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Whistleblower Barry Young case adjourned to April

Barry Young faces charges in relation to alleged leaking Covid-19 vaccine data.

He appeared in court today ahead of his jury trial, after having pleaded not guilty to accessing a computer system for a dishonest purpose.

His lawyer Kevin Preston told the court the police had not provided the defence with the information required in time for today’s hearing, although he noted a USB was delivered to his office on Tuesday afternoon.

‘It’s encrypted and I can’t access it,’ he said – according to report in state-backed media outlet RNZ.

Young was bailed until his next hearing in April. A trial date is yet to be set.

Counterspin Media were on hand outside the court to record a statement by Young after the court appearance.

‘Truth and justice are companions that don’t always go hand in hand. However, if you’ve got truth on your side, justice will follow, and truth is a powerful ally. The vaxxinated are dying in increasing numbers . We are seeing this like we’ve never seen before – turbo-cancers, myocarditis, pericarditis – the list goes on. Young lives lost. We have to end this. And we will end this.’

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  1. Barry young you are a HERO. Someone with integrity. Such a rare attribute these days. Thank you also to your lovely partner who is supporting you. She too has made this possible.

    Stay strong and keep speaking the truth.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️

  2. “… leaking COVID-19 vaccine data …”

    Data that in an open and honest country would be public domain and is of extreme public interest.

  3. Barry Young is courageous and should be an inspiration to all people of the world. He has put his freedom on the line for humanity. How can we support this guy to show the government that we will not stand for a guilty verdict?
    We owe him big time for showing what that poisonous injection has done and still the scum push it on people.

    • They’re absolutely going to find this brave man guilty and destroy his life. Zero doubt about that. They flat out don’t care what we do, or how many people riot or how naked their criminality is for all to see.

      They need to make an example of him to other potential whistleblowers, not just in the health sector but everywhere else the government’s keeping secrets.

      They always pretend to revere whistleblowers and offer them protective laws etc, but it’s all lip service, just look at what’s happening to Assange.

      It’s another one of the hallmarks of great civilisations on the brink of collapse. Laws are twisted and warped into absolute absurdity, to be weaponised against the citizenry, and those who point it out are mercilessly CRUSHED by the state who desperately just want to keep up appearances.

      They’re going to throw Barry in prison for the remainder of his days and have their media minions tell us all with a straight face that it was legal and just and necessary to “protect the rule of law” (the same rule of law they all play hopscotch over every day down in Wellington).

      And they wonder why we loathe them.

      • The charges are lame. He didn’t access the data for malicious purposes or whatever. He already HAD an access to the data. AND exposing unusual deaths ISNT malicious- it’s NOBLE because to do so is an act to save his fellow humans.

        Going to court will give Barry the opportunity to show just how many deaths have been covered up. Barry should represent himself, then he cannot be gagged by any lawyer……best thing I ever did was represent myself in a family court case. Once something is said, people cannot unhear it. Expose the truth Barry!

        • Yep exactly, this case will never go to trial.

          Way too many awkward and potentially criminally incriminating questions for the M.O.H/Government to answer.

          They’ll just drag it out for a few years and then bury it.

          The usual excessively cruel lengthy legal process will be Barry’s financial punishment sadly.

          • That’s what I mean. Engaging lawyers costs money. Lawyers are often the only ones who win in these situations. If Barry can represent himself all it will ‘cost’ him is time. He can get ‘advice’ from a McKenzie friend as to the correct process etc but ultimately if he represents himself he can say whatever he wants – THAT is how the truth is exposed.

            i also do not trust the lawyers. I have seen it first hand. I happened to be driving down the road the courthouse was on one day and glanced over and saw my lawyer standing outside talking to the other lawyer in the case. Sure it may have been nothing but I am sorry, that doesn’t sit well with me. These lawyers all know each other, they meet outside of courts. New Zealand is a small place. You get my drift. Only trust yourself and a very few other people.

            Anyway when I saw those two lawyers talking I thought what a gift from God. I rang my lawyer up and told him I would no longer be needing his services. (make sure you get them to account for every minute – dates times etc- that they spent on your case too if they try and rip you off). His response was – and this is telling – “you may be cross examined, you can’t say that”. My response “oh really? Good then I can say what really happened, I don’t need you to say it for me, I was there and I am intelligent enough to recount facts thank you” it’s all about the fear they try and instill in you. At the end of the day why pay someone $400 an hour to play Chinese whispers for you when you can just relay the facts first hand? The other thing is that if you represent yourself, then the opposition lawyer must send all documents directly to YOU. So you can see what’ they are up to.

            The system is stacked against us to promote fear and to line the pockets of people, many of whom are not capable of real integrity.

            Now look I am not saying all lawyers are bad because our personal one is wonderful – for us at least lol. BUT for example, my ex from years ago is a lawyer, he’s a serial cheater, and I am talking MULTIPLE serial cheater. A trail of broken hearts all over New Zealand. What does that tell you? Yeah.

            Anyway thanks for listening to my Ted talk. 😂

  4. The dumbass corrupt government ‘authorities’ are simply terrified of this case.

    They will absolutely drop all charges before being subjected to cross-examination in open court.

    Well done Barry for shining the light on our retarded malevolent ‘public health’ cockroaches.


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