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Tik Tok star @DanielShep60 has a warning for those taking the jab

He is lucky to be alive

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In a video on Tik Tok, @DanielShep60 has a warning for those taking the jab – do your research.

The video is not public but was shared via Chef Pete’s Telegram channel. In it he is talking from a hospital bed. He describes himself as ‘Pro Vaccine, Pro Choice’.

In the video @DanielShep60 recalls two days ago he was training, doing some shoulder work. He thought he’d pulled a muscle, but woke up in bed that night in a lot of pain. As he woke up his partner next to him in bed said she was also in pain, in her chest. She had got her second Pfizer jab three days previously.

They went to hospital. The doctors asked him if he’d been vaccinated. He told them he’d had one Pfizer shot three weeks ago. He hadn’t really noticed any side-effects, apart from a shortness of breath, but continued to train hard in the gym. A cardiologist did some tests and told him he had an irregular heart beat. More tests and scans were done, and he was diagnosed with periocardytis and scarring of the heart, and the doctors directly linked it to the vaccine. His partner has developed myocardytis. The news was very shocking for them, they both train a lot.

@DanielShep60 ends the 2 minute video with the following bit of advice:

‘If you are a young guy and you’re doing a lot of training and you get vaccinated, stop training, because I was due for my second, and the Cardiologist said it would have killed me, and it’s only by chance that I’m here. Good luck to everybody and do your research.’

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