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When will it be called treason?

When will it be called treason?
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

Fear not the path of truth for the lack of people walking on it. — Robert Kennedy

On a warm day in the spring of 2021, a mother, Kate, entered a pop-up ‘vax’ clinic in trepidation. All instincts told her to head for the hills, but she had decided to have one jab, so carried on.

Her husband John had already had two of the experimental gene-based therapy ‘COVID’ injections, but was increasingly concerned that if the family was not injected it would put their younger son, Michael, a type one diabetic, in danger. At that stage, John trusted the government was telling the truth when they advised COVID was dangerous, particularly to the elderly and those who were immuno-compromised, including diabetics, but if the family of the vulnerable took the jabs then that would provide protection to those most at risk. The government expressed ‘concern’ for everyone’s well-being, and kept advising that if everyone received the ‘vaccine’ — touted as ‘safe and effective’ — then all would be well.

But it wasn’t.

For some time, Kate, held out. She was a trained naturopath, and had signed the Hippocratic Oath — First Do No Harm. She took her oath seriously and upheld and stood by it as the foremost principal.

She already had a healthy suspicion of ‘vaccines’ due to some bad family experiences. On one occasion, one of her teenage sons injured himself and went to the doctor for a tetanus shot. While there, he was invited to have a measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) shot, as well. He agreed, but shortly afterwards suffered from an exceptionally severe case of measles — the very thing the ‘vaccine’ was meant to protect him from. Then her grandfather received the flu jab and immediately contracted pneumonia. Her father strongly advised his dad against getting the flu jab the following year, but he did. Shortly after receiving it, he suffered from another severe bout of pneumonia and died. These experiences, combined with her knowledge of naturopathy, led Kate to seek out as much information as she could on the experimental treatment, but her investigations consistently brought her back to the inescapable conclusion that there was no advantage to the family taking this poison, as it was still on trial, had insufficient testing — if any — and no one knew the full contents of the vials. If she didn’t know what was in it, how could she determine it was safe?

Throughout this time, mainstream media stepped up their government-paid advertising, putting pressure on and shouting the ‘safe and effective’ propaganda on radio stations every 30 minutes. The messages alternated between offering free money, free sausages, or free lotto tickets, along with other useless ‘rewards’, if one just took the jab. Then the mandates came in, making a mockery of the New Zealand Bill of Rights. Many thousands of people suffered as they were faced with the threat of losing their livelihoods, their homes, and sometimes their families, unless they had ‘two shots for summer’.

Michael, their younger son, had suffered from type one diabetes since he was four and struggled with fluctuating blood sugar levels. At the time of the mandates, he was to be sent to Christchurch for assessment but Kate wasn’t ‘vaccinated’ at that time, so she understood they were unable to go. They would have also been turned away from accommodation at Ronald Macdonald House — a place available for parents with children at the hospital —for the same reason. This was at the time when the ‘unvaccinated’ were ‘not permitted’ to go anywhere except the supermarket. Kate and John were also under additional stress because the simple access to Michael’s life-saving test-strips — that informed the parents whether or not he needed insulin or carbohydrates — suddenly seemed to be mysteriously rationed to the point there was minimal supply available for them if he urgently needed more. It was like flying blind.

Michael continued to battle with fluctuating blood sugar levels and related issues, which seemed to bring the decision to a head on whether Kate and their two older sons should get the jabs, or not. A stalemate was reached. Eventually, Kate decided to have just one of the injections, as a compromise as she harboured deep concern that urgent products like the test-strips could be withheld. Their two older sons were not at all keen to have it either, but they separately came to the same conclusion as their mother — they would have one of the jabs as well, if it meant it was going to help protect their little brother. It was a compromise Kate felt she could make, but she resolved to also seek answers to questions she had at the ‘vax’ clinic.

That spring day, in 2021, Kate tentatively walked the length of the hall to where the injections were being administered. Screens had been erected between two lines of people receiving the gene-therapy jabs, but conversations on both sides could clearly be heard. As Kate questioned the nurses about the jabs, she heard a patient on the other side of the curtain comment, in reference to her asking questions; “Oh, so you have one of those in today do you — I suppose you get all sorts …” It did nothing to reassure Kate she was in a safe environment, but she persevered. Yes, she thought, I am ‘one of those’ because I need more answers. She was particularly anxious to know if it was wise to get such an experimental injection if one had a family history of heart issues. The vaccinators replied that others with heart issues were choosing to take the ‘vaccine’ to protect themselves from COVID and she was told it was ‘safe and effective’. Kate, at no stage, received any information on possible severe adverse events. As she and her sons were never fully informed about these adverse events, they were unable to give fully informed consent. The same applied to John, when he received two jabs.

Unknown to Kate and John at the time, in June, 2021, four months before Kate went to the ‘vax’ clinic, the highly censored and pilloried NZDSOS team of courageous doctors and other medical staff had written an Open Letter to the DG of Health, the Health and Disability Commission, the Prime Minister, and others, outlining their increasing concern about the lack of information given to patients about the serious adverse events, including death. Without this information, it was impossible for patients to be able to give fully informed consent. And while unaware of the dangerous side effects, they were also being subjected to the incessant lies of the ‘safe and effective’ propaganda, that continued in full swing.

When will it be called treason?
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

Every time we turn our heads the other way . . . when we tolerate what we know to be wrong, when we close our eyes and ears to the corrupt because we are too busy or too frightened, when we fail to speak up and speak out, we strike a blow against freedom and decency and justice. – Robert Kennedy

In June 2021, Dr Emanuel Garcia also spoke out about his grave concerns with regard to the jab. By July, 2021, three months before Kate had her first injection, Medsafe’s CARM system for reporting Covid-19 vaccine adverse events was already overwhelmed with reports of serious side effects. Lynda Wharton of The Health Forum, whose purpose is to support Covid vaccine impacted New Zealanders, was also reporting severe adverse events and provided factual evidence and backup. Over the past four years, the heavily censored alternative media has, undaunted, continued to tirelessly get the message out. NZDSOS, and their guest writers, published many articles and wrote many Open Letters to those in power concerning the vital lack of information on the serious adverse events of this experimental jab that made it impossible for anyone to give informed consent. NZDSOS showed what informed consent should look like — from the information they had at the time — and blew the whistle on the serious violations in regard to this. The dangers of this jab have become a mind-boggling eye-opener and make nonsense of the ‘safe and effective’ lies, still being provided by the government. As a result, after four years, New Zealanders, are still unable to give a fully informed consent. At the time, doctors were threatened with losing their right to practice if they gave full information of the dangers of the jab. So were nurses and other medical staff. Tragically, most fell into line, and still do.

If only Kate and John had been given the full information they needed (including all of the possible adverse events) to be able to give informed consent, including where it reports that the likelihood of spreading infection to others is up to 251 times greater in the ‘vaccinated’, than the unvaccinated. If they had known all of the vital facts, then this family, and millions of other Kiwi souls like them, would never have taken the jab. Kiwis and people all over the world received lies and propaganda, while those valiantly trying to get the truth out, at NZDSOS, and in alternative media, were censored and gas-lit by a totalitarian government, aided by a complicit mainstream media, compliant health professionals, and others, who had left their allegiance to the 1990 Bill of Rights, the Hippocratic Oath and the Nuremberg Code in tatters. There are further valuable references in regard to fully informed consent here.

In late 2021, on the orders of a US Judge, Pfizer released nine pages of tightly worded text jam-packed with adverse events, from the jab, many of which were severe and included, but were not limited to, heart ailments and blood clots that could be fatal. That list may not have been available at the time of Kate’s injection but regardless, it was known at the time that it was an experimental gene-based therapy injection that contained mRNA, not all of the contents had been disclosed and it had not been given full approval by Medsafe. These facts were drowned out by the ‘safe and effective’ propaganda and other lies. Kate, John, and their sons, were never given the information required for them to be able to give a fully informed consent Never. Almost no Kiwis were.

Yet one of the most damning pieces of information to ever come out was featured on a screen shot from an FDA meeting on 22 October 2020 that showed a list of possible adverse event outcomes. This was BEFORE Emergency Use Authorisation was granted to Pfizer and Moderna.

This presentation was made almost exactly one year to the day before Kate and her teenage sons had the first jab, but the information was suppressed. On 15 July 2021, when NZDSOS discovered this information, they published it on their heavily censored NZDSOS website www.nzdsos.com. Kate and her family didn’t see it. Neither did the majority of people in NZ and around the world. And despite this bombshell evidence, nothing in New Zealand, or anywhere, changed. The band, treasonously, played on.

When will it be called treason?

So, without this information, Kate pushed aside her misgivings and reluctantly received the Pfizer injection. Her two older sons followed.

At that point, their lives changed.

Immediately post-jab, Kate noticed that the vaccinators were looking at her and her sons particularly closely in comparison to others. When Kate and the boys returned to the car, John was initially relieved that they had received the first jab, as he felt Michael would now be better protected. Privately, Kate was experiencing relief that they had not had a cardiac arrest.

Within about 24 hours, Kate experienced pain at the injection site in her arm, which quickly spread up to her shoulder, across her chest, and up into her neck and jaw, with substantial pain around her heart. She felt arrhythmias, and a pounding heartbeat, that she had never suffered from pre-jab. Her chest pain was severe. The pain in her arm was with her for a further 18 months. The chest pain still hovers.

One of her older sons also experienced chest pain immediately afterwards, similar in nature to Kate’s, with arrhythmias, skipping beats, rapid heart rate and pounding heart. Both sons, and Kate, from the time of the jab onwards, were very lethargic and felt tired for a good part of the day — the opposite to what they usually were, which was two healthy energetic teenagers, and a healthy, very athletic mum. This was the opposite of their usual activity levels.

It still is.

John’s momentary relief rapidly turned to increasing alarm as he witnessed in horror, how his beloved wife and older sons were affected. He was aghast at the worsening of their symptoms over the following days, weeks, and months. As a result, he has been, understandably, appalled by, and extremely distrustful of the government and media ever since, as he has witnessed, first-hand, their blatant and continuous lies, while seeing the actual truth of it in the serious adverse effects experienced by his family. He will never, ever, receive another jab. None of them will. This sentiment is echoed throughout the country. The family feel they have been utterly betrayed by those in government. Those they should have been able to trust. They have been.

When will it be called treason?
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

I know not what treason is, if sapping and betraying the liberties of a people be not treason. — Cato the Younger.

In addition to the cardiac issues, Kate had no period for the first three months following the jab. She took two pregnancy tests, both of which were negative. After that came two weeks of excruciating, debilitating, abdominal pain, and then blood clots with copious amounts of dark blood and skin-like tissue being expelled. This went on for two weeks, followed by a constant stream of bright red blood pouring from her whenever she moved. She was confined to the house over this time. Kate feels extremely uncomfortable in sharing such intimate and private details, but she is courageously doing it in an effort to help warn others and to add her voice to those who have suffered in a similar way post-jab, with what has been commonly experienced and recorded by other brave souls. She is now aware that cardiac and menstrual issues have been frequently reported as serious adverse events and are listed on the nine pages of Pfizer‘s notorious record of serious adverse events.

Recently, Kate looked up the details of the adverse events on the specific batch number of the Pfizer jab she and the boys had been given. She found it online under “How Bad Is My Batch? It showed the adverse events reported from the 250 vials of that particular batch. There were 203 who suffered disabilities, 203 had other adverse events, 20 suffered life-threating illnesses, and six Kiwis died — to date.

Kate sought help within the first week and received an ECG. This is missing from her patient notes. She went to the doctor again just over three weeks after the jab, again presenting with tightness across her chest and up into her neck, with sharp, stabbing pains. She had high blood pressure, also very unusual. She told the doctor it all started after the first jab. The doctor she saw seemed very abrupt and impatient with her, making her feel very uncomfortable. He did an ECG, and took blood-pressure and pulse recordings. Then, astoundingly, she was told that it was probably an intercostal injury. Yet she hadn’t had any injury that would indicate that. What this previously very fit and healthy woman had received three weeks before-hand was an experimental gene-based therapy injection that had a known risk of resultant cardiac injury and menstrual injuries, among many other adverse effects. This particular ECG was recently passed to a cardiologist who commented on an area of concern and he suggested more testing should definitely be done in relation to what he saw and suggested the specific tests.

Kate, who before the first Pfizer jab, had hardly ever seen a doctor, presented with chest pain again the following month, but later stopped going to seek help, because she felt stone-walled and gas-lit. What was the point of paying to see doctors who falsely diagnosed intercostal injuries, stress, gastric reflux — and attempted to foist medication for those maladies onto her — when she didn’t have symptoms indicating any of those issues. She had no acid reflux, wasn’t burping, the chest pain could occur at any time, and it wasn’t connected to eating.

When will it be called treason?
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

Any appeasement of tyranny is treason. — William Allen White

There was one hell of an elephant in the room and it had ‘side-effects from experimental gene-based therapy jab’ written in capitals in white paint, all over its rump, with blind-folded people in white-coats looking at anything but that.

Kate returned for another appointment when she experienced the dramatic changes in her menstrual cycle with the extremely heavy bleeding and clots and severe pain in her abdomen. This is another post-jab adverse event listed under her specific batch number, which at no time did any of the doctors note that they had investigated. Is this why? Instead, it was alleged she had menopause, yet she had none of the accompanying symptoms of that either. The female doctor on duty at the time then ordered some very personal tests to be done without any causal relationship in symptoms from the patient. She noted that Kate thought it was the jab and commented that she bet Kate had a ‘whole network’ of people she could call on for help, didn’t she. . .? When the tests returned negative, that doctor said she wanted to repeat them. During one of those appointments the same female doctor palpated her tender abdomen so hard that it made Kate flinch. She has a high pain tolerance, and wondered why it was necessary to press so hard in an area that was extremely tender. The doctor never once sought out the potential adverse events from the batch numbers of the Pfizer jab that Kate and her sons had received and never addressed the elephant in the room which, by this time had really expanded into a herd.

When will it be called treason?
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. — Martin Luther King

It worried Kate that she was not asked about any recent medical treatments, and that the history she gave post “vax” was disregarded. All of her symptoms, and that of her sons, were experienced post-jab. Before that they were all fit and healthy. It was left to her to seek out the adverse events that had been listed from the batch her and her sons had been given and she didn’t stumble upon this information until 2024. She felt belittled, disbelieved, and abused.

When does this sort of treatment from a ‘doctor’ become covert patient abuse? When does the desertion of the Nuremberg Code, the Bill of Rights and the Hippocratic Oath of ‘First Do No Harm’ by the Medical Council, the Nursing Council, and the government, become a betrayal after trust? As a former NZRN, I find this treatment of a patient abhorrent and more like a form of psychological suppression. Most patients are already feeling vulnerable when they visit a doctor and just want to be received in a kind, supportive manner and to be offered the right treatment and help after a correct diagnosis, by someone that cares.

The common denominator when consulting the medical profession about the serious side effects Kate and her sons had was that they would deny it was anything to do with the jab. They didn’t investigate further with detailed cardiac tests they all should have had, but instead conducted all sorts of other useless tests for illnesses Kate did not have — while refusing to address the real issue: Kate and her sons were suffering from severe adverse events after being injected, without ever having been provided with the information necessary in order for them to have been able to give fully informed consent.

Kate also discovered in her health records that at the time of the injection, as she was being told it was ‘safe and effective’ and ‘other cardiac patients were getting it to avoid COVID’, she and her older sons had been labelled as ‘at risk’. This was never explained and it put them under added stress, until she recently discovered that this phrase was put on all records of those who had the jab meaning, ‘at risk from COVID’, which was a lie, as it has been clearly proven that most were in no more danger than getting an average ‘flu particularly in their age group. And why anyone put the immune system of the vulnerable under further strain with an experimental gene-therapy? In fact, the risk from heart injury from the jab was far greater. Kate, quite rightly, wants to know why her concerns about her family’s cardiac history were swept aside on the day, and why the jab was ever given to her and her sons.

What was the plan, in view of their family history? A quick defibrillation if her or her sons had a cardiac arrest at the ‘vax’ clinic and then be sent home to a lifetime of side-effects, so a box could be ticked to state the jab had been delivered and the organisers could collect the money for delivering it? How much? Seventy bucks a shot to potentially destroy a person’s life? Granted, there are those who gave the jabs who believed what they were told by the government — regardless of the fact that, by the spring of 2021, the escalating adverse events told a different story. But what about those at the top, who knew and who were clearly alerted to the dangers?

When will the continuation of this type of treatment — still touted as ‘safe and effective’ by the Ministry of Health and mainstream media — yet has been proven to have so many serious adverse events, be termed treason?

According to the Black’s Law Dictionary, one of the definitions of treason is “betraying the state into the hands of a foreign power”. Was the previous New Zealand government, and its departments, such as the Ministry of Health, doing this, by allowing a jab to be administered into the arms of as many New Zealanders as possible, despite not knowing the full list of contents of the injection and; either being privy to the range of severe adverse events, but not disclosing the information to New Zealanders or; not asking about the potential severe adverse events? Regardless, the previous government knew it was an experimental gene-based therapy that had not had sufficient time for testing, yet continued to insist it was “safe and effective”, “prevented transmission” and “lessened the likelihood of contracting COVID”, — also here — all of which are now known to be lies. This was compounded with lies about the PCR tests that the inventor himself said would not be able to diagnose anything; the bribing and threatening of doctors, nurses, and other medical staff — through their regulatory bodies — to fall into line, and the sponsorship of media to tout their messages without question.

Is that not a betrayal of our country into the hands of a foreign power that wishes ill upon our people? Is that not a betrayal of our freedom, our democracy, and all that our ancestors fought for in World War 2?

The Oxford Learner’s Dictionary describes treason as betraying somebody or something. Hurting somebody who trusts you, especially by lying to them — a betrayal after trust. Everyone who has been told the jab is safe and effective has been betrayed. It began with the government, extended to medical councils, nursing councils, doctors, nurses, and other medical staff, who were threatened with loss of their jobs and deregistration if they didn’t go along with the narrative, . All of the employees in the Ministry of Health —except for one brave soul — who is currently being threatened with jail — also went along with it.

ACC has been complicit by denying obvious treatment injuries, so that traumatised and injured Kiwis who initially trusted the government were left penniless, losing their livelihoods and their homes due to their injuries, with no access to their right to be fully compensated. How do these people in such government departments sleep at night? How do they do this to fellow Kiwis who have a right to access to ACC payments for treatment injuries?

Does that fit the definition of treason to you?

Imagine if the employees in ACC processing these claims all stood up for their fellow New Zealanders and insisted that compensation be paid. They state they cover treatment injuries, so why isn’t this being done? How can the public trust government departments, and medical staff, who so callously and inhumanely gaslight injured Kiwis, and the relatives of those who have died due to the jab? How can Kiwis trust what is being put in place when the contract between the pharmaceutical corporations supplying the jabs remains secret — as do the contents?

There are some incredibly brave medical staff, and others, who remain true to their Hippocratic Oath and unfailingly stand strong, warning their patients of their concerns and urging caution, particularly with novel jabs. If it is unsafe they say so. They remained genuinely alarmed at the turn of events and risked their livelihoods to let New Zealanders know. Many of these you’ll find at NZDSOS.COM (www.nzdsos.com). Brave souls who despite having lost their jobs, and in some cases, their homes, are now focused on helping to heal the jab-injured. Heroes, each one.

In the meantime, in New Zealand, the message still going out to the public is that these injections are safe and effective and prevent transmission. That is lying propaganda. There are posters up at pharmacies inviting pregnant women in to have these shots. Pregnant women! The pharmacies are also paid well to deliver these toxic, dangerous shots. At least the Prime Minister of Slovakia, is has begun to raise a few questions. There are also other brave politicians like Andrew Bridgen in the UK and Senator Roberts in Australia, tirelessly speaking out, as well.

Many who read this article know what is going on and are doing all they can to let others know, too. Thank you. Hopefully, this article may help you get the message out as well. If you are just realising what is going on and feel you have been injured, please seek help at The Health Forum and nzdsos.com, for these great Kiwis will help. For others, please don’t be silent. Do what you can, where you can. An objection to the frightening proposals by the unelected World Health Organisation’s plans would be very helpful. Donating to organisations like The Health Forum and nzdsos.com, and to alternative media, would be gratefully received, too. Peacefully speak out for what is right. For what is good and true. Join with those who do — you’ll meet some amazing souls.

When will it be called treason?
Photo © Mary Hobbs.

It is from the numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. — Robert Kennedy

All photos © Mary Hobbs.

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    • Thank you Anonymous.
      Yes, it is an unfolding and escalating tragedy. Many additional stories of these injured souls can be found on The Health Forum.

  1. Excellent article yet again Mary. It’s personalised and so readers can relate. Hyperlinks certainly add concrete weight and proof.

    It is both astounding and outrageous the narrative and pricks continue. To this DAY!!

    • Many thanks Cindy.
      Yes, it is easier to relate when it is personalised and the reader walks the journey with those affected..
      It is astounding that the abusers continue to abuse, while lying every day about the products they tout…

  2. Long read but informative. We should NEVER censor doctors trying to do the best for their patients. Not everyone is the same therefore, information is needed. NEVER AGAIN.

    • Thanks Anon. Totally agree. Doctors and medical staff must be given full lists of side effects and contents. And the patients, too, of course. And medical staff must always be able to give their advice fully adhering to the Nuremberg Code, the Bill of Rights and the Hippocratic Oath..

    • Thanks Anon. Vengeance is not sought. That would be the wrong road to take. Honest justice is. I strongly feel that we write in to the current Covid Inquiry leaving them in no doubt as to the damage that has been done to our fellow Kiwis, under their heading of “efficacy “perhaps or wherever it can fit under their parameters of investigation as, astoundingly, they are not asked to look at the safety of this product.
      We need to peacefully advocate for the injured and bereaved to receive compensation from the government so they and their families are not deserted as they are now, and so they can get the real treatment they need to improve their health from ethical doctors.
      And perhaps those in parliament and the government departments, and all other areas who were fully aware of the adverse events and were serving other off-shore unelected cabals, and yet continued to advocate this harm ,should be brought to justice by an honest court. While we can peacefully, at the same time, just say no – never again.

      • Sorry, that time is OVER!
        Call it vengeance, tribunals, recourse…whatever you want.
        WE want JUSTICE! (and that might not be the BS law they cooked up in the waspnest!)

        • Thank you for your comment Anon. I understand what you are saying but we cannot play into their hands by falling into any traps they set. We need to awaken our fellow Kiwis and then peacefully just say No, while helping the injured and bereaved together and insisting on true justice.

  3. Well done Mary
    I pray justice is done to bring all involved to jail.
    It has been a nightmare in this life time to have this happen to so many innocent people to be blackmailed into having a poisonous jab that has changed there lives forever and the loss of family members.
    The forced lock downs that devided families with mandates.
    The jabed against the unjabed.
    It has been life changing for so many in such a sad way.
    Justice must be done so this can never happen again.

  4. Sadly this will all be whitewashed even if there is an inquiry. Too many people faced loose their jobs even in industries where there was no government mandate so employers should be held accountable too! So glad I trusted my instincts

    • Thank you Anon and I understand your feeling that it will all be a whitewash. I am also concerned about that but feel we write in to it, finding one of the “parameters” under which to object that may cover how dangerous this product is. Perhaps under “efficacy” as they have not included the word safety.

  5. Wow, thanks for this information. I have not been counted as vax injured despite my severe reaction to the jab within hours which left me hospitalised. I now suffer from terrible neurological problems which continue to decline. Cant get any explanation as to why. ACC denied my claim as being vax injured. Have fought the injury as best I can but now unable to work and on sick leave with grim future. Will take a look at this NZDSOS site…thank you

      • Injured Kiwis aren’t seeking what you seem to be suggesting twice. They just need help and honest justice, but our first concern must be to help ensure they receive the needed assistance and compensation for their injuries and/or bereavement..
        What you suggest is unhelpful, please don’t.

    • Thank you Martrin.
      I am so very sorry that you have had this injury. I can imagine it must have also taken huge effort for you to make an application while injured like this, too. In my view, from what you say in your description, it is absolutely unconscionable that you have not be counted as “vax” injured. I urge you to also contact The Health Forum. There are wonderful people there who can help assist you. Also, contact the NZDSOS clinic that they have for the vax injured. There is a button “clinic” you can click on. You will find wonderful doctors and medical staff there who can help. http://www.nzdsos.com Let me know how you get on.

  6. Thank you Mary, the other week I heard of two healthy young people going to bed, nothing wrong with them, and not waking up.
    People are very slow to putting facts together. I was told a year ago 30% of the population said they would not take jab, now the figure is 70%. An article about tax and Rates would get peoples attention. I hear there is a growing % of the population now, that understand you don’t have to pay rates or tax.

    • That is such a tragedy William. Are you able to contact The Health Forum with this information, as they will be able to put it on the right channels. Many thanks for your comments.

  7. Thank you again Mary. A truly shocking story, compassionately told. Treason indeed.

    Kate, John and family are in our Prayers. And damnation on all who inflicted such suffering and misery on the good people.

    Rodney Hide

  8. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of convenience and comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy”. — Martin Luther King
    Let this be your ruler too.

    Perhaps by accident, perhaps by intent, this article reinforces the importance of trusting your inner voice; it is the most reliable tool in your armory and unlike a drill, it becomes more honed as you use it more.
    Even if the only one that is telling you to take a road less travelled is your inner voice, you are in the company of angels.

    • Thank you Owen for your thoughtful feedback. This sentence, “Even if the only one that is telling you to take a road less travelled is your inner voice, you are in the company of angels.” So beautiful. And true.

  9. Only a tyrannical Marxist would mandate this poison on the citizens of New Zealand. The daily talkfests was pure indoctrination, supported by the corrupt MSM. Ardern, Blomfield, Hipkins, Wiles and Baker must be placed on the stand to answer their crimes. We were stunned by the violence of Ardern’s Stasi as they beat the Wgtn protestors for simply trying to defend themselves against the experimental protein spike. The fallout is being hushed up. All cause mortality was running at 18% above normal. Surgeries and hospitals are at bursting point. A crime has been committed and not a peep from the MSM. Keep up the good work Mary. The dam must surely break exposing the lies.

    • Thank you Rob. I hear you. It is such a tragedy and honest justice must be done. Thanks again for your comments. We must keep telling the stories of the injured who have been silenced by the very ones in government who should be advocating for them. And that includes ACC.

  10. Thank you Mary

    These stories are so common now it is looking like the greatest crime against humanity ever documented.

    Cancers are also rampaging and at break neck speeds, after these shots that are clearly not vaccines.

    We need answers. We need trials and we need consequences.

    Big Pharma and all associated with this crime must be stopped before they destroy more invaluable life.

  11. Thank you Jeremy. Much appreciated.
    You’re right. Those obeying the orders of offshore cabals and continuing to do so must be called to account in honest courts of justice and we must ensure there is full compensation, and proper assistance that helps, for the injured and the bereaved.

  12. Gallows are required for all the members of parliament. Not one spoke up for citizens rights. All are complicit with treason. Reward for treason is gallows. Have the same mercy for them as they had for us. Remember they wanted you all dead, and are still pushing the death jab.PS all the ferrets died. read that again ALL the ferrets died

  13. A powerful article Mary, lets hope more New Zealanders become aware of what is happening as so many Kiwis accepted the govt advice and got the ‘jab’ and so readily turned aganist those who chose not to. A wake up call for all!

    • Thank you Anon. Yes ,fear was used on our people 24/7. It was a shocking programme. We do need to keep peacefully speaking out, and having conversations about it – even if only to family, friends and workmates. It is difficult to believe that advertising for a product that has injured and killed so many Kiwis is still permitted to be touted as “safe and effective”. The government must step up to represent the people not offshore unelected despots. And those administering such products must cease to do that.

  14. It is pretty hard to add to your articals Mary they are thoughrough and very accurate. Thanks for saying what many of us are thinking, What these tyrants will need to understand is that we are not going to let it go and go back to their normal. No way not until justice is served upon them.

  15. Hanging a word like “treason” will change nothing, as with hanging “genocide” on Israel.
    A better question is “When will NZ Health Authorities be sent to prison?”

    • Thanks you Tom. This article was a story of how the lies told to Kiwis 24/7 have drastically injured half that family and yet the propaganda continues ever on. It isn’t the title. It is the content. And we need to keep on awakening our fellow Kiwis so more of us can peacefully stand up and say no, no more, while advocating for hte injured and bereaved.

  16. Thank you for keeping alive what the main stream media try to shut down, Mary.
    Accountability is so important, but often, it needs good journalism to out the wrongs in this world.

  17. The ‘due process’ of review’ regarding the well-known adverse effects of the Covid vaccines were well known to Chippy, Jabcinda, Baker, Ashley and the rest of the bought-and-paid-for treasonous lot!
    There will probably NEVER be any accountability as these psychopathic covert communists are still here and in power on both sides of the aisle. barring an uprising that starts with Treaty violations and Maori uprising against the government. That seems to be coalescing based on the government’s ‘business as usual’ methodology.
    My family & I did NOT comply with any of the illegal ‘mandates’ that have clearly violated the Nuremburg Code, the Geneva Convention, the NZ Patient Rights Act, and the NZ Human Rights Act.
    My wife is crippled with both types of arthritis, our two children are autistic, and I am war-injured.
    We receive NOTHING from ACC…or any other NZ Government entity, as we are ‘not in the know’!

  18. Dear disenfranchised NZ Veteran
    Thank you for your feedback. I think that there will be accountability as ultimately everyone has to be accountable for their actions. Karma.
    I am very sorry to hear of your family’s circumstances. Is there anyone at all assisting you? It seems not? Can the RSA put you onto anyone that may be able to give you some relief? Please contact the two references I gave in the last part of the article to see if they know of anyone who is able to help. I wish you well.


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