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Watch: ‘We’re facing a disaster’: US expert speaks out against WHO Pandemic Treaty

Dr. Peter Breggin talks to Steve Bannon of Real America’s Voice about the proposed WHO Pandemic Treaty, and its implications for America.

Dr. Breggin is a world renowned American psychiatrist. According to Wikipedia:

‘In his books, he advocates replacing psychiatry’s use of drugs and electroconvulsive therapy with psychotherapy, education, empathy, love, and broader human services.’

By extension Dr. Breggin’s concerns about the treaty will also apply to New Zealand, should the Ardern government ratify it.

The treaty will give the WHO complete control over ‘the global health architecture’ with wide ranging powers to force non-compliant countries to follow its dictates.

Global Health Under the Control of WHO Director-General Tedros: Dr. Peter Breggin Breaks Down Biden’s Proposed Amendments

“The amendments put a line through the restraint on when the World Health Organization can call for a health disaster or emergency in a country. [The WHO could] do so without any cooperation or agreement or even resistance from the country, and it can draw this conclusion based on the consideration, not proof or evidence, [but] the consideration of Tedros… There are no criteria for what is a public health emergency other than the Director-General can set his priority and move them as he wishes… In other words, we no longer have sovereignty over the issue of ‘Do we have a health emergency that requires the intervention of the World Health Organization?’… This is socialized global health.”

READ MORE: WHO Pandemic Treaty – Dangers of fast-tracked consultation process and big pharma corruption highlighted.

READ MORE: Global medical tyranny – Proposed treaty will give WHO complete control over all future pandemics


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  1. WHO, UN, and all the so called international orgs have never been democratic. There should be a veto provision so that WHO officials just dont act based on the majority support (as in CDC) and make a recommendation.
    Recommendations become the sole irrefutable truth under Jabcinda’s autocracy.

  2. I guess what is driving this is the lying and deceit done by china the reason for the pandemic getting away in the first place . So every one else is getting evil UN control over what China did .(and China would ignore them anyway )
    Any responsible government would call in the WHO when needed
    It is not acceptable than this power grab is being taken by the UN to further there evil goal of one world government
    Time governments the world over grew some gonads

  3. The NWO wants a needle in every arm, a camera in every bedroom. Were it possible, they would cross the human blood/brain barrier with WiFi nanotechnology to ‘install’ code sequence modifiers into the natural DNA operating system to adapt the host bio-psychology to better suit their total world control agenda. ‘Remote controlled’ people – from behaviour modifications to outright cellular termination. All they would need is some scary excuse to actually do it to the masses. Ooooohhh, wait…


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