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‘I was told by management to shut up’: Case 30 Aussie Frontline Workers Speak Out

Case 30: ‘I was told by management to shut up.’

In this series dailytelegraph.co.nz brings you testimony from frontline health workers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, speaking out as to what they have witnessed in Australia’s vaccine roll-out programme.

The testimony is provided to Telegram group ‘Frontline Workers Speak Out!’ (FWSO)*.

Registered Nurse, 30years experience (Public Metropolitan Hospital)
Melbourne, Victoria.
Submission Date: 28/09/21

Hi Team,

I was a RN in a large city hospital in Victoria.

Employed April 2020 to work in a Covid isolation facility. Arrived from overseas March 2020. Nursing for past 30 years.

Started to ask questions re: treatment of covid positive patients can they have Vitamin C and D – told no.

Tried to make the patients isolation as easy as possible.

Routine swab to be weekly I declined and was threatened with job loss immediately. So I complied when a medical need due to colleague who had been in a ‘hotspot’

Vaccines started March 2021 not fully informed and no informed consent gained. I was told to ‘shut up’ by my management.

I am an experienced registered immuniser for many years overseas and completed the university online training in Australia in September 2020. If anyone asked me questions I was told by my management to tell them to speak to another RN.

I was given 10 days notice to leave the facility to be redeployed as I declined the vaccine. I left and was not redeployed but terminated the day after I left by HR.

No support from my union ….told me lucky to be in Australia…..lucky to have a job…..lucky to be offered a vaccine…. I have left the union. Also I may have left my nursing career for good due to imminent vaccine mandate.

Thank you for starting this telegram channel. Thank you to all the nurses working and hanging on to their jobs and speaking out right now. It is traumatising. Be strong for our profession our colleagues and our patients.❤️


* FWSO is an Anonymous channel for nurses and healthcare workers in Australia. Its purpose is to share alternative experiences from frontline workers who see firsthand the damage caused by COVID-19 vaccinations. Submissions are matched with official registration where available. Submissions are passed through a team of healthcare professionals for vetting. High levels of discernment and security are used in the submission process. Some details may be redacted or slightly altered (ie. timelines, dates, names) to protect the healthcare workers. It is a collective movement with a large admin team. Visit – FWSO Telegram Channel.

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  1. Sue Them!!!!!

    Sue them for violating the Nuremburg Code, and for attempting to coerce you into taking a non-proven medical experiment that changes your DNA permanently.

    They have violated your Human Rights, your Civil Rights and your entitlement to Patient Rights.



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