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Call to ban Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla from Twitter for misinformation following COVID diagnosis

The call came after it was revealed the quadruple-vaxxed CEO still contracted COVID.

A year ago Bourla tweeted his glee following a supposed 100% efficacy result for the Pfizer COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ after ‘Phase 3’ trials in South Africa. According to Bourla’s tweet, the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ had been 100% effective in preventing COVID-19 cases.

Read more: Quadruple-vaxxed Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla gets COVID-19

It’s now common knowledge that the Pfizer mRNA injection does not prevent transmission. Large numbers of the vaxxed population, whether double, triple, or quadruple jabbed have nevertheless contracted COVID.

Independent Australian journalist Avi Yemini questioned why Bourla’s Twitter account could still remain active after this blatant misinformation.

Yemini’s tweet received strong support, with followers criticising the micro-blogging platform for permitting Bourla’s misinformation, as well as Pfizer. Pfizer’s has a well-documented long track record of misinformation and corruption, which has resulted in significant harm to millions of people.

DTNZ has reproduced some of the comments below:

– It’s only misinformation if it’s an opposing opinion you know this.

– Twitter doesn’t ban evil commies.

– Its not just about misinformation that vaccine cost the lost of thousands of lifes he should be jail for crime against humanity.

– If this was happening in the 1980s he would be in prison. But CEO’s of pharma companies are now a protected species, they pretty have much have free reign and the worst they can suffer is a fine to their company.

– Good question. I guess Twitter is pushing disinformation about COVID-19 at the behest of those who might benefit from it.

– Well you know only truth gets people banned.

– Maybe it’s just that his definition of 100% is different than everyone else’s.

‘Trust the science’

In the space of 10 months, Bourla’s misinformation went from claiming 100% effectiveness, to ‘three boosters’ only provide limited protection.

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  1. Banning from the CIA/FBI controlled Twitter is not a biggie. He must be prosecuted even though all the governments have signed off all criminal and civil liabilities of Pfizer. A soverign governmnet can pass Acts retrospectively when a fraud/criminality is involved. Have they not seized Russian assets and reserves violating all legal and moral norms of inernational relationships. When such arbitrary actions are possible, Pfizer must be sued/prosecuted in a similar spirit. Will it happen, hell NO. They are all in together for the NWO. Jabcinda may not be given justice but she will rot in hell when the real judgment is delivered. She will be in the company of many of satanic evils in hell.

  2. Why dont we all just stop beating around the bush and call this for what it is. It is a bioweapon for the WHO WEF UN and NWO depopulation agendas. Nothing more nothing less. It is only called a ‘vaccine because it is administered by injection. All those and Govts who have collaborating in administering these clot shot death shots by Coersion Threats Bullying Criminalising Financially Discrediting Bankrupting and Segregating the so called ‘Antivaxxers’ into an Apartheid State need to be prosecuted for violating the Nuremberg Codes and charged with Crimes Against Humanity and Mass Genocide. End Story.


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