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Watch: Yale Professor – It’s better to home-school your healthy kids than vax them

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One of the America’s most cited epidemiologist, Professor Harvey Risch of Yale University says parents should home-school rather than jab their kids.

Professor Risch was speaking to Mark Levin of Fox News’ Life, Liberty & Levin show when he made the bombshell claim.

Here’s a transcript of the clip:

LEVIN: ‘This has to be one of the worst year, year and a half, two year period, of information provided to the American people by the so-called scientific medical community that I can ever remember.’

RISCH: ‘Well, as far as I can tell, it’s a ‘top down’ structure, and most doctors don’t get their information by going back and reading the original studies and making up their own minds. They get fed the information from pharma reps, or from what they’re told from societies, and the conflicts are legion, so it’s no surprise that most doctors don’t pay attention and think what they’re told.’

LEVIN: ‘If you’re a parent and you have a 7 or 8 year old, and the Federal Government is going to insist that those kids get vaccinated, or if you live in a State like California and Governor Newsom is going to do that and so forth, and he has a horrific record, most of these Governor’s do, not all, but most, what would you do? Would you get your kid vaccinated? Would you talk to your local doctor? What would you do?

RISCH: ‘If the child has chronic conditions which make their risk appreciable, then there’s a reason they should be considered for vaccination. Other than that, if it were my child, I would home-school them. Honestly I would organise with other parents to take them out of the school and create a home-schooling environment. There’s no choice. Your child’s life is on the line. It’s not a high risk. Vaccination is not a high risk that’s going to kill every child by doing so. However, it’s enough of a risk that on the average the benefit is higher for home-schooling than for vaccination and being in school. And that’s just the bottom line, you know we are seeing employees in companies facing mandates or being fired. And now the public perceives that and companies are having a hard time replacing those employees at a time of bad employment circumstances and missing workers it’s getting even harder, and so those policies are being re-thought. When the people because of their own interests then it has to be reckoned with.’

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