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Aly Cook releases new single ‘Little White Crosses’ in memory of Rory Nairn and others

Aly says… ‘I dedicate this song to the memory of 26 year old Rory Nairn who lost his life to an adverse injury event.’

‘It is dedicated to Rory, along with those who have lost their lives and or have been injured by the covid 19 vaccines & their families. No matter how small that number is, every life matters. This is a taboo subject but vaccine injured lives matter, their suffering matters! Proceeds from the song go to the Silent No More campaign helping to get recognition and support for those who have suffered serious adverse reactions from the Covid 19 Vaccines. They are #SilentNoMore’.

Aly Cook Little White Crosses news

The Many Meanings of the Cross. Death and life, hate and love, violence and peace, accusation and forgiveness, sin and purity, brokenness and wholeness, all is lost yet everything is gained, destruction and restoration, defeat and victory. Once the cruellest form of execution, yet now it is a symbol of abundant life. It is to those of Christian belief representative of Jesus. Three Crosses together represent the Trinity, with one Cross for each: God, The Son and the Holy Spirit. Easter is the time we are reminded of this.

Aly Says:

For the people who wrote the names of their loved ones on the White Crosses, that hung at Parliament in New Zealand during the occupation, they represented a family member whom those families believed had died related to the Covid 19 vaccines. For those family members the death of their loved one is real, raw and painful, and yes, some of them that died within hours of the vaccine, many are still under investigation of course, but for those families it is a reality, no matter the final results of investigations, no matter how rare or not, they deserve recognition and empathy.

It is still loss and empathy and duty of care of the medical world and the public should still be available to them. As long as they are not recognised and helped, I will continue to fight with and for them.

I wrote the song because in the days following the breakup of the occupation of New Zealand Parliament. I saw images in the media of the fires and the visual of the string of white crosses across the parliament forecourt, with family members having written the names of their loved ones on them. When I saw them ripped down and thrown on the rubbish heap, it felt like desecration on a number of levels.

As long as people appear to have no empathy and scorn these injured people as Anti Vaxxers, I will continue to fight and if you are reading this and you don’t agree ask yourself this one question.

HOW can someone be an anti vaxxer when they are dead or injured from taking the vaccine?

We came together in Wellington on the 29th of March in love and support of each other, at a memorial service, and to present a petition as the beginning of the #silentnomore NZ movement. This was a short run petition for the recognition, support & compensation for those families who have lost a loved one or have been injured. For this, the speaker of the house closed the parliament forecourt and we were kept from presenting the petition in the location they had promised us. Thankfully Chris Penk accepted the petition from Anna Hodgkinson outside of Parliament. Anna’s daughter Casey has suffered the severest of injuries and has been wheelchair bound since an hour after her shot in September. She has been cruelly ridiculed by media and high profile figures, who have never met her or seen her medical records. The people who have done that to this young woman, who is unable to walk, and has had her life ripped from her by an adverse reaction, should hang their heads in shame!

I will never forget the moment Chris Penk walked down the stairs, as nearly half the crowd had tears rolling down their face, the reality of the gravity of the moment hit, that this was a politician walking out of parliament for the people for the first time since the beginning of the occupation of parliament. All the people wanted was for someone to come out and listen.

It was a special moment that Chris Penk was seeing Robert and Casey and how gravely injured they are, that he listened to some of the people as they told their vax injury stories to him. It was a hugely touching moment and showed there is someone in the beehive after all with a moral compass and empathy. It was a start, but our expectations of anything coming from this are not high.

You don’t have to disagree with vaccination, as a principle, to recognise and support those that are hurt by the vaccines .

In fact, I believe the government, medical authorities and hardened sceptics denying their injuries and deaths generates even more mistrust of the vaccination program, medical fraternity & the government. In a place like NZ, where there are 2 degrees of separation, nearly everyone is getting to know someone with a serious vaccine adverse reaction. This can’t be hidden from society, it must be faced head on and those that are part of the team of 5 million that have been hurt, should feel the support of the team. Isn’t that what being a team is all about?

For me it is a reality that my 25 year old Son was pulled from his 50 Tonne Truck. He was driving, when chest pains began, a few hours after the shot. He was taken by ambulance to emergency and after 2 more hospital visits he lost his job to the mandates for not risking his life a 2nd time. – Where there is risk there must be choice!

Digital Stores Link
Also available on Key 2 Store

‘Little White Crosses’ credits:
Music & Lyrics by Aly Cook
Aly Cook – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Paul Rodgers – Drums & Bass
Ben Jurisich – Electric Guitars
Andrew Ishee – Piano, Hammond B3 Organ & Strings

Recorded at Wilde Records Recording Studios / Studio 38
Produced & Engineered by Jesse Wilde

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