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Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Olga Sukharevskaya

Olga Sukharevskaya, a Ukrainian-born ex-diplomat, legist, and author based in Moscow.

How a century of political violence in Ukraine is linked to the atrocities of today

The history of Ukrainian nationalist cruelty is an important factor, barely discussed, or known, in the West. Troops shot in the legs screaming in pain....

Under the Wolfsangel: The uncomfortable truth about radical ideologies in Ukraine

The Nazi influence on modern-day Ukrainian politics is clear, tangible, and willfully ignored by its Western supporters. A cursory look at the documents regarding the...

How Ukraine’s ‘Revolution of Dignity’ led to war, poverty and the rise of the far right

A motley crew of militant Ukrainian nationalists and pro-Western activists wanted to change their democratically elected government. Eight years on, the results look disappointing. The...