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Camp Freedom

It was the strangest thing.

Despite having travelled to some of the dodgiest, most remote third-world countries on the planet, I never thought for a second that one day I would find myself in my own country packing earplugs and goggles for myself and others, to avoid the severity of the possible deployment of sonic weapons, or attacks with tear gas and/or pepper spray that may be used on peaceful protestors.

How had it come to this in New Zealand?

Nevertheless, that is where we were at as my husband and I headed to Wellington, complete with the goggles and earplugs, to help support fellow Kiwis wanting an end to mandates and the enforcement of an experimental injection that remains on trial until 2023.

As soon as we entered the camp we found ourselves surrounded by Kiwi friends, almost all of whom we had yet to meet. Many had pitched their tents, then taken on various volunteer roles to help ensure the camp was smoothly run. There was a security section and an admin tent, where any needs were met, the supplies of which were provided by generous Kiwi donators who supported the cause. Food tents dotted the perimeter, with free food for everyone — also provided by the donations of many thousands of Kiwis.

There were tents set up by Voices for Freedom, midwives, first-aid personnel, doctors and nurses, and a special section, organised by The Health Forum, for the vaccine-injured to be able to tell their stories and be genuinely heard. Here, they were listened to with immense compassion and offered the best possible treatment to help alleviate their suffering. I read every story displayed in this tent and cried for them. Lives unnecessarily ruined. It was so incalculably cruel to have put people through this. The white crosses outside the tent stood sentinel, representing the many whose lives had already been lost as a result of this experimental jab.

The overall vibration of the camp was both heady and liberating as it was completely devoid of fear, and after two years of watching the population being consistently terrorised by mainstream media working in concert with the government incessantly battering Kiwis with wall-to-wall propaganda, it was like entering a different world.

That noise had stopped, except for random messages by Mallard over a loud-speaker that were drowned out with song.

Within the camp there was harmony, acceptance, and a genuine affinity between souls. This irrepressible life reverberated throughout the camp, touching everyone, regardless of culture, ethnicity, or anything else. Maori stood beside non-Maori, and hugged. Rich stood next to poor and hugged. Injection-injured and those not injected, hugged. Oh, what a breath of fresh air! Soul connections were everywhere. Brothers and sisters, arm-in-arm, together as one.

And, as if by magic, this harmonious community rapidly grew into a new New Zealand that held an attraction to which we were all drawn. If something was needed, then it transpired — like a tent where those unjabbed could at last have a haircut, or a creche for the young children, or a homeopathy and essential oils treatment tent, or a massage tent. There were speakers and there was music and an exchange of ideas that were real and were brought into being, as if by magic, which it was.

There were firemen who had lost their jobs, police, first responders, ambulance crew, doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, ex-police, ex-military, producers, artists, writers, labourers, mountain and ski guides, tradies, employees, and the self-employed, who refused to discriminate between their fellow Kiwis. Most professions were represented.

A solution was found for every problem that confronted this camp. Fresh salads were needed. They arrived, compliments of those who grew them. Sprinklers were turned on, drenching the ground, so the can-do Kiwis found another use for the traffic cones and stemmed the immediate flow, while digging ditches to drain the water. The ground was soggy, and almost immediately farmers turned up with wide grins and bundles of hay to protect the grass and to keep it dry underfoot.

Police blocked off the cleaning crews for the toilets, so new toilets were built and hooked into the sewerage drain. Showers arrived and were linked to the water. Every problem was cheerfully met with a solution and it was a creative, industrious hive of activity.

The smiles broadened. The goodwill expanded. Everyone was building a new country, right on the grounds of parliament. Right in front of those who sought to separate us, to create disharmony, to tear down instead of build-up, to create obstacles instead of provide solutions, to work against the people and pit family against family with divisive polices that sought to tear New Zealand apart and destroy small and medium business, so they could build something else entirely that didn’t recognise freedom or human rights, or unity, as un-negotiable cornerstones of democracy.

Undaunted by obstacles at every turn, this brave, burgeoning community soldiered on with little more than a dream in their hearts for a new world and a better New Zealand.

It almost felt that the diggers of old who marched off to fight for our freedom and democracy in times past were right at our shoulders, urging us on and lending a hand with the ‘heavy lifting’. An intangible presence that buoyed us all, made up of the best of Kiwi qualities — an irrepressible spirit.

Shoulder to shoulder and soul to soul, we were rebuilding anew. Foundations were placed here for a New Zealand with unity, care and love for one another, with mutual respect and humour. One where everyone was valued for themselves.

We were there. We were onboard. And we represented hundreds of thousands of other Kiwis who couldn’t be there but supported everyone who was. Each one of us knew that every single person there respected individual human rights — and chief amongst that was the freedom to decide on what medical treatment one would, or would not, have, without penalty. In short, the Nuremberg Code and the NZ Bill of Rights had to be honoured.

I met Shane and his son on a park bench at the camp. As the late afternoon sun slanted through the majestic trees in the vicinity, they told me how they had come from the North with little but their basic supplies. Shane’s son lost his job because of the mandates. They had been there since the start. Shane told me he was standing for the future of his mokopuna, so they were able to attend their sport, their dance, their hakas, their rugby and also their schools — without being forced to have an experimental injection or to hide their faces.

Tears coursed down his weather-beaten cheeks as he shared stories of the segregation and division wrought by this government and the opposition.

But he wanted to be able to look back on this pivotal moment in New Zealand’s history and know, and to be able to tell his whanau, that he had stood for what was right, he had stood for our democracy, and he had stood to protect our sacred God-given spirit within, without it being tampered with by anyone who sought to destroy it.

He stood for our freedom. This was his legacy to his family. And surely, there is no legacy more powerful than that.

We agreed, it is a battle for our very souls. We shared tears, we hugged, and each valued that special moment in time — brothers and sisters standing beside each other for what matters most.

Strong bonds.

Everyone had a story. All were special. Everyone was listened to. Everyone was respected, for we were all here. That was enough.

This was our New Zealand family and we were home.

Everyone, linked in harmony through a common cause and purpose.

The biggest common denominator was soul.

That shone out like a beacon. And the more it is beaten down, the brighter it will shine. For it is immortal.

Camp Freedom news

By Mary Hobbs

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  1. What a beautiful and heartfelt story. Thank you for sharing. God bless those who believe and stand up for the truth. ????????

  2. Kiaora Mary Hobbs.
    Every word you wrote I related to with tears of sadness , gratitude and fear. I am learning to stay present for the future is unknown . Then the memories of thousands of unknown faces, flood my mind and heart, with a unity that cries ‘yes!’ we are all one here on this planet to love and help each other. I already knew this but to see the unity of everyone at Freedom Village, standing up for truth and righteousness, smiling and beaming gods light made me feel like Jesus’s son, my heart was alight! I salute all those who where there and to the ones who couldnt make it , know that intention is sacred and your hearts were there. Nga mihi nui Mary Hobbs. Ko Tahi Aroha, may all beings be happy.

    • Thank you David. It really was so incredibly special. And it lives on, within all of us who were there and/or supported us all from around teh country.

  3. thanks Mary, this was my experience as well. I was there til the end, which was sad and shocking, especially as our beautiful space was ‘infiltrated’ and twisted, by infiltrators as well as media lies. I think people believed that the mercenaries would stay out of parliament grounds since they had been trespassed, and never imagined that enforcement officers would be so destructive, destroying private property and since that is not in their job description, so many beautiful donated tents and marques were destroyed. I know material possessions aren’t important but all our lovely resources donated by caring kiwis are gone. We need them for the next action…

    • Thank you Tracy. It has bonded us all, which makes each of us stronger and more close, and that spirit lives on. I watched the live footage from March 2 and was devastated by it, too, so can only imagine how difficult it must have been for you. Writing of it soon. Kia kaha brave soul. x

  4. Thank you Mary for your beautiful recount of your experience at the Freedom Camp in Wellington. I was one of the ones that couldn’t be there but had many friends who were there for a good amount of the time. Your heartfelt words you have shared here reflects all the others I know that went. I get a real sense of the energy, love and connection you experienced and I feel a renewed sense of hope for the future with a connected, loving, empathic community in Aotearoa after reading your story. Thank you!

    • But you were there in spirit Megan, which was so important as that was also felt so strongly there — support from so many who couldn’t physically be there, but whose support was still felt. Thank you for those lovely words, and the future you see, which a growing number of us share, so it will happen. Warmest wishes. . .

  5. Absolutely beautiful Mary. This is what I experienced at Parliament grounds too. I truly believe that good will overcome evil. The goodness on the Parliament grounds gave me back the hope I had lost these past 2 years. It was an unforgettable experience of love and unity.

  6. Beautifully articulated through the lens of compassion and hope for a better future for us all. Our family had three consecutive weekend visits to camp freedom and we still miss going there so much. Fir the first time in two years we felt accepted and we have not smiled or laughed like that in such a long time either. We’ve been cut out of society, when there we were at one. Absolutely beautiful. Lord protect us all moving forward and may better days be ahead. End mandates and vaccine passes.

  7. Thank you Jayne. I agree that the good will overcome the evil and that love and unity lives on within each of us and is spreading still throughout our country. Warmest wishes…

  8. Very beautifully written capturing the camp I knew and not the lies and distortion reported by our MPs, MSM and police. We have made the best friends we will ever have.

    Thank you.

    Rodney Hide

  9. Perfectly written Mary the essence of pure KIWI spirit & soul created at “Camp Freedom” for the future well-being of every citizen living in New Zealand ❤️⭐️????????

    • Thank you Tracy. As your reply and those of all here show, the essence, the spirit of Camp Freedom lives on — and becomes stronger.

  10. Beautifully written Mary. This is the community we all want to live in and it’s given us a taste of what we can create together. We had ours in camp Epic in Canberra and you had the same in Wellington.
    Well done everyone.
    Hold the line ….don’t give up.

  11. are you really that deranged? Can you really not see how deranged you are? Utter drivel. You encouraged those poor fools. You ought to be thoroughly ashamed of yourselves. You claim intellectual and moral leadership but you have neither. You are clearly narcissist and have no care for anyone but yourselves. We all stand aghast at you and what you weave. It’s the total lack of doubt. It’s the belief in yourself first and last. Like some Übermensch. You are not.

    • Money on the navigator everyone that this person …. didn’t quite navigate to the freedom village to see for themselves? Oh wait the trusted news with invasions of Libya/Iraq/Afghanistan/Syria and now Ukraine were/are all true so they covered the village just the same? Has navigator seen the images of the police navigating the shopping trolly of pavers for their antifa criwf to throw back at them? What is deranged is your inability to navigate a single point with any direction as to why this report was as you say deranged. You even called Mary narcissist? Why?

      • Look, it’s simple – if you can not see that you and Mary and any who support you are deranged when like 90% of the country for sure can see it then you have to start asking questions as to why a person can push themselves so far against the tide. Dig for that and find your problem. For some it’s just plain life’s bitterness, for others it’s a loyalty to something abstract and often bizarre. For others it’s because the love object or similar is nuttier than themselves, for others it’s because they’ve been conditioned by a belief system. A narcissist looks at themselves and sees themselves beautiful. Wise. Perfect. Without flaw – compared to the sheeple. Go check out your friendly DSM.

    • Navigator. Coward…is the tittle that comes to mind.
      If you were real and honest you would have a name. Nothing you say can be taken to heart or as real.

      I too was at parliament grounds and sadly left 2 days before the tyrants thugs seized on an opportunity to attack innocent New Zealanders.

      These innocent New Zealanders were/are the soul and backbone of this country and are under attack by a government determined in their resolve to destroy democracy and our way of life. A way of life that our fathers and mothers stood and fought for with their lives.
      They told us as we were growing up that we would likely have to fight for our lives again and again because they had only chased the communists back to their cave and did not destroy them.

      I spoke with dozens of people at freedom village (parliament grounds) from the moment I arrived with the freedom rally and I can tell you “navigator” that we the people there were very awake and very ready to stand to the death. What we also agreed was that every person except the infiltrator’s, was compelled to be there. We were the ones of families, work groups and society that were not cast to the spell “mass formation sycosis” that the rest of the country and world have been placed.
      Those under the spell will eventually wake up and when they do they will not be of the loving nature of those who came to parliament as the first wave. Yes there will be another wave, it will be of those who have lost their children to harm and death.

      Mary wrote a wonderful and accurate account of the events that took place at parliament grounds. The PM and her minion MP’s and bureaucrats never once addressed a single person on the grounds. I was in contact with two MP’s while there and I asked them to come and meet with us. They were complicit and in denial that we had genuine reasons for being legally on the grounds to protest and ask for help.

      Our government and the bureaucrat’s must go was the call from every person I spoke with. The one aspect of all this is that the deep state which control our government corporation is collapsing before our eyes. Many of us around the country are awake to this and are getting ready to rebuild our society and to catch those who have been harmed. You will wake up or die in the battle. There are only two sides, no one can claim to be a spectator to this tyranny we are all combatants number one and rest orator’s number two. You navigator are either very ill-informed or you are a tyrant hiding behind a fictious name.

      I stand with the patriots and freedom fighters of this country. My job is to help restore and regenerate this country, a mission I and my loved ones have been on for 15 years.

      Good day navigator my god have mercy on the souls of the perpetrator’s.

      • on a web site crawling with right wing extremists? You’re kidding right? A bunch of bully by nature extremists with no sense of perspective? You’re talking about the sort of people that do pretty heinous crimes. Like mass murder and such. The nameless chap in prison believed as strongly as you lot. We understand you all for sure now but as much as we understand you we still grieve that our boys had to deal with you. Shame on you for putting them through that when you have no grounds other than hubris and misinformation to stand on.

          • Them antifa sure get around but I guess with so many yanks buying up citizenship we’re bound to get lots of loonies from both sides. Like the antifa that created the carnage Jan 6. Yeh, we get it Trumpie we get it.

  12. Oh Mary – how have I only just read this now?!

    How beautifully written and from the bottom of my and my husband and sons hearts we thank you for being there and representing us. I felt the pull so strongly to be there but I had to stay working and clinging desperately to my small business as our primary income just at a time I had previously planned to give it up. With mandates and covid it is now a Godsend to be able to be self employed even if I physically struggle at times.

    Back to your beautiful article, this following paragraph encapsulates what I dream for New Zealand and does remind me a little of the beautiful country I grew up in, especially my home town:

    “Within the camp there was harmony, acceptance, and a genuine affinity between souls. This irrepressible life reverberated throughout the camp, touching everyone, regardless of culture, ethnicity, or anything else. Maori stood beside non-Maori, and hugged. Rich stood next to poor and hugged. Injection-injured and those not injected, hugged. Oh, what a breath of fresh air! Soul connections were everywhere. Brothers and sisters, arm-in-arm, together as one”

    Together as one, that is how we need to be, each valued for our own individuality and attributes that come from that. I pray that one day we will achieve this, because certainly at the moment we couldn’t be farther from it under this Govt.

    Again thank you Mary to you and your husband and thank you to all the other brave and wonderful people who represented me I am so sorry I was not able to be there.

    Kia kaha beautiful people.


  13. 2 weeks of pre-covid income – up to $50K!

    Wow! It’s like the spoilt brat kid whose ball got taken away and so erupted into spitting and barking and biting for months, years, plotting overthrow and demise and laughing at the visualisations of Nuremberg trials of our nations elected leaders – encouraging others – those spoilt brat kids are going to get handed free money. Again. What do they say? That there’s nothing more socialist than a business owner in a crisis? Will it win Labour any votes from such people? No. Never.

  14. Yes! So wonderful to read a description of freedom village that rings true. This was a peaceful protest with a clear anti-mandate message. During my visits I felt proud to be a kiwi – for the first time in a long time.

  15. When the good shines brightly, the dark becomes darker.
    We may NAVIGATE these polarities within ourselves and choose which way is going to have the better outcome in the end. Personal attack and hostility have a short life.
    Mary, the inclusive human essence of what you beautifully portrayed has a very long life expectancy and hopefully has universal appeal and will eventually calmly quell fierce and hostile opposition!
    Thank you!!!


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