly responded too. Why was Land Tax withdrawn?

  5. Oh FED farmers FINALLY waking up are they?

    Better late than never I suppose. It’s no coincidence that farmers all round the world are being targeted ESPECIALLY in the 5 eyes countries. So, we starve and our economy is ruined just so the socialists can meet some made up target for some made up phenomenon they call ‘climate change’ (becuse global warming ice age and sea level rise didn’t scare us enough…..????

    • Dont think they are “socialists”. They are facists (unholy bond between government and global rich) who does not work for the people. We already have such a regine in all the 5eyes countries.

      • They are both. And y-I are right, they are not working for the people.

        They are working for the WEF, the UN and themselves and their mates.

        Stealing from our hard work and giving it to people who produce NOTHING.

        Stealing from our kids futures.

        Their day is coming.

      • They call themselves as “progressives” in order to avoid any reference to the past terminlogy. Anyone opposing them are smeared as extremists, racists, misinfo spreader etc.

  6. It is way past time the Covid and Political over reach criminals were bought to justice. When they are facing charges of Murder by Infanticide Genocide violating the Nuremberg Codes and Crimes Against Hunanity the ‘Methane Emissions Tax might go on the back burner.


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