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AstraZeneca facing UK lawsuit over jab deaths as product banned in Australia

AstraZeneca news
Gareth Eve and Lisa Shaw (L), Lisa Shaw (R). Images – social media.

The AstraZeneca COVID mRNA jab was touted as ‘safe and effective’ by Australian and UK health authorities.

Australian authorities confirmed there was a clear link between the AstraZeneca (‘AZ’) ‘vaccine’ and a ‘rare but serious side effect’ – thrombosis and thrombocytopenia (‘TTS’).

There was similar data in the UK showing a link between the AZ vaccine and TTS, said medical expert Dr. John Campbell, with government health officials ‘quietly’ dumping the AZ product to push those made by Pfizer or Moderna.

While the Australian authorities were ‘up front’ about the link between AZ and TTS, they were not giving the full picture in their announcements, because the AZ ‘vaccine’ was also responsible ‘for a truckload of other adverse side effects,’ said Campbell.

UK lawsuit filed by widow of BBC presenter Lisa Shaw

Gareth Eve, the husband of former BBC Radio Newcastle presenter Lisa Shaw confirmed this week his lawyers have filed a civil action against the makers of the AZ ‘vaccine’.

Shaw died in May 2021 from TTS induced by the AZ product a week after receiving her first jab. 75 other claimants are included in the lawsuit.

Triple-jabbed Eve told the Daily Mail UK that he will not be vaccinating his son against COVID even though his two later jabs were administered after the death of his wife. Eve believed taking the jab was still ‘the right thing to do’.

‘I’m not saying ‘don’t have AstraZeneca it will kill you’, I’m saying there needs to be an open and honest conversation between government, pharmaceuticals and health officials,’ he told the Daily Mail because, ‘the product was not as safe as we were led to believe.’

Eve’s lawyer told the newspaper, ‘In all cases we anticipate that the value of the claims – when fully assessed will be in excess of the £120,000 sum that the Vaccine Damage Payment Scheme is currently offering to some of those affected by adverse effects of the vaccine.’


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  1. “I’m not saying ‘don’t have AstraZeneca it will kill you…”

    Why not? Seriously why would you not do everything in your power to warn others to stay the hell away from that garbage. YOUR WIFE IS DEAD.

    Shout it from the rooftops. Make it your only reason for living, make yourself a persistent, never ending thorn in the side of those who did this to you.

    The court of law will definitely find in favour of big pharma anyway (bank on it), so the court of public opinion is where this should REALLY be fought. Scream the truth as loud as you can. What are they gonna do, sue you? That would only draw more attention to the matter.

    Courage is all you need.

  2. His wife dies from the jab and carries on to have two more and even say it’s the right thing to do!!

    What a loser.

  3. So ‘safe and effective’ has undeniably turned out to be government disinformation.

    I’m sure Jabcinda and Chippy will be soon be making a heartfelt public apology.

  4. Did we all miss Hipkins keeping the 7 day quarantine rules into 2024. This government is dangerous and should be dissolved immediately.


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