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The ‘Hood NZ – a transparency seeking mission

The ‘Hood’s NZ Director Sereca Friend is a mother of one who describes herself as “a creative” but is clearly a driven, business minded leader too.

In a recent interview with EarthBeat Festival Founder Issac Oron, Ms Friend outlined an ambitious business plan that includes establishing varied community bases and financially driving a case currently before the High Court – all as a non-profit, community funded entity.

“As soon as the idea of Covid vaccines was propagated across the media, I knew something didn’t feel right, especially for children. The most alarming thing for me is that choice has been removed and transparency has been at best, dubious.”

Ms Friend says that once the NZ Government started to look at vaccinating children from ages 5-11, alarm bells rung. “I knew there was very little data to justify vaccinating children, and there still isn’t, which gave me little faith.” She says that numerous conversations with community groups, other parents and action groups confirmed that rollout was “a bit scary”, so she formalised The ‘Hood, with Mrs Nicola Culver. The latter is officially recognised as an action group aimed at supporting those varied families who are filing affidavits against the NZ Government to stop the rollout of vaccination for 5 to 11 year-olds.

“Our intention is not to take choice away from parents – those who want the vaccine can of course do so without intervention from us. The ‘Hood exists to make this country’s government accountable by asking the questions that nobody across Aotearoa NZ has been able to get answers to.”

Sereca says The ‘Hood also stands proud in not supporting one source of truth across mainstream media and she believes it is both unfair and incorrect to be labelled a conspiracy theorist or an anti-vaxer for doing so, noting that “science is about open debate”.

With currently the only NZ-based court case against the NZ Government aimed at stopping the vaccine rollout for 5 to 11 years-olds, The ‘Hood has its work cut out for it and Sereca is the first to admit it’s a challenging mission. “We are up against a government that has made it clear that it’s willing to vaccinate children without sufficient data from nationally or internationally valid sources, to justify this action. With that comes what appears to be a governmentally sided mainstream media that reports what it’s fed from governmental sources.”

Informed consent is a necessary part of life in Aotearoa NZ says Sereca. “What we put into our bodies is of course our own choice and is sometimes a very clear decision, but the responsibility of a parent or guardian to decide what goes in their child’s body is a responsibility that weighs heavily on each individual. Having the kind of scientifically and medically validated information The ‘Hood network of scientists, doctors and other field experts provide – goes a long way to helping these parents make a balanced and informed decision on whether to vaccinate their children.”

“Our children have their whole lives ahead of them and when the NZ Government can’t guarantee that this vaccine doesn’t affect these children’s auto immune systems, fertility, or the heart, amongst a long list of other side effects, including death – we need to stop and evaluate. Each parent needs to consider all the information available; consider why the Government is willing to make ill-informed direction on vaccinating 5 to 11-year-olds and decide if it’s worth taking the risk with their own children. After all, we know that the vaccine does not protect against Covid or its variants, nor does it stop transmission – so why do we need it? Children are documented to have a near zero risk from covid, so it is illogical to use a medical treatment that has limited success at creating an immune response, and that wanes rapidly, while also adding unnecessary risk from the vaccine itself. Regardless of what each parent chooses for their child, with support from The ‘Hood they will at least have objective and uncensored access to information they need in advance of making it,” says Sereca.

Parents can access a wide variety of validated scientific, medical and legal information openly on The ‘Hood’s website (www.thehoodnz.com). Sereca says they do their best to provide credible evidence expert opinion and peer reviewed materials. We don’t accept one source of truth but rather question all information received from the government, media and elsewhere for a balanced view. We also endeavour to look at the funding and conflicts of interest behind information we refer to,” she adds with a wry smile.

The ‘Hood’s June 27 to 28 High Court case to stop the government mandating rollout to children, is expected to be controversial. A long list of verified experts will be giving testimony, together with valid concerns from parents and varied community groups. Sereca says the purpose of the case is not solely to win, but also to encourage open, transparent debate that includes the government answering New Zealander’s questions. “It’s not a fight, it’s a transparency seeking mission.”

Sereca says neither she or The ‘Hood is anti-government or anti-vaccine. “These are just polarising labels and have no value in an open, well informed, transparent debate. Nobody should be labelled for asking relevant questions. I don’t like judgement or name calling, nor want that for parents or children who are currently highly anxious about the government’s continuation and heavy support of the vaccination of 5 to 11 year-olds. The government works for us and is there to make decisions with the backing of the people – but that is currently not happening. “It is alarming that there has been so much misinformation provided by government-trusted experts, that has been discounted over the past 14 months. There needs to be open, honest, transparent debate on this subject, in this country, now!”

Community funding is desperately needed by The Hood’, to fund the large team of lawyers involved in the June legal case. To donate, simply follow the prompt on The Hood’ website or social platforms:

Article by Tim Conn.

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  1. i wish you every success with this case Sereca and team. I have huge respect for this courageous effort, in light of the barriers erected to dissuade honest debate around this deadly serious issue. I will help as much as I can.


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