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Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Dig In At Marsden protest reaches 83rd day mark

The Dig In At Marsden protest to save the Marsden Point Oil Refinery reached it’s 83rd day yesterday.

Hannah Spierer of CounterSpin Media talks to protest leader Brad Flutey about progress to date and future plans for a nationwide tour.


‘Still at Spearhead [camp] at Dig In at Marsden.

‘We’ve been there for 83 days now.

‘We’re planning to do a national tour. We hoping to get enough funds so we can build our Spearhead so we can make it self-sustainable, minimalistic, so we don’t spend so much, but we get the word out there.

‘We’re going to be carrying around a Draft Constitution, and telling people why their fuel prices are so high and what that has to do with the loss of refining capabilities from Marsden Point.

‘Speaking about the people’s response to his ‘Prove Me Wrong Campaign’ to raise awareness, Flutey said, ‘it’s been great. We always knew it would be a little bit difficult, because Kiwis are being starved of difficult conversations. But, we’re going to bring it to them anyway. If they’re not going to see difficult conversations on television, they’re just going to see a play of rubbish replicated over and over and over again so the corporate state can keep stealing their assets. We’re going to go out there and bring more conversations to them and see how they react.

The first ‘Prove Me Wrong’ at the Whangarei Farmers Market, that was really good. I’m going to have to talk to the organiser though, because apparently we’re not allowed to go back there because there’s been one complaint. I think we know where that one complaint came from. But if you haven’t seen that episode make sure you check it out, we’ve got it on the securemarsdenrefinery.nz website, Dig In At Marsden Facebook page, the Secure Marsden Refinery Facebook page, and Horus Media.’

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