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UK ‘celebrity’ doctors pushing COVID jabs on TV did not disclose payments from AstraZeneca

A call for investigation by the pharmaceutical watchdog has been made after several well-known doctors discussed the Covid vaccine on television without revealing payments...

COVID files: Remembering WHO’s endorsement of the AstraZeneca jab

At the height of the COVID crisis, the World Health Organization assured people there was no reason to stop using the AstraZeneca COVID clot...

AstraZeneca facing UK lawsuit over jab deaths as product banned in Australia

The AstraZeneca COVID mRNA jab was touted as 'safe and effective' by Australian and UK health authorities. Australian authorities confirmed there was a clear link...

Big Pharma unites Americans in disdain

Most Americans of all political persuasions distrust large pharmaceutical companies, think their priority is profit and not helping people, and believe they have too...

Big Pharma unveils its plans for Omicron strain

A number of the world’s largest pharmaceutical firms have announced strategies to address the newly identified Covid-19 variant, dubbed Omicron, including plans to alter...

Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines totally ineffective against A.30 Coronavirus variant

A German study released this week has found that the A.30 variant of the Coronavirus effectively evades the protection afforded by the Pfizer and...

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