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‘How many more are unreported!!!?’: Case 32 Aussie Frontline Workers Speak Out

Case 32: ‘How many more are unreported!!!?’

In this series DTNZ brings you testimony from frontline health workers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, speaking out as to what they have witnessed in Australia’s vaccine roll-out programme.

The testimony is provided to Telegram group ‘Frontline Workers Speak Out!’ (FWSO)*.

Submission Date: 28/09/21


I am a physiotherapist. I have 2 incidences where I’ve had a friend/family member become ill or injured exactly 1 week after the Vax.

First case: family member had been in isolation for weeks due to fear of leaving house. One week after the 2nd dose of AZ came down with a terrible fever, shortness of breath and felt like she was going to die.

Sats were 95. She blamed it on the takeaway /Uber delivery, that’s how ‘it’ got into the house. She was diagnosed with Covid and refused hospitalisation due to fear of germs.

2nd Case: colleague exactly one week after receiving the 2nd Pfizer dose was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. She has taken 3mths leave as she’s so out of it with all the pain medication. I asked if this is from the Vax, she said ‘the Drs didn’t think so’. It was not reported as a side effect.

How many more are unreported!!!?

* FWSO is an Anonymous channel for nurses and healthcare workers in Australia. Its purpose is to share alternative experiences from frontline workers who see firsthand the damage caused by COVID-19 vaccinations. Submissions are matched with official registration where available. Submissions are passed through a team of healthcare professionals for vetting. High levels of discernment and security are used in the submission process. Some details may be redacted or slightly altered (ie. timelines, dates, names) to protect the healthcare workers. It is a collective movement with a large admin team. Visit – FWSO Telegram Channel.

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