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A challenge for Keith Lynch

On 15 March Stuff.co.nz published a hitpiece on Dr. Guy Hatchard. The same day a DTNZ reader contacted the article’s author Keith Lynch with some questions. As of today, Mr. Lynch has not responded to the email, which DTNZ has agreed to publish in full below.

Hi Keith

Thanks for your piece on Guy Hatchard, although I have to say I was disappointed with the lack of actual Covid relevant content in the article.

It seems the temptation to shoot the messenger is sadly still alive and well.

Please don’t stop reading. I have a challenge for you in relation to a recent article by Guy in the Daily Telegraph NZ entitled ‘Is the NZ government confused or deliberately misleading us?’

I have included a link to the full article below but this is the part of the article I am interested in (excerpt from Guy Hatchard’s article in italics):

Vaccination Contribution to overall deaths in NZ

The following graph of New Zealand all cause mortality, mRNA vaccination, flu rates, and Covid deaths speaks for itself. Even our data shy politicians should be able to read this one correctly.

All cause pandemic mortality in one chart

COVID news

The chart illustrates the strong connection between mortality (solid blue) and the incidence of influenza and bronchial conditions (black lines) during the winter months. Peaks in influenza like conditions drive deaths higher. Lockdowns during 2020 and 2021 create protective conditions which all but eliminated transmission and incidence of influenza and bronchitis. Thus 2020 had an historically low death rate. In 2021, despite the continuing virtual absence of flu, deaths climbed back to their historical levels. The red line (covid 19 vaccinations) explains how this happened. Covid 19 vaccinations drove all cause deaths higher. You can also see that Covid 19 itself (solid grey) did little to alter death totals.

The Entire NZ Mortality Story in One Chart. See attached image above

Flu causes excess death; Flu disappears, excess death disappears.

Covid has not produced excess death.

The mRNA Covid vaccine causes more death than a typical flu. By this time you might be scratching your head and asking how this has been ignored for so long. I can offer some crumbs of explanation. Our current generation of politicians is well schooled in the idea that politicians and political institutions can and should control the options and choices of the whole population, right down to which pills we need to take when we wake up. The growth of this way of totalitarian thinking appears to go back at least to Helen Clarke and has been creeping up on us incrementally ever since.

Full Daily Telegraph NZ article: Link

The challenge Keith….

First verify the various data sources shown in the image – should be easy enough to do either from MoH or Govt Statistics sources.

I am sure Guy and/or his researchers can help out also. In fact a dialogue between yourself and Guy on this would make a good read.

You could also source the data available from the CARM system to include as a comparison for the timeline.

Second, if you have questions (and who wouldn’t?) send them to Guy, to the Government, to your readers. Look for potential causes of the NZ All Causes death rate increasing in 2021 compared to a reduction in 2020 compared to the previous 2 years.

If it turns out that Guy has got it wrong, you can have a reasoned debate with him and / or refute his article.

If he has got it right then there needs to be some honest admissions and serious work undertaken by the Government and MoH to remedy what would be a disastrous outcome for the people of New Zealand.

Either way your journalist’s instincts should be aroused.

Please get back to me with your thoughts.

Best regards,
Graham Marsden

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  1. Stuff is not run to tell the truth but to make dollars for themselves. When it comes to trust, low life legacy journalists are rated worse than car salesmen for over a decade by the public.

  2. ???????????????? To ask Keith to poke his head out of his box again after the a.se kicking he got last time is a big ask???? I would go as far to say that he has not fully recovered yet. Keith can’t reply. Remember he is gagged. He has two options, he agrees with the data, or he calls the government liars. “Journalists instincts” ???? oh you gotta love it!! What do you reckon Keith do you have any? Don’t be shy, come out and play. You will learn so much here at dtnz. Granted, not what you are used to this being a truth telling platform and all that. Soooo might hear from you soon then ????

  3. I to wrote an email to Keith the lynch mob and recieved a reply from the acting editor in chief, telling me that Keith was a well respected professional journalist. I of course replied and asked what was professional about a character assassination of another journalist and no actual discussion or proof that Guy is wrong. I have of course not received a reply to that last email as I haven’t been a good wee minion and agreed with the “elite” and therefore should be ignored. I must admit to being a bit grumpy writing the 2nd email and included this wee titbit.
    “It wouldn’t matter if Hatchard was an axe murderer, that doesn’t make him wrong about the covid subject” Sorry Guy.

  4. What is the meaning of “well respected professional journalist” when this occupation is rated far below used car salesmen? I would say it is the same as “one of the best bull shitter”.

    How these low lives sleep at night? Must be with the help of drugs.


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