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Friday, July 1, 2022
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Watch: Allegation BBC used ‘crisis actor’ in hospital interview

A recent BBC interviewed featured a man named Henry Dyne, who spoke from a hospital bed after being admitted for COVID-19 treatment.

During the interview Mr. Dyne encouraged viewers to go out and get vaccinated.

However, Twitter account @Politocrit1 allege Mr. Dyne is a ‘crisis actor’. A crisis actor is someone who is paid to act as though they are a victim or witness to a crisis or tragedy, but are neither.

Read more: Henry Dyne says he’s not a BBC crisis actor

Dyne’s Instagram profile is private, but the google search result for it describes him as an ‘award-winning crisis actor’.

Henry Dyne crisis actor news
Google search result for Henry Dyne’s Instagram account.

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  1. Treason against the people!
    We will remember him and give him a fair trial!
    If he is found guilty of treason then so be it and he can be punished accordingly along with the lying MSM!

  2. The fvckt-checkers are all over it so fast labeling this hoax as false. The sad part is this guy is just one of many low-life scumbags out there who act as coof victims for money. What pathetic excuses for human beings.

  3. got banned on fb sharing video bbc dont like it guys so keep sharing i sugest next bbc news clip jot down each persons name and lets catch the bbc in the act if theyre a crisis actor for each news story then offcom should investigate and boris should pull the plug on the entire bbc not value for money is it

  4. Haha hello, I am the man from the interview- I am not an actor the instagram profile was a tongue and cheek reference to previous trolling in the summer.

    Anti Vaxers aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed and I’m not surprised they don’t get the reference!

  5. Are you going ask your investigate journalists to look further into this, and also other suspicious reports by the BBC, where actors are being paid to fit a narrative. The public should know if the mainstream media hires actors to lie to the public.


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