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Watch: ‘Russia has mastered the art of war’ – US Military expert

The claim was made by former US Army Intelligence Officer and UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter.

Ritter was joined by world geopolitical expert Alexander Mercouris of The Duran, and Glenn Diesen – Professor at the University of South-Eastern Norway and an editor at the Russia in Global Affairs journal.

  • At the start of the conflict the Ukraine army was the second largest in Europe and battle-hardened. It would have defeated most armies in Europe, including the British, German, Romanian and Polish.
  • Ukrainian casualty numbers are now skyrocketing at a level of 15-20 to every 1 Russian casualty.
  • Russian flexibility of tactics have proved decisive.
  • Ukraine effectively lost the war in May with the fall of Mariupol.

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  1. The common denominator of ukronazifascists and quislings from World War 2

    No, it’s not treason, it’s that everyone listed in the title are (were) idiots and dangerous self-destructive gamblers! This was also their ‘prophet’ – Hitler.

    An argument? Simply, if they had mastered peasant logic, the quislings of World War 2 could have realized that their Nazi-fascist masters could not conquer the whole world.

    Ukrainian fascists could know the same way that the Ukrainian puppet state of us criminals and eu poodles cannot defeat Russia. Is that logical enough?

    Where Have All The Flowers Gone – Joan Baez – 1994

    PPM – Blowin’ In The Wind


    Look at all the MUPPETS buying into this fake war!!!
    All orchestrated by the NWO as part of their plan!!!
    Wake up everybody its all fake bullshit

  3. Wow, probably one of the most informative interviews on the internet today. I’ve followed Ritter and Mercouris for years, but this interview seems to have opened a well of knowledge on the current Ukraine/Russian war which began well before 2014, when the West provoked the Ukraine, civil war and the US backed Kiev Coup, which started the NAZI-militarizing of Ukraine by NATO the fortifying of the East Ukraine Demarcation lines, the constant artillery attacks on East Ukraine for eight years, killing 12-16,000 civilians under NATO’s watchful supervision, (Jaques Baudin an ex-NATO intilligence officer/warsaw Pact expert & ex NATO-Ukraine military trainer), has good information on what NATO has been doing and what’s happening in the Ukraine military. George Webb, has investigated the Ukraine/US links including corrupt links with the Biden’s, Pelosi’s and Dozens of US and EU politicians. Zelensky is the Puppet of Igor Kolomoisky, the criminal Billionaire Oligarch who owns Burisma and UkraineTV-1; who operates his organized crime operations on an Industrial scale: Arms trafficking, Money laundering, Drug trafficking, Kolomoisky is the largest recipient of all the western donated funds and weapons. Kolomoisky funds the NAZI battalions, in Ukraine. Kolomoisky directs Zelensky on what he can and can not do. Kolomoisky (according to Webb) used to operate out of Crimea until Crimea rejoined Russia. It appears Kolomoisky has had the ability to manipulate NATO due to all the Politicians on his payroll. This conflict has brought out the worst of Western Capitalism, price gouging from western oil and gas corporations, are sending businesses and individuals across europe, UK and US. It appears that this conflict is like most other international conflicts. that is; that Corproations & criminals always profit from war and conflict and that we never know what’s going on behind the scenes. just as in WW1 & WW2 we learned of behind the scenes dealings between the waring parties, “working together” despite some Putin/Trump fans we see that both Trump and Putin have supported the C-19 Bioweaponized vax, which is an indication of behind the scenes collaboration, as there is no science to support the C-19 scamdemic and the vaxes and most definitly were created as and are acting as Bioweapons! a Global agenda organised through the WHO and Gates foundation. instigated by the US military. but off topic, have a great day.


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