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Watch: COVID timeline was ‘complete and utter bull**** and premeditated’

Nick Hudson was speaking recently on the ‘Doc Malik Honest Health’ podcast.

Hudson is the Chairman of pandata.org, a South African based multi-disciplinary research organisation, and a COVID-sceptic.

In a viral four-minute clip from the podcast Hudson describes the improbable timeline of events at the beginning of the ‘pandemic’, leading him to conclude the so-called health emergency was ‘complete and utter bull****’ and premeditated.

Tweeting the clip Hudson reminded his 90,000 followers on X that ‘the entire Covid narrative is bullshit of the highest order. In 4 minutes you have to decide whether you’re a sensible person or prepared to divorce yourself from reality.’

After examining key dates he went on to summarise the situation.

‘In a compressed time-frame of just 26 days:

  • there’s a new clinical manifestation
  • t’s caused by this virus
  • this virus has the following sequence
  • here’s the test, which is the gold-standard in identifying that sequence
    and the research we’re going to use as primers all ove the world has been submitted for
  • peer review and published
  • we’ve described the clinical features of this so-called new disease

I would submit to you that every single one of those steps was A – complete and utter bull****, and B – premeditated.’

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  1. They spent months chastising us for walking into supermarkets unmasked.

    They scolded us daily that we needed to all, “TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY 😠”

    They shut down a KFC in east tamaki for a week while guys in hazmat suits hosed the joint down in turbo-dettol as 1News worriedly reported from the scene.

    They warned that we were taking our life into our own hands if we attended any “super spreader events”

    And then…

    BLM riots started popping up all over the world and it was apparently totally fine to be in a crowd of thousands because SARS CoV2 would apparently be able to tell you were there to protest racism and would thus leave you alone. All the “peer reviewed eXpErts” supported this.

    And then all the same people dumb enough to actually still believe the BS called YOU an “idiot” for declining their highly suspicious vaccines 😒😑

    Bullsh** of the highest order indeed.

  2. If ever there was premediated bull**** on SARS-CoV-2 much was promulgated over several years by Nick Hudson from South Africa. He’s still at it.
    As one opinion expresses it, Nick Hudson and his organisation are wrong and believing them is deadly.
    Hudson is totally refuted by the Western Cape Department of Health which has shown graphically that vaccines worked in South Africa just as they have in this country.
    Hudson disputes how infectious and deadly Covid is and he frequently expresses scepticism about the two tools that can be especially effective at ending lockdowns -vaccines and masks.
    Also the exact timing of when SARS-CoV-2 first circulated in China is still a subject of investigation and research.
    Hudson’s implication that SARS expert Dr Christian Drosten is compromised is nonsense.
    It was as early as 2017 that Drosten warned that the SARS virus potential needed to be investigated.
    He is an acknowledged leading developer of tests for emerging viruses and as a doctoral student in Hamburg in 2003 discovered that the outbreak of SARS, was caused by a coronavirus. Later as head of virology at the University of Bonn, his team developed tests for the Zika flavivirus and the coronavirus behind MERS

    • This Brighteon piece refers to a sale in March 2023 when Pfizer struck a $43 billion deal to acquire Seagen Inc and its targeted cancer therapies as it braced for a steep fall in COVID-19 sales and generic competition for some top-selling drugs.
      The Brighteon conspiracy twist to that sale is from deep down a rabbit hole.
      Brighteon is rated as a right-biased tin-foil hat conspiracy website that also publishes pseudoscience. This source is associated with Natural News, one of the most discredited sources on the internet.
      Social media users have claimed that a dangerous ingredient has been discovered in coronavirus vaccines.
      In June 2023 Associated Press did a fact check on the claim that vaccines developed for COVID-19 contain a cancer-causing virus DNA found in monkeys.
      Public health officials and the lead researcher of a study cited in many of the social media posts say there is no monkey virus DNA in the vaccines approved by government regulators.
      Some COVID-19 vaccines utilize DNA molecules derived from Simian Virus 40, but that’s not the same as the virus itself and the molecules aren’t cancer-causing.

      • Associated Press lol, they are MSM owned, hardly authoritative. Most of their ‘fact checks’ have been exposed as propaganda. Stop drinking the cool aid. Do us all a favor and go get your 17th booster

        • Searching for what I thought would be an independent source of information I asked the artificial intelligence platform, ChatGPT, if there is cancer-causing monkey pox SV40 in mRNA COVID vaccines.
          ChatGPT replied, “No, there is no monkeypox SV40 (Simian Virus 40) in mRNA COVID-19 vaccines. The mRNA vaccines, such as those developed by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, do not contain live viruses. Instead, they use a small piece of the virus’s genetic material (messenger RNA or mRNA) to instruct cells in the body to produce a harmless piece of the virus (spike protein). This stimulates an immune response, helping the body recognize and fight the virus if it is encountered in the future.
          SV40 is a virus that contaminated some batches of polio vaccine in the 1950s and 1960s. However, it’s important to note that the vaccines currently in use undergo rigorous testing for safety and efficacy before they are approved for use. The mRNA vaccines have been shown to be highly effective in preventing COVID-19, and they do not contain SV40 or any live virus.”
          I also asked if Brighteon.com rated as authoritative.
          ChatGPT responded, “… Brighteon.com is a video-sharing platform that hosts a variety of content, including user-generated videos and documentaries. However, it’s important to note that the platform is known for hosting content that often aligns with alternative or fringe perspectives. The site has been associated with conspiracy theories and misinformation.”

      • Nice try dude. “Tha cat’s been out of the bag” for awhile now. You’re at least 2 years behind on what’s really going on.

      • I have had three members of my family die within 6 months of covid vaccination with the turbo cancer. Two were in their 40s and one in her 70s. All were previously healthy with no illneses. This is just my family. I know of other similarly healthy people dead with cancer within months of vaccination. Your gaslighting and stupidity is an insult to those who are suffering

        • It is sad when family members die prematurely but there is no evidence of a causal link between mRNA vaccines and the incidence of cancer in any form.
          The mRNA/turbo cancer link has been pushed mainly by a Dr Ryan Cole who has faced unprofessional conduct charges for allegedly making false and misleading public statements about the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines.
          The Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre in New York says that it is a myth that mRNA vaccines change human DNA and could cause cancer as none of the vaccines interact with or alter DNA in any way, and therefore cannot cause cancer.
          Messenger RNA is not the same as DNA and cannot be combined with DNA to change the human genetic code.
          The mRNA vaccines use a tiny piece of the coronavirus’ genetic code to teach the immune system how to make a protein that will trigger an immune response if someone gets infected. The mRNA is fragile and it delivers the instructions to cells to make antibodies against SARS-CoV-2. The mRNA does not enter the nucleus of the cell — the part that contains DNA.
          Therefore, there is no truth to the myth that somehow the mRNA vaccine could inactivate the genes that suppress tumours.
          Bruno Quesnel, director of research and innovation at the French National Cancer Institute agrees with this assessment.
          All suspected deaths in New Zealand from mRNA vaccines should be referred to the coronial service.

          • You might think you are some kind of genius citing all your studies, but there are over 1000 peer-reviewed papers now showing the shots are dangerous to human health, and the number is growing by the day. These are independent studies, not like your big pharma ones. Medical research has become entirely corrupted. Scientific is opinion is split and the prudent course to take would be to stop use of these products immediately until the warning signals and concerns are throughly investigated.

          • The deaths of my family members was a direct result of the vaccine. Two of them knew it too and said so. And before you call me an antivax conspiracy theorist i’ve had it 3 times. My business partner got it too as we were both mandated. He’s been hospitalised 3 times with a racing heart. Two young female teachers at my nephews school dead with cancer in a matter of weeks of diagnosis. One left three children behind. We all know it’s the vaccine. They know its the vaccine. Their families know its the vaccine.

  3. If there are over 1000 peer-reviewed papers now showing mRNA COVID vaccine shots are dangerous to human health (apart from relatively rare myocarditis and pericarditis) they had better start being quoted otherwise statements from ‘Anonymous’ are simply dog-whistling assertions.
    There is little split of opinion among medical and epidemiological scientists who measure, analyse and test the wide range of COVID issues. There is, however, a split between those searching for valid solutions and others who wallow around in the echo chamber of conspiracy theories.

  4. Anonymous,
    Of the over 1000 peer-reviewed studies you alluded to on January 3 please provide me with URL references to at least two of them which you regard as the most authoritative.


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