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Lynda Wharton
Lynda Whartonhttps://lyndawharton.com/
Lynda Wharton has been at the forefront of holistic therapies in New Zealand for over 30 years. She is both a Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and a Naturopath, and is a member of the New Zealand Register of Acupuncturists (MNZRA). Lynda specialises in the holistic treatment of women’s health problems.

I Honour our Heroes

“You are so strong and courageous”.

That is the support and encouragement i have received from many Health Forum members in the past year.

I really deeply appreciate the love and support you give me. I couldn’t do this work without you.

It’s hard not to feel just a little unworthy of the praise.

You see i spend much of my life communicating with the new face of true courage in New Zealand.

They are just ordinary, run of the mill, every day awesome Kiwi’s. They are stay at home mums; shop assistants; office workers; gym owners; corporate high flyers; labourers and farmers and more. Just your average cross section of all the skills it takes to make a country go round.

Or should i say… they were.

Vaccine injured news


Now many of them are too physically, mentally and emotionally incapacitated to get up and head off for another day at the office.

None of the new breed of courageous New Zealanders will be featuring in the New Years honours list. None of them will be invited to parliament for a photo shoot with a dignitary. None will be front page news, lauded and fawned over for their months of courage in the face of virtual gun fire and enemy attack.

Instead they wear a label (instead of a purple cross) that invites scorn, derision or simply invisibility.

It is the label of VACCINE INJURED

They didn’t ask for or even expect to wear this particular medal of dishonour. It just came to them carried on the wind of fate…a seemingly random squirt of mRNA followed by a long drawn our requiem to their “old life”.

Why do i call it a “medal of dishonour”?

Vaccine injury (especially Covid vaccine injury in the era of censorship and “misinformation”) is light years removed from any other form of medical mishap, and the resulting love, compassion and support you would receive from the medical profession and those who know and love you.

You are an inconvenient truth. An unpleasant shot across the bow of “our way out of the pandemic”. Its vaccine or bust (we are lead to believe) if we ever want our pre-pandemic lives back again.

Every available communication platform imbues your consciousness (as if by osmosis) with the modern day mantra of “safe and effective.

And then there’s YOU…

The inconvenient truth. The living breathing evidence of the contrary, smashing bomb-sized craters into public belief, with your very presence and existence.

You with your broken hearts; your paralysed face; your wheelchairs; your stroke slammed legs and arms that no longer function; your mental confusion and inability to string sentences together; your chronic exhaustion; your racing hearts and soaring blood pressure; blood clots; heart attacks; strokes; liver injury (most of these conditions are acknowledged as “adverse reactions of special interest” by Medsafe).

You sought help from the hospital…many of you, repeatedly. Each time you are told “it’s nothing to do with the vaccine” or “you have anxiety”, or “most likely you were always going to have a stroke now anyway” or “no you don’t have neurological damage from the vaccine, you have just been watching too much Tourettes syndrome on Tik Tok” (I’m not kidding).

Sometimes, despite your request to have your illness reported to Medsafe, the hospital or your doctor refuse to do so. You log onto Medsafe with your brain that doesn’t work and your numb hands and your racing heart, and stumble your own way through a CARM report.

What you thought would be a week’s sick leave, slowly and painfully crawls into another week and another week. You can’t pay the mortgage and this week your extended family will be feeding you. You reach out to ACC for help. You were told at the very start of the roll out that vaccine injured New Zealanders would be supported by ACC. It turns out that for many, this amounts to “misinformation”. You are declined. Spurned. Tossed out to bob around in a sea of despair.

What was that dose that changed your life? Was it the first or second? If so, you are in deep trouble. Depending on your life circumstances and your profession, not dutifully turning up for the next dose will bring one final cruel blow to bare.

No jab….no job.

No jab….no vax passport.

No jab…no visits with your terrified whanau, convinced that even though you have no Covid you will some how bring the Grim Reaper with you if you cross their threshold.

No jab….no love.

Many of our hero’s have received an exemption from their doctor or specialist, attesting to their belief that the next dose may be the fatal dose for them. That’s not where it ends though. Here in New Zealand it’s not your personal medical specialist who knows best…your fate is decided by a “board” including Ashleigh Bloomfield. Not one of them knows you, or have examined you or spent the time to form a decades-long caring medical relationship with you.

Declined. You are declined. Get your next dose or else.

Hundreds of you have been declined your exemption. Some of you nearly died from anaphylaxis with your previous dose. You spent a week in hospital recovering. You did not qualify for a future exemption. No….you were instead instructed to have your next shot in an ED department with a crash cart on hand.

Others of you had a heart attack within a few days of your previous dose. That’s ok, it won’t exempt you. We just wait until you recover from the heart attack and are signed off by your cardiologist….then you’re good to go for that next dose.

It’s true. Every single word of this is true. This is your New Zealand. These are your friends, your family members, your co-workers….living through a literal hell.

These beautiful wounded, almost fallen brave kiwis…these are our modern day heroes.

I honour your bravery, your resilience, your determination and your daily endless quest to fight your way back to health.

Silent no more.

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  1. Thank you, Lynda, thank you.

    Keep up the good fight. You’re on the right side of New Zealand’s medical and political history. I admire your courage, strength and humanity tremendously. This is what ‘be kind’ truly looks like.

    My hope is that everyone injured by Pfizer and other COVID mRNA injections, is treated with respect and fairness by all people and agencies concerned, and easily provided the necessary resources to enable them to heal and live their lives as optimally as they can.

    My question to so-mentioned ‘experts’ and proponents of ‘vaccine safety’ in NZ is, where are they getting their information from to confidently give this advice? For eg, see two of hundreds of such references in media articles:



    Is the so-mentioned expert’s advice from qualified research sources and legitimate trials, and recent actual ‘human’ data. If so, which? Does their vaccine safety information emanate from and funded, even indirectly, by Pfizer or other COVID mRNA injection manufacturers, the WHO, UN and Gates’ affiliates? Last but not least, why was Pfizer so insistent upon only releasing their mRNA COVID injection data in 55 years time?

    Almost all the recent medical papers and advice I’m reading from leading mRNA experts, internationally renowned geneticists, virologists and many highly reputed medical researchers/scientists, provide that the Pfizer mRNA injection is not properly trialled and is categorically unsafe as it’s potentially and already damaging many thousands of people. All results and reasons are provided.

    Are we foreseeing massively expensive class action law suits in the future in NZ, where current decision makers, advisors and experts will be called or subpoenaed to give evidence for their vaccine safety claims, given the suffering caused to trusting NZers and those fearing losing their livelihoods and careers? Of course, Pfizer itself has already armed, entirely protected and indemnified itself from being sued or prosecution in that Gordian knot of their purchase contract with NZ, this public is still yet to see a copy of despite several OIA requests.

    These are a few questions I have. Others may have similar or other questions?

  2. ???????????????? sooo sad. Thanks Lynda for your work and reporting these serious issues among our brothers and sisters of nz. Precious lord please help and bless the citizens of this country, please make a way for them to get medical and financial support and please give to them your peace that passes all understanding ????

  3. I don’t believe there is anything new going on in our trusted medical community. Speak to all the parents who Vd their first kid who got damaged, when they refused to V subsequent kids they were ostricised. The teenage girls whose lives were ruined from the safe effective Gardisal V. The older people who were “lucky” they had the shingles V else their shingles would have been worse. The children with major gut problems after the very safe Vitamin K injection (side effect at medsafe “sudden death”). All the older people with muscle pain, tremors, itches, memory loss, incontinence, vertigo, etc, etc caused by their safe and effective cholesterol pill, blood pressure pill, diabetes etc etc. Us victims have suffered for decades from the caring medical profession. There is absolutely nothing new going on today it’s the same old same old it’s just far more grandiose in it’s number of victims in a very short space of time.


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