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Watch: Robert Malone reveals shocking statistics for children after the COVID mRNA jab

Malone, a key figure in the development of mRNA ‘vaccines’ was speaking to Steve Bannon.

Malone was analysing Slide 27 of the V-SAFE ACIP data.

V-SAFE is a smartphone app people can install on their phone allowing them to send feedback to the CDC following the mRNA jab.

Malone’s analysis of the recently released data revealed:

  • Any injection site reaction, dose 1, 2 or 3, is in the 70-80% for all children.
  • Systemic reactions vary from dose 1 at about 58% up to about 72%.
  • Those with health impacts range on dose 1 at 10% up to dose 3 with the booster dose at 33%
  • Children unable to perform daily activities after innoculation ranges from 10% after dose 1..up to a maximum of about 25%.
  • So, 1 in 4 children unable to perform daily activities after the innoculation.
  • Unable to attend work or school after dose 3 it goes up to about 20%.
  • These are stunning numbers, from 4,362 participants who completed the survey between December 9th 2021 and August 21st 2022.


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  1. My sympathies to the people who were legitimately duped and deceived, but anyone who still wilfully drags their children off to be injected with these experimental chemicals just so they can virtue signal is an abject idiot.

    Congratulations, you’ve just genetically tainted (and potentially ended) your own bloodline ???? ????????

    And when the child suffers (or worse dies), you’ll feign ignorance and pretend to be “baffled” like all the other lemmings around you, but deep down you’ll know.

    All because you had to prove a point, didn’t you? You had to show us “idiots” how stupid we were to be cautious and want to wait. The groupthink is all that matters. Everything else and EVERYONE else be damned, including your own children.

    Biologically speaking, the point of life is to pass on your genes and beget MORE life, to perpetuate the species. So You’ve failed basically the most important task you’ll ever have on this earth. You’re now a genetic dead end, you may as well have never existed. Your children deserved better.

    Absolute despicable monsters.


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