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Watch: Bill Gates blames higher deaths on ‘misinformation’

Gates was interviewed by Al Jazeera while attending the FIFA World Cup in Qatar last year.

Software mogul and self-styled global vaccine expert Bill Gates blamed ‘misinformation’ for causing more deaths than would otherwise be expected during the pandemic. The misinformation, he reasoned, prevented people from getting the help they needed. ‘It’s tragic, it probably prevented people using masks or using the vaccine when they needed it.’

‘It [misinformation] did lead to polarisation and even more death than we had to experience.’

The rate of scientific innovation during the pandemic had been ‘extraordinary’, resulting in ‘safe and effective vaccines’. But those vaccines have not been widely accessible to people who need it most, exposing ‘injustice and inequality’.

While Gates saw ‘huge benefits’ in the ability to communicate worldwide with current digital tools, ‘some of the insanity which prevents people from helping themselves’ needed to be moderated.

Gates also advocated for a special ‘pandemic organisation’ in the WHO which would have the tools to stop a virus before it went global.

When asked about future pandemics, he said ‘there’ll be lots of outbreaks, but we don’t need to have pandemics.’ Gates believed governments ‘are there to protect us,’ but many showed a lack of preparedness for COVID.

In relation to vaccines, Gates said ‘next time’ there will be factories that will be able to produce them ‘far faster’.

In the full 23 minute interview, Gates went on to discuss Africa’s problem with poverty, and believed the answer lay in providing farmers with proper seeds and fertilizer. ‘Recognising that seed innovation is central to this, that’s very, very underfunded right now.’

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  1. Egad, every time I see this arm waving bloke he looks more like Mr Toad.
    The only thing propping up this vile man is the media, and the only thing protecting him is the corrupt collusion of those in power who have taken his money. How can you tell who is one of the Gates promoters and protectors? They are the ones who continually squawk about ‘safe and effective’ and ‘get the vaccine’. They hysterically continue to promote covid testing and mask wearing. They want lockdowns. They want as many people injected in the shortest time possible.
    Don’t forget that the NZ Govt exempted itself from any mRNA injections, as has the US Congress and all its associated departments. I wonder how many other governments have exempted themselves from the ‘safe and effective’ mRNA genetic modification​? All of them I expect. They have done this because the most frightening thing they know that could happen to any of them is that they themselves were one by one injected with the full course of mRNA injections they have mandated for others.
    That includes Bill Gates.

  2. Rub garlic on your skin to prevent Covid infection. If you’re already infected, eat 4 raw onions and drink a litre of milk. Snort a mixture of equal parts baking soda and curry powder to clear the sinuses.

    You can trust me, I hold the EXACT SAME medical qualifications as Bill Gates.

    • Have had it already at the beginning of 2020. Went to bed and slept a lot. Plenty of thee or water to drink. And gargle with ” molkosan ” a product of ” dr. Vogel” which is a natural lactic acid ( concentrated wei) and an excellent antibacterial. Use it a lot also against fungus infection, acne of adolescent boys works a treat ( just stip the spot with it). And use it also in salads etc. Learned the use of it from an old doctor

  3. Bill Gates is so incredibly creepy and revolting.

    How did this disgusting putrid f*cked up old b*stard manage to get in charge of global ‘health’?

    Heaven help us all.

  4. Wow! Bill Gates is so obviously a malicious murderous sociopath.

    Personally I’ve always opposed the death penalty, but I’ll make make an exception for Gates.

  5. There would have been no more deaths than any other ordinary flu season had nobody taken any of these ‘vaccines’ and those Reptiles pushing the shots know it, and they know we the people know it. So why do they keep pushing the narrative ? Because they can see it is all starting to slip away from them. As more people wake up, the narrative is changing. Gates and his minions keep pushing the shots because they are hoping enough people believe in their narrative so they dont look like fools. They are as dumb as dog manure. Bill and the other investors in their Big Pharma money making scheme do not know anything about medicine or medical science they only know about money. Even with all their money and resources they are just being used by a higher entity. They are going to be the fall guys. You would have thought they would have stopped BS ing us with their tripe by now especially when their are rumours of of a Judgement day looming for some.

  6. Pfizer’s defense: We were contracted by the U.S. Department of Defense to manufacture the vaccine, It’s not our fault.


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