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Saturday, July 2, 2022
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Message for Jacinda: ‘You suck!’

A video series by FreeNZ on YouTube gives people the opportunity to send a message to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

‘We are a people of our own right. We don’t need no leader down there telling us what to do.’


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  1. The lady in the video knows her God given rights and freedom. She is able to recognise the Satanic Jacinda instantly.

  2. Awesome, thank you to this brave lady for saying it like it is and telling the Red Witch how we all feel, and have felt
    for two years.. While she force vaxxed our family and friends, killing one and injuring others. We were made homeless by vax mandates. She refused to listen to our protests and we will now never let her forget what she has done to us.
    Nasty little deep state puppet. Death by covid is too good for her.

    She has lied about everything, coerced people into taking a toxic bioweapon and worse than that, she has used the public
    to force her agenda and compliance on their own people. The two tiered society based on fear and falsehoods using mandates and the public committed the murders for her via vaxxinators and doctors. Pfizer papers and places with all the facts like stopworldcontrol.com reveal the true extent of what she has forced on the people of NZ.

    They knew the truth from the start, nothing but a paid schill who is crushing our human rights, wrecking our livelihoods, our health, our relationships. Sad that there are people out there who support that. Makes them as bad and dangerous as she is.
    The people affected want to see her and her cronies all held accountable for their crimes against humanity, treason, viollations of NZ Bill of rights, human rights and the Nuremburg Code.
    Yes all you thick vaxxinators it is a crime to inject vials of poison into human beings and then ignore the consequences.
    Yes all those who help her commit her crimes, you all suck! All her helpers are willing participants in genocide.


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