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Watch: Stanford Professor Jay Bhattacharya says lockdowns were an ‘ enormous, catastrophic mistake’

Dr Jay Bhattacharya is a professor in the prestigious Standford School of Medicine.

In a recent video interview Bhattacharya said lockdowns were an ‘enormous, catastrophic mistake that should never be repeated.’

‘The policies we have followed have violated not just medical ethics, but it’s crushed the ability for scientists to discuss openly with each other facts and evidence.’ 


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  1. Lock downs will be repeated because they proved to be an effective tool to implement the NWO. The plan has now moved to the transfer of power to impose lockdowns to WHO by signing a treaty. Both Jabcinda & Laxon will sign the treaty.

  2. Lockdowns, face masks, the removal of informed consent, the shutdown of scientific debate and the cancellation of physicians raising legitimate concerns, is both antiscience and tyrannical. The pandemic is a PSYOP! It’s the vehicle being used to facilitate the World Economic Forum’s transhumanist agenda and Great Reset. The implementation of a New World Order. “You will own nothing and you will be happy.” – WEF People must wake-up to what’s actually taking place. Future pandemics will be a “cover” for illnesses and deaths inflicted by the Pfizer vaccines. New Zealanders have been sold out to a nefarious Global Agenda. Get the WHO and WEF out of our lives! Hold our government to account!


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